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Get Your Mud Mouth on (now with no sweetener!) {GIVEAWAY-NOW CLOSED}

March 14th, 2014 · 10 Comments · giveaway, What to Buy


If you’re a parent, you’ve surely experienced the disbelief that happens when a child totally loses it over something that happens every. single. day.

Right? (Please tell me I’m not alone on this!)

For the 5-and-under crowd, simple tasks like getting dressed, getting one’s hair done, washing hands before a meal, and brushing one’s teeth can suddenly be the biggest disaster that’s happened all day.

My husband and I sometimes just look at each other incredulously, thinking, “Really? Seriously, kid, you are going to throw a fit right now over brushing your teeth???”

I’ve taken to saying to my 2-year-old, “If you don’t want to brush your teeth, that’s fine. But you’ll have to stop eating. If you like food and want to eat, you need to brush your teeth every day.”

It’s probably beyond his comprehension, but it makes me feel better. Smile

Mud Mouth

Earthpaste by Redmond

Our toothpaste in the Kimball house is brown, slimy, and doesn’t need to be spit out into the sink. It probably throws babysitters for a loop, come to think of it!

It contains so SLS, no glycerin, no artificial sweeteners, no foaming agents, no artificial colors, and no fluoride (which was recently added to the list of chemicals that hurt kids’ brains – and yes, it’s still added to city water. Way to go, government.)

It’s called Earthpaste, and my kids prefer the lemon flavor (but the others still aren’t too “hot” for them). I like cinnamon best and my husband is a minty fresh guy.

Flavor with No Xylitol

Spearmint Earthpaste

Redmond really listens to feedback from its customers! In past giveaways with Redmond, we’ve asked about various ingredients in the Earthpaste – from what I remember, the only negative responses we ever received were about the xylitol, an ingredient that may help oral health but is also a little sketchy on the total “natural” nature of it all.

Redmond is now offering a flavor with no sweetener at all, which was the perfect response to that customer feedback, don’t you think?

And it’s still good – in fact, I didn’t even realize that they had removed the sweetener until I was grabbing images for this post, and I’ve been using the spearmint for a few weeks now. Read more about Earthpaste and check out happy reviews HERE.

Want Some?

Earthpaste 5-pack

Redmond is sponsoring THREE winners this week to receive all 5 flavors in an Earthpaste 5 Pack prize – Spearmint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon, Peppermint and Lemon Twist ($40 Value).

If you’ve been in need of some Real Salt, Redmond clay or good toothpaste anyway, I’m excited to share a coupon code for 15% off anything in the Redmond shop: Use “Kitchenstew” for the discount. (expires March 1st 2015)


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  • Rachel

    We love earthpaste! And real salt. I ned to buy some basic clay to add to our medicine chest.

  • Kim

    What are your thoughts on the Redmond Clay statement: contains trace amounts of lead? Thanks.

    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    It has something to do with a California law or some such thing. Like you have to say that if there’s even a chance, or something?

    Here’s a bit from the explanation at their website:

    “The most important ingredient in Earthpaste is Redmond Clay, a healing clay that has been used medicinally since ancient times. Like many natural foods (including peaches and pears) Redmond Clay contains the tiniest amount of naturally-occurring lead. There is a natural products exemption to prop 65 (otherwise organic green beans and carrots would be 20 times over the limit!) but because of the way proposition 65 is enforced, it would be impossible for a small company like ours to withstand the cost of any “false positives” from aggressive prop 65 law firms.

    Thus the warning stickers on Earthpaste. We hate doing it — we know our products are safe, we’ve seen them help thousands of people, and we use them ourselves every day — but a proposition 65 lawsuit, even one we would eventually win, would be really hard for a company our size to survive.”

    I love how genuine Redmond is – they’re seriously just good people. Does that make sense?

    Great question!!
    :) Katie

  • Sara Shay

    We just got the Lemon and my boy is DYING cause I am making him wait to use it till our other toothpaste has run out.

  • Helen

    I wish I could win this! Calvin loves the lemon. We laugh that it smells like pledge. I have spearmint coming in my next Azure shipment so we can try it.

    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    I will be curious to hear if you like it! I honestly didn’t even notice the sweetener missing… :) Katie

  • Rust

    The lemon twist sounds wonderful.

  • Kathryn

    Thanks for the giveaway! In the future it would be great for you to add an entry for following you on google+. I don’t tweet or do facebook.

    Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship Reply:

    Thank you! You know, I am really active on Google Plus, but I just forgot to add it to our list. Great idea! :) Katie

  • Marsha

    Thanks for the discount, Katie! I love all the Redmond products, and being able to buy them at a discount is a huge bonus.

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