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Dentist: “I’ve Never Seen This Before”

He really said it.

When I quipped a few minutes later that I was totally sharing that quote on social media, he sort of blushed and backpedaled, “Well, that’s a little dramatic!”

I asked, “So have you seen it before?”

“Well, no…”

Is Healing or Reversing Cavities Even Possible?

So I maintain it’s an accurate quote, and not dramatic at all. He continued explaining,

“I’ve read about cavity reversals or healing in textbooks, but I’ve never actually seen it happen in a patient.”

We both agreed that likely, he’s not really had the opportunity to observe anyone try a cavity healing protocol, since most people just get cavities filled when they first appear. For me, it turns out that 3 months wasn’t long enough to see any real progress, although I’m still very glad I had that check and X-ray to ensure that they weren’t getting any worse. It determined that they had at the very least “arrested.”

He said he felt like most people just weren’t dedicated enough to commit to a protocol, and he was pretty excited that I managed it. He actually rubbed his hands together in delight when he walked into the exam room and cried, “I’m excited to see these X-rays!”

Want to see them?

Here’s the original X-ray from January:

Discovering cavities in my mouth January

Here’s the new X-ray from December, nearly a year later:

Cavity healing progress after one year it is possible to heal cavities and reverse tooth decay

Believe me, the dentist looked and looked and compared for a while. He couldn’t hide the pleasant surprise in his voice when he explained that the “big one” is definitely smaller and the “little one” is nearly gone.

It’s pretty exciting that this image from April – which people were not always very kind about – is finally completely true!!!

I tried healing my cavities and got X ray proof

As Dr. V and I chatted, one point that I thought was interesting and very true was the trouble with natural alternatives and the general population. As a medical professional, the dentist is stuck between a rock and a hard place: because not everyone would take the time to research and attempt to heal their cavities, he must recommend that it gets filled because of liability. If he didn’t, and people didn’t pay enough attention or get checked often enough, he could be in a pickle if their cavity went south.

He said there’s not a lot of research or proof of cavities remineralizing either (my interpretation: not a lot of dollars in telling people to drink raw milk, eat fewer grains, etc.). He said that dentists have very few items at their disposal, including topical fluoride and a paste (Mi-paste I think?) that is really just heavier duty fluoride if I remember correctly. And that’s about it.

At one point, and I don’t even think he caught himself doing it, he said in an almost flabbergasted tone, “What did you do?”

I felt a little like I’d won a blue ribbon, but I also had some guilt because I wasn’t sure I deserved it.

What Did I Do?

Reversing Cavities is Truly Possible! Teeth can Heal!

For a few months, I ate very well, a proper anti-cavity diet, I took liver pills and cod liver oil, did some oil pulling, and focused on oral health by brushing well two times a day. I added certain supplements, which you can peruse in this cool cavity-healing package (that I put together!) from Perfect Supplements (use the coupon KS10 for 10% off!) – You can use that coupon code to get 10% off the whole package OR any of the individual parts! Shop here

I did a lot of things many Americans might not be willing to do for 3 months…but I didn’t exactly remain so motivated and focused over the summer.

I did NOT keep up the diet or all of the supplements, and oil pulling went by the wayside for sure. My diet certainly went back to “normal,” although I haven’t gone back to eating as many nuts as I used to eat and continue to take liver capsules intermittently. As a family, we simply don’t eat as many whole grains as most people do as we tend toward grain-free baked goods, and I’ve been defaulting to white rice in our meals lately.

Since, at the time, I’d been working long hours to create our online video-based cooking lessons, I had…ahem…cough cough…um…been eating a LOT of dark chocolate and actually missed the morning tooth brushing 80% of the time. (Don’t tell my dentist, m’kay?)

I do use Earthpaste most of the time, which has potential to remineralize teeth because its base is bentonite clay, packed with minerals. I would specifically let some paste sit on the area I knew was problematic sometimes, but we’re talking once a month, not a few times a week.

So…I don’t really feel like I “did” a whole lot. Which brings me to the rest of the story…

The Image of Horrible Teeth Dancing in My Head

When I interviewed Dr. Judene Benoit, author of How to Stop Cavities, she was pretty non-committal about steps people can take to reverse cavities.

