Some Reminders: Organizing Toys and Cards Post-Christmas

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 Organizing Toys and Cards after Christmas

There are little toys all over my house. It’s a professional hazard of having a toddler. I’m bound and determined to get her organized, and someday (when she’s 2) I’ll be able to teach her where everything goes.

Free Toy Storage with Bonus Vitamin C

How many toys did your kids get that came in a package you can’t reuse, yet there are a bazillion pieces? I just don’t have enough baskets and tubs to store all the little games and blocks sets separately, and things don’t get used if pieces from various toys are all thrown in one big tub. I’m sure the organizing blogs are recommending you watch the after-Christmas clearance sales for baskets, tubs, etc. to store new toys. Me? I’m going to tell you to buy some citrus.toy storage

I love using grapefruit and orange bags for storing mega-puzzles, block sets, and outdoor toys especially. Lovey Girl’s new wooden blocks are happily stored away in an orange bag, and I’m keeping the zippered plastic case from Buddy Boy’s new underwear and both kids’ new sheets for future toy storage. It’s just as easy for me to toss bags of toys into one big tub as it is to have lots of little baskets, perfectly stacked. I think it’s easier for kids to get toys out, too, because they’re not always so good at getting to the bottom of the stack or a higher shelf.toy storageCan you imagine how fast the pieces to this puzzle would get lost without its own dedicated container?

Think out of the box (and out of the garbage) for toy storage containers this season. Save packaging that might be used for future storage. Not only is it helpful to the earth, but it’s free for you. And free is my favorite price! See my previous post for more ideas for free toy storage.

What to do with all those Beautiful Christmas Cards?

Are you taking down the Christmas card display yet? Are they coming off the fridge, the wall, the mantle? Do they go into the trash? The recycle bin? Here are three ideas to keep the joy of Christmas (cards) going for a while:

  1. Put all your cards into a basket on or near your dinner table. When you pray your meal prayer, grab one (or two, if your stack is massive) and pray for that family. This is a great way to re-introduce your kids to far away family and friends and stay connected to them through God.
  2. After you’ve prayed through your whole stack, you can tear off the pretty fronts and stash with your Christmas wrapping paper for crafts next year. If you make food gifts, you can cut out the pictures and sayings on the cards to decorate your jars, baskets, or boxes. You could also have your kids cut and paste images onto packing paper to make homemade, seasonal wrapping paper, or Google for good crafts for the kiddos. (I described a simple Christmas card craft.)

Wrapping Paper and Clutter Reminders

  • If you mail a lot of packages, shred that wrapping paper to make padding for the boxes.
  • Practice the “one in, one out” rule for clothing and toys and (maybe even??) kitchen gadgets! When you get something new, push your pack-rat to get rid of an equal number of old. Make a garage sale box in the basement or freecycle or craigslist them immediately.

Remember:  The Christmas season started on December 25th. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to rid your home of decorations, and continue to encourage your children to do good works out of love for Jesus and respect for their parents.

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