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It’s Here! 30 Healthy Desserts Recipes in “Smart Sweets”

November 16th, 2011 · 171 Comments · What to Buy

You’re a smart cookie. You know sugar isn’t good for you. You know you could probably stand to skip dessert, but you’d rather indulge that sweet tooth.

For the times when you just want something sweet, doggone it –

Make a smarter cookie.

Smart Sweets book cover

The goal of Smart Sweets: 30 Desserts to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth is to give you options that are way better for you than you’ll find in the grocery store, usually better for you than another homemade version, and sometimes downright good for you.

You’ll find less sugar, healthier sweeteners, whole grains, soaked and sprouted grains, no grains, probiotics and even some vegetables in these desserts recipes.

If you always feel guilty when you give into sweet things, this book is definitely for you.

If you want a great way to slide that resistant someone into eating real food, this book is for you, too.
And if you’re just looking for a delicious soaked grain brownie, a birthday cake including whole grains, or homemade chocolate syrup without any high fructose corn syrup, then welcome, my friend: you’re surely in the right spot.

Smart Sweets book cover cropped smaller

Smart Sweets
(eBook Premium Package)

30 Desserts to Indulge your Sweet Tooth
by Katie Kimball
(89 pages + FIVE bonuses, including Kindle + Nook)
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What Recipes are in Smart Sweets?

I won’t make you wait any longer. The great disadvantage of an eBook is that you cannot flip through its pages in the bookstore and ogle at the delectable photographs. I can let you peek at the table of contents, however:

smart sweets TOC 1black bean brownies

Need a Bigger Bite? Preview 21 “Sweet” Pages Guilt-Free

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What’s the Premium Package?

When you purchase Smart Sweets here at Kitchen Stewardship, you automatically get the entire Premium Package:
Smart Sweets book cover
PDF Downloadable eBook, Smart Sweets (89 pages)

Kindle with Smart Sweets

Kindle & Nook Files

How to Healthify Baking Recipes

THREE Info Printables:
1. How to Bake with Honey
2. How to Healthify Baking Recipes (different steps you can take with your own favorite recipes, excerpted from Better Than a Box)
3. What’s That Sweetener? (a 3-page chart of all natural and unnatural sweeteners, how they’re made, how to use them, and more).

My Favorites

coconut macaroon bars (11) (475x356)

In Healthy Snacks to Go I like to say that the centerpiece is the power bars, Larabar knockoffs with 14 different flavor variations. For Smart Sweets, I fiddled a ton with a number of recipes, so for pure variations and perfectionism, let’s choose 3 anchor recipes for the book: the brownies (soaked, sprouted, fudgy, cakey, and even black bean brownies), the coconut macaroons (almond, chocolate, both, neither, and 6 different ways to bake whatever size batch you need), and the apple crisp (in the slow cooker, gluten free, streusel-ish or crisp-ish, etc.).

healthy apple crisp

photo source: Tammy’s Recipes

I’m sharing the full recipe of the Apple Crisp, just as it is in the book. If you’re familiar with any of the KS eBooks, you’ll recognize the familiar format of Healthy Snacks to Go and The Everything Beans Book.

Apple Crisp Preview

$9.95 Reduced to $8.95

You want photos?

Don’t even bother going any further if you’re trying to give up desserts: cherry almond coconut crepes (9) coconut blender pie (5) (475x356)

$9.95 $8.95
If the reduced price isn’t tempting enough, the free excerpt might be. Scroll up to the form and subscribe to the KS monthly newsletter to download 21 “sweet” pages to nibble on.
fruit pizza (16) (475x356) grain free baked apples (7) (475x356) soaked brownies first try (13) spelt raisin cookies new (10) truffles (3) (475x356) truffles (9) (475x356)

Katie, your e-books are always so top-notch and well-thought out. This is much more than a recipe book… it’s practically a course in baking. I love that you offer “sweet” substitutes for the typical sugar sweetener, with an explanation of each substitute. I love that you pay special attention to provide ways to save time, and even ingredients. I love that you have some easy recipes that I can do on a whim to handle the sweet tooth in me, or the more complicated recipes (involving sprouting!) that I can take on as a challenge and learn from. Your alternatives and tips throughout the book will make the novice baker feel like a pro. Just like your camping e-book, this is a book I can give my friends for Christmas; I’m thinking of several who will love this e-book. Thank you – it was worth the wait! :)
–Renee Harris of MadeOn Hard Lotion

I’m a teacher by vocation and collegiate training, and I can’t help it: I teach in this book. You can expect incredibly clear, complete directions on every recipe. My FAQs get right into your head, and once you’re finished reading them, you won’t have any yourself. My goal is that even a nervous newlywed with no kitchen experience could follow these recipes successfully and deliciously.