How to Stop Cavities interview with Dr Judene Benoit

In fact, she told one story that I cannot get out of my head. It was her proof that it’s hard to pinpoint “what can be done” to stop tooth decay, because she’s seen arrested cavities in homeless people with horrid eating and hygiene habits. (An arrested cavity is one that has stopped growing and is no more at risk of becoming a problem than any other part of a tooth.)

So what do my reversed cavities prove?

With a data set of n=1, not much. But to me, I feel I’ve definitely proved that cavities CAN not only arrest (stop growing) but also reverse (heal or remineralize – get smaller). It’s possible! So anyone is justified in asking their dentist plenty of questions if a filling or procedure is recommended.

I proved that it doesn’t require topical fluoride – or fluoride of any kind, since we filter it out of even our drinking water – to reverse cavities.

Did I prove that actions done internally, like what we eat, can improve oral health?

Did I prove that a natural method, like oil pulling or the bentonite clay in Earthpaste, makes a difference?

Unfortunately, no.

I might just be a dirty homeless person with poor brushing habits who happens to live in a house.

I could have just gotten lucky.

But I think I’m going to go jam some Earthpaste in the very back of the other side of my mouth…where the hygienist found a massive, black cavity in my wisdom tooth.

#irony #humblepie

Based on that bit of news, which tasted a lot like eating crow, I’d say that what I was eating or not eating doesn’t seem to have had an effect, since those teeth are in the same mouth!

My joy in having smaller cavities was very quickly tempered by the decision about how many wisdom teeth to have extracted (I have two that are in and two impacted; the cavity is in one that would be easier to remove). Or…if I’m going to buck the system again and wait to see what happens with my black hole. Sad smile

I know just what Ramiel Nagel would say…how about you?

READ: I did get those wisdom teeth out. How I got through wisdom tooth removal with no OTC medications, naturally!

Have you ever healed a cavity? Held on to wisdom teeth against recommendations?

Is There a HOLISTIC Dentist Hiding In Your Town?

Robyn Openshaw over at Green Smoothie Girl spent months calling every holistic dentist she could find in the U.S! She learned what services each of them provide, and made a special guide so you can find a holistic dentist who uses practices that are non-toxic, so you can avoid heavy metals, root canals, radioactive x-rays, and more.

She’s made all the information she gathered available for free in one amazing resource, The Insider’s Guide to Holistic Dentists.

Check out the whole cavity/natural oral health series:

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66 thoughts on “Dentist: “I’ve Never Seen This Before””

  1. Elise Stickler

    Hi! You’re article encouraged me to research remineralization in 2018 after being called/emailed/told I was crazy to not get a filling. I’m so thankful for it! I tried to eat more of the minerals that are in my spit and teeth, rinse/swish/spit wash my mouth out after eating, try to help my mouth have more alkaline food and drinks, eat less phytic acid foods, and floss and brush more. I’m so happy to report that in 2021, my dentist didn’t even know why I was asking about cavities 3 years later. She forgot to look at my old x-rays before that exam, and this year 2022, they didn’t even mention that area again! It looks beautiful. Thank you for the encouragement! And for working through so many people’s comments who have said you aren’t thinking clearly.

    1. Carolyn @ Kitchen Stewardship

      That’s so great to hear Elise! Thanks for sharing your positive experience.

      1. Holly Whittenbury

        Hi Katie thanks so much for taking the time to share your story. Was your ‘big cavity’ through to the dentin? Is that what the dentist said?

  2. Hello Katie,

    I am a dentist. The next step of xrays you showed actually show progression of the cavity on tooth #4 to my trained eyes. Slightly different angles to the xrays can make decay appear slightly bigger or slightly smaller in the short time window you are detailing. It is still a small cavity only slightly into dentin and you aren’t hurting yourself with your excellent oral hygiene, but if you continue to wait and expose your self to more unnecessary radiation, you will only see the cavity progress further. It is usually a very very slow process; typically 2 years for an incipient lesion like yours started to proceed into a larger dentin caries. There is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that shows remineralization of dentin. I don’t know why you would want to reject the science that shows only enamel can remineralize. I would counsel you to not wait more than another 6 months to get that tooth filled. We are not out just for money, the vast majority of us actually care about your oral health and don’t want our patients to suffer. Why are you fine with more xrays, but not okay with a small and conservative filling?

