{FREE DOWNLOAD} Meet an Apple Crisp to Fall in Love With

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Healthy Apple Crisp (options for slow cooker, gluten free, natural sweeteners, other fruits)

FREE downloadable recipe preview from my desserts book, right here!

Can you get excited about 30 real food desserts, made smarter so you can indulge with less guilt knowing you’re eating healthy-ish, healthiER, and sometimes genuinely healthy treats? Check out Smart Sweets today!

In Smart Sweets, you’ll find recipes such as:

  • 100% whole wheat brownies, cakey, fudgy, soaked, and sprouted
  • honey molasses cookies
  • magic coconut pie – makes its own crust!
  • peanut butter bars
  • peppermint bark
  • cherry almond crepes
  • spiced squash bars
  • whole wheat spiced cupcakes
  • apricot sorbet
  • dark chocolate truffles

About half the recipe are grain-free, and the grains recipes are either soaked, 100% whole grain, or both. You’ll find regular ingredients that you recognize as well as substitutions to make recipes grain-free, gluten-free, or refined sweetener-free.

I’m sharing a free downloadable PDF of the apple crisp recipe today so you can get a taste of what a Kitchen Stewardship eBook is like.

healthy apple crisp

You’ll notice the allergy-friendly icons, simple instructions, and classic extensive recipe notes you’ve come to expect here at KS. My recipes often have so many variations on the theme that a book of 30 recipes becomes as valuable practically as a book of 100 recipes. This one has about six versions including gluten-free and slow cooker – let your inner creative come out in the kitchen!

Please enjoy this free download, and peruse the table of contents and some yummy photos HERE, where the book is now for sale.

If you can’t see the image above, click to view the PDF:
free download – apple crisp

Smart Sweets book cover cropped smaller

Smart Sweets eBook

30 Desserts to Indulge your Sweet Tooth
by Katie Kimball

(89 pages)
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And here’s 10 more ideas for what to do with your apples

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11 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. Shannon says

    I don’t usually buy e-books, I guess I’m still easing in on that one but holy cow this apple crisp recipe looks amazing and I will for sure be buying your sweets e-book when you release it…and also probably your beans and snack ones too!

    Thank you so much for all you do. Still a newbie on the healthier cooking-front, but you’ve really broken it down and made it seem a lot more within my reach to take those first few steps.

    • Katie says

      Yay, thanks, Shannon! It makes my day to know that my stuff here has been helpful. (Watch for the release as the best deals are for the ones who grab it first!) 😉 Katie

  2. says

    Katie, I’m THRILLED to get this recipe! Thanks so much for sharing! My hubby absolutely loves apple desserts, and I got a ton of organic apples for a steal at $.49/lb. the other day!! I’m even more excited about the slow-cooker GF version–and that I in fact have all the ingredients I need on hand! Hmmmm….I was going to use my crock pot to make bone broth tomorrow. Bone broth or apple crisp….hmmmmm…tough choice! I might have to go w/ the sweet dessert! My hubby will thank you!!

  3. Brooke Wilson says

    This recipe looks great. Can’t wait to get the entire recipe book. That will come out in Nove correct? Also I am new to this healthy cooking too and I am allergic to dairy so it’s great to find cooking that you can use and substitute milk products. Although I do have a question what does soaked mean? I saw it on this recipe and I was curious why you do it and what the purpose is to allow it to sit that long? Thanks so much for all your do! Blessings! :) <

  4. Farhaana says

    I just made this recipe last night and it was delicious. Even though my helping 5 1/2year old dd spilled half of the topping while vigorously stirring :), I just kinda through in some extra oats, brown sugar and cinnamon. It turned out well, thanks. I enjoy your site greatly and keep forwarding your posts to my pregnant friend!

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