I tried the brownies yesterday with my preschooler and they were a HIT! I don’t think I’m ever going to make brownies with refined flour ever again. –Prerna of The Mom Writes


from a Butternut Spice Bars recipe tester: It turned out beautifully! I was surprised that so few ingredients could taste so good. Definitely a keeper, we served it to guests and they agreed. Fast and easy, not complicated, time consuming or challenging in any way, easy enough to teach to kids. –Wendy, a reader


6 Reasons to Buy this Book

chocolate chip cookies 3

  1. Recipes tested by real people (I even yanked one during the last week before publishing because it wasn’t working well with reviewers)
  2. Pure Yumminess
  3. Lots of cooking and baking information
  4. Simple recipes that anyone can follow
  5. There’s a free recipe for homemade lotion in there plus a coupon for $3 off a family size Au Chocolat hard lotion bar from MadeOn. (Heavenly!)
  6. Healthy stuff…but also made for baby steppers.

$9.95 Reduced to $8.95

An excerpt from the introduction:

Some readers may be appalled to see the option of white sugar in many of these recipes. “Why, Katie?” they may cry. “Why in Heaven’s name would you include something that is clearly a poison rather than teaching people about real food?

I have a few reasons, actually.

First, I use white sugar from time to time. When there’s not much in a recipe, there are days when I just don’t feel like coughing up the double and triple price upgrade for maple syrup, sucanat or other unrefined sweeteners.

Second, I don’t want to be overly elitist or inaccessible to an average Joe or Jane Healthy Baking Rookie. If someone has no idea what sucanat is or where to find it in the stores, and they see a recipe that calls for only sucanat as a sweetener, they’ll likely skip the recipe and move on to something else. (That was me two years ago.)

I’d rather provide recipes that someone can make with what they have on hand and help reduce sugar/white flour intake than scare them away entirely. Besides that, if your average white sugar baker starts to get into Smart Sweets, perhaps I’ll have the opportunity to teach something about unrefined sugars, soaking grains, and traditional diets. (Waving at Joe and Jane Rookie Baker reading this part about themselves – glad you’re here!)

Third, I like to have “food donation” options. Even the most die hard real foodie who feels guilty if they have a bag of white sugar in the house might want a less expensive option when asked to bring a plate of cookies for a bake sale, for example. Many of us don’t have pockets deep enough to feed the best ingredients to the whole world, all the time. Reality is reality, and I like providing options for many different sweeteners, many different variations on each recipe. You’ll find one that works for the philosophy by which you already work in the kitchen.

from Smart Sweets


Q: How many recipes are gluten-free?
A: Seventeen, 15 of which are also grain-free.

Q: How many are dairy-free?
A: Sixteen.

Q: How about egg free?
A: Many would probably work with egg substitutes, but 15 have been tested egg free.

Q: What about nuts?
A: There are just a few recipes that require nuts, but for most, nuts are optional.

Q: I don’t know what sucanat is. Will I be able to make recipes in the book?
That’s okay. First, I’ll teach you. Second, sucanat isn’t a secret code word to get into the world of real food desserts. We’ll work through this. Third, you should probably go buy some sucanat after you buy Smart Sweets.

Q: What are you going to do now that you’ve finished the book?
A: After all the recipe testing for this book, which has been marvelous, let me tell you – I’m thinking I should probably give up all sugars for a month or so…but I probably won’t. I’ll just shoot for smarter sweets. Thanks goodness I’m nursing a baby… But actually, I’ll be releasing the second edition of my first eBook, Healthy Snacks to Go, in just a few weeks! If you currently own it, you’ll automatically receive the update along with a screaming coupon for Smart Sweets.

Buy Here!
Smart Sweets book cover cropped smaller

Smart Sweets
(eBook Premium Package)

30 Desserts to Indulge your Sweet Tooth
by Katie Kimball
(89 pages + FIVE bonuses, including Kindle + Nook)
$9.95 $8.95


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(Get a sneak peek with the free download – Apple Crisp Recipe)

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unhappy with Smart Sweets for any reason, including allergies that prevent you from making too many recipes, I will provide a full refund, no questions asked.

Browse the table of contents before you buy in the 21 page freebie that’s free to nibble on when you subscribe to the KS monthly newsletter. Scroll up to download your copy today.

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