    1. Katie Kimball

      Thank you so much for your response. I questioned the extra Xray a LOT in my mind, believe me. It’s not something I’d do regularly. I am not opposed to filling cavities, but I definitely appreciate testing things out and figuring out what is necessary and unnecessary. I’ll be curious to see what happens to these cavities the next time I’m due for regular Xrays!
      Thanks, Katie

        1. Carolyn @ Kitchen Stewardship

          Joanna, Katie hasn’t published any blog updates on her teeth yet, but she did post on Instagram a few months ago that she ended up having to get some cavities filled. 🙁

    2. Hi dentist! Where are YOU located? I need a dentist that genuinely cares about my dental/health well-being, not just the bucks…

  3. hi katie, thanks for this article and the comparison of xrays which really gives me hope. i recently went to wisdom tooth extraction consultation with a specialist and he discovered 8 cavities from my xray. as they are mostly small, hidden in between the teeth (like yours), my regular dentist didnt spot them. I didnt take any xray for a long time, and I was really down as I thought I will have to drill 8 holes at once, when I have been visiting my regular dentist and she usually just does cleaning and minimal filling for me. I think i will wait for half a year and do another xray for comparison.

    as for the huge black cavity in your wisdom tooth, i cannot help but wonder if it is actually a tetracycline-stained tooth? My wisdom tooth appears to have some black parts which i thought was decay. But my regular dentist pointed out that they are stained probably due to some medication i took when i was young.

  4. Just in case no one else has said. MI paste is a CPP ACP (casein phosphate anorphous calcium phosphate) a milk based protein that introduces biological calcium to your tooth. It is very similar to statherin (saliva protein that remineralised your teeth). It’s been shown to remineralise teeth up to 80% faster and quicker than xylitol. Pretty amazing stuff. I met the guy who discovered it patent owned by companies not the researchers ????

  5. Thanks so much for this article… very encouraging to me as I am trying to heal some cavities I was told I needed filled (and a couple wisdom teeth pulled) about 9 months ago. To be honest, I’ve been very passive about it and lost a lot of my motivation to stick to my diet – partly because its so hard with where I am living right now and the food that is available is not healthy, so I have to really go out of my way to buy good food and prepare it. I can’t seem to find local sources for raw milk etc and so I’ve had to resort to buying organic pasteurized milk and making Kefir. I hope I am doing myself some good.
    I just need to actually stick to a strict diet consistently for about 3 months and see if I can make some progress.
    So do you feel like oil pulling is beneficial? I guess I’ve heard different opinions on that and started to lose hope that it might actually be beneficial. I don’t like to feel as if I’m throwing money out the window by buying good coconut oil.
    And would you feel like it was ok (not hijacking my plan) to say eat sweet potato/regular each day? I love sweet potatoes and there are so many great things I can make with them – as well as them being a cheaper food source for me. Just wondered what your thoughts were on that. I know I’ve felt like I need to stay away from asuch starch as possible, but I do feel like my body craves at least some, and it makes for a nicer impact on my budget. Also things like rice I love and wish I could justify eating more. So I guess I’m just wondering how much room I should give myself with those things.
    Thanks again for sharing your story and offering hope to people like me who are struggling to stay encouraged!! 😀

    1. Hi Alisha!
      It’s so hard to say what worked for sure, but I feel like oil pulling is fairly inexpensive and has made some impressive results for many people, so I appreciated including it. As for potatoes, I never avoided them at all – I don’t think they’re off a cavity healing diet? Good luck!!! 🙂 Katie

      1. Thanks so much for your reply 🙂 I’m trying to get into the habit of oil pulling regularly and hoping it will aid in the process!

        1. Alisha, I have done oil pulling and read enough about it to feel it’s beneficial in various ways, but I see no reason to use expensive coconut oil that you’re just going to spit out. That never made sense to me! This article was the final answer for me after reading conflicting opinions on the Internet, some of which were just plain silly. Jon Barron makes sense out of it at last:

          And here’s a followup…where he says after 20 years not seeing a dentist, he finally went in for a cleaning and the hygienist said she would have guessed it was 6 months since his last visit. Wow.

    2. Instead of milk, why not use MI Paste/GC Paste tp remineralize your teeth It is made from milk. It will cure sensitive teeth. So far it is working for me.

  6. Ludmilla Modic

    I’m not at all surprised that the homeless people have arrested cavities, because they most likely have minimal or no access to sugar or to any of the “foods/junk” the rest of us put in our mouths all day long, snacking etc, that FEED THE BACTERIA that destroy the structure of the teeth. It’s what we hold in our mouth during the day that feeds the “destroyers”. Stop feeding the bacteria.

  7. We have milk intolerance and allergies at home here. Any suggestions about raw milk replacement? It might be a different topic of conversation, but I am lost here at home. My kids are missing out on all the raw butter, yogurt we were eating. Any leads, links to other posts would be solo welcome!

    1. Hi Sally,
      If you mean specifically for a cavity-healing diet, I imagine you’d want to find foods with a similar nutrient profile – calcium (leafy greens), Vitamin A & D (cod liver oil? fish? other stuff too), and maybe healthy fats (coconut oil?). If you just mean “how do I stay dairy-free and have enough to eat?” I’d encourage you to search for recipes like Whole30, Paleo, vegan – none of those will have dairy and there’s tons of flavor and variety. There’s goat milk and coconut milk yogurt, and coconut oil has many of the properties of butter. This current resource is a good one:

      Good luck! 🙂 Katie

  8. I’ve heard a lot people mention oil pulling. Is it safe to do if you already have some fillings in your mouth? Or will it pull the metals out? Thanks!

    1. There are good herbal teas you can make that are chock full of calcium and other minerals too — oat straw, alfalfa, nettle, dandelion root all come to mind! I buy them in bluk and then make loose leaf tea. It’s easy with kids if you make a big pot, cool it off, then save in half gallon jars in the fridge. The kids drink the iced tea every day, and I sometimes use less water when I cook soup or hot cereal, then top it off with this after cooking.

    2. Melissa, check out this post, as well as Jon Barron’s other articles on the topic:

  9. So I’m a little confused.
    Your other cavities healed and then you got a new one? In the same time period? Do you think it was maybe that intense first few months that arrested and started reversing the other cavity, and from there it just continued to heal? Once it had gotten past some hump in the cavity-fixing process?

    but then maybe the sort of “slacking off” on the protocol allowed for the creation of the new one? Do you think that’s what happened?

    1. Ingrid,
      I know, surprising, right? It might speak to the fact that diet doesn’t do it, but brushing (the new cavity is way in the back on a wisdom tooth). Or you could be right, that I arrested them early on and then sprouted the new cavity this fall. Tough to say! Katie

  10. Congratulations, Katie!!! I’ve been wondering lately if you’ve posted an update, because I think of your tooth issue along with my kids’ issues from the same time. It is SO encouraging to know you did it! And even more encouraging that you did the protocol, but not perfectly — I’m a black and white type person, but have been trying very hard to not make life miserable while we work on the kids’ teeth. God gives us grace, I think, while we do what we can.

  11. My dentist found decay in several spots between my teeth about a year ago, and actually suggested at first that wait we see if they re-mineralize, since they were still very small and in the enamel layer. A year later new x-rays come in and the ones he found before haven’t changed. (My dentist never said this specifically, but after watching your interview with Judene Benoit, I now know I’m out of the woods there with arrested decay! Yay!)

    But now I’m at the same place you were a year ago with my teeth – a “new” cavity between the teeth that is on the dentin border. (“new” – it wasn’t found a year ago, though there was an anomaly in the x-ray at that particular joint, so who knows.)

    With this new one, he’s not so sure it will re-mineralize. But it looks a lot like your larger cavity, even a little further from the dentin, so I have hope now! I was already planning on doing a similar dietary change, taking out phytates, adding bone broth and milk, but I really struggled to find any evidence online of teeth ever healing till now 🙂 So thanks so much for posting the x-rays!

  12. There is some new research that has been done in the past few years about the bacteria that cause caries (cavities) being connected to high pH levels in the mouth. Many of the rinses that are on the market now use xylitol and a really low level of diluted bleach as a “rinse” (no swallowing) to help bring the pH back to neutral. It’s one thing we found worked very well in families (I worked in a pediatric dental office for several years) where one child would have lots of decay and another child on the same diet etc would not. They had very different pH levels in the mouth and after a 3 month regimen of Cari-Free products, the occurrence of cavities was much reduced. The dental field can be pretty traditional and entrenched in historical knowledge, so it’s always great when new research comes along to help dentists understand a bit more of the factors going into preventable diseases.

      1. I used Earthpaste and an anti-bacteria strategy and a no-sugar diet (like super extreme) when I had 1 cavity. A few months later, I had tooth aches and sensitivity and pain in one specific tooth whenever I ate so I went in and they found 12 cavities, presenting me a $3,000 dental bill to fill them and telling me one of them needed a ROOT CANAL. Unbelievable! after I had done months of a sugar-free diet and using oral probiotics on my mouth (the kind that are supposedly good for your dental hygiene).

        Flabbergasted that my strategy backfired dramatically, I realized dentistry had it all wrong, it’s not about bacteria. I didn’t want to pay that huge $3,000 bill or suffer a root canal, so I did more research and found dentists over 100+ years ago used to believe it was acid, not bacteria, that erodes your teeth which makes much more sense. Acid is a byproduct of bacteria, EVEN good bacteria, so I had basically sabotaged my own mouth with “good oral probiotics”.

        That’s when I realized it was ALL about the PH. I started drinking really high Alkaline water but it gave me kidney stones (which I never had before), so I just swish alkaline water in my mouth to raise my PH and then spit it out.

        Then I use Cari-free, because it both raises your mouth PH and has nano-hydroxyapatite.

        About 8 months later went in for a check up again, only 1 cavity, 11 totally healed up! Best of all, the one that was a root canal, had slightly healed (but the rate of healing was too slow that it still could chip further if I ate anything too strong) but he gave me good news that I didn’t need a root canal anymore and could just fill and cap it for less than $100!

        So I saved $2,900 and healed 11 caries. I do think there is a point of no return, once it’s a big cavity it’s hard for it to heal because when you eat you can chip it further, I had to be so careful and literally never eat on that side of my mouth for months it wasn’t worth it, though I did avoid a root canal!

        And it’s been 5 years since then and I’ve never had another cavity or ANY tooth sensitivity ever again.

        It’s ACID folks. Make sure ANYTIME you drink or eat anything acidic you BRUSH right after. Bring a mini toothbrush with you everywhere you go, and bring cari-free!

        It’s pricier than other toothpaste, but saved me thousands… never never use Earthpaste like I did. You’re better off with fluoride toothpastes that at least remineralize (just don’t let kids use fluoride).

        I seriously think I should just buy out a dental insurance company and send every customer a constant supply of Carifree and “portable mini toothbrushes”, and I’m confident it would turn a huge profit as people stop having to see the dentist so much and stop needing to fill so many cavities.

    1. Jennifer,
      Ugh. I was through using it daily when all that fell out – I think it was an ugly marketing issue, likely, more than an actual food safety issue. I wanted to look into it more but got bogged down with other things. So I don’t have many educated opinions on it at all, sorry – Katie

    2. Acid will rot your tooth. It’s fermented. Like wine. Acidic. You need to RAISE your PH, go Alkaline. Teeth cannot effectively remineralize under 6.5PH and most people’s mouths are at 6.7PH after brushing, and are downright acidic the rest of the time, rotting away teeth for hours.

      But even that average “high” resting rate of 6.7PH is not really high enough to heal. I swished a 9.5PH water, and then brushed with PH-raising Carifree toothpaste, and healed 11 cavities.

      1. So I have a few small black spots I feel sure are cavities. I have no pain from them so that tells me they are not hitting the nerves, yet. I read your post as I was desperately searching for a way to heal these spots. It certainly got my attention. I can’t find the cari-free you spoke of but found sensodyne repair. Just curious to how often you rinse with the water. I did see you rinsed before you brushed. Did you rinse again with it after brushing? I am really hoping I can heal these if at all possible.

  13. Oh my goodness Katie, your post couldn’t have come at a better time. A couple of years ago, after the birth of my son, I strictly did the Cure Tooth Decay diet for 6 months. I just knew that when I went back to the dentist, my teeth would be in perfect shape. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and the dentist found all sorts of new cavities, mostly at the gums and not the chewing surfaces?. I found a new biological dentist who is also a naturopath. He wouldn’t do root canals, but did think I should have one tooth pulled. I resisted, as I had a newborn and didn’t want anything injected into my body while I was nursing. I still have the tooth. I just couldn’t get back to the biological dentist, as he is two hours away! Going that far with 3 kids for a dentist appointment is just no fun! So, I finally found another biological dentist that is one hour and 15 minutes away. Closer, but still so far. She wants to crown several of my molars. I eat an almost perfect Weston Price diet, do oil pulling, use essential oils and herbs, etc… and have for several years. The first biological dentist said I needed to have my vit. D levels checked. Sure enough they were low. I’ve upped my vitamin D intake, but goodness… still so many cavities. So frustrating. Tonight I just had a temporary crown come off! Ack! My goodness.. the newest biological dentist said she really recommended I see a biological doctor, as my hygiene is soooo good that the decay just doesn’t make sense. Praying for you, as I know how frustrating all this tooth decay stuff can be!

    1. Michelle, I know you’re comment is old but I wanted to say I’m sorry for all your dental troubles and also ask if you had an update? I can relate so much to your story! I am in the throes of this currently. How are you doing now?
      Thank you!

      1. Apparently, she ended up getting fillings and more cavities, which would suggest the “natural healing of cavities” doesn’t happen at all.

        1. Carolyn @ Kitchen Stewardship

          Hi Matteo, just because Katie wasn’t able to heal her cavities, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen at all. I know she has been planning to do an update post to tell the rest of this story, she isn’t trying to be deceptive about it. 🙂

  14. I am about to go on an Anti-candida diet which will rely on a lot of nuts (no cashews, peanuts or pistachios), should I be concerned? I have not read all of your cavity healing posts, is the main thing just to make sure that the nuts are sprouted first? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

  15. This is so great…although my heart sunk for you reading about the new-found cavity. Do keep us posted!

  16. I’m glad you’ve been able to improve your teeth naturally, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to characterize people who are homeless as “dirty” or use them as a basis for comparison. Not all homeless people have poor hygeine, and those who do would almost certainly prefer a different way of life if they had any options.

    1. Thank you for this comment–I felt uncomfortable with the use of the word “dirty” as well.

      The topic of remineralizing teeth is very interesting to me and I appreciate the information shared here. I would like to try the toothpaste after checking out the link. Thank you.

    2. ZB and Teresa,
      Believe me, I am not trying to demoralize or stereotype the homeless – it was Dr. Judene’s description, honestly, in the interview – the man in the actual story had horrible teeth and poor hygiene. Sorry it came across poorly!

  17. We were able to remineralze a cavity in a baby youth of our son. First noticed when he was 18 months old. Pediatric dentist wanted to do a crown and do it soon our the youth would decay quickly. I did not want that at all because our older son had gone through this very issue when he was 20 months old. He had 8 teeth crowned and the dentist said the decay was from night nursing. So I had since done some research. We read Cure Tooth Decay, started him on fermented cod liver/butter oil, GAPS diet, bone broth, plus raw milk and grassfed butter. Also added calcium, magnesium, phosphorus supplement. Used Earthpaste toothpaste and brushed after meals. We also switched to a very sweet dentist who was very supportive of watching and waiting. We had our little guy on this protocal for about 6 months before going to this new dentist. By the time he saw him the tooth had already remineralize and was strong and sound. He still has a small divet where the initial decay was but the tooth is strong under that area. Well, he’s 4 1/2 and our sweet dentist says the tooth is still strong as ever and to keep up the good work. As far as his current diet, we’ve relaxed a lot. He eats a good amount of fruit now, nuts, oatmeal and white rice. He has occasional treats with honey. But we are faithful with the cod liver/butter oil, raw dairy (he’s loving homemade yogurt these days), bone broth, grassfed butter and meats and free range eggs along with plenty of veggies! Our older son is 7yo and his new adult teeth are healthy and strong. So thankful for the book Cure Tooth Decay and many others who are informing us that we have a choice! Thanks Katie!

  18. This makes me wonder if our teeth are like everything else in our bodies. We all have “cancer” cells that our immune system keeps under control. We can have other mutations ebb and flow that never cause us problems and never will. If we went to the dentist every year or so and just monitored stuff would we find things decay and then “undecay” if we just left our bodies fix then like we let it fix our colds and stuff. We do what we can and let our really smart bodies do the rest. Just a thought I had when reading this. My husband is going on 4 years with a “dead”‘tooth that the dentist told him had no choice other than a root canal which I said “Over my dead body!!!!!” No pain, no problems since and he doesn’t do all I really wish he would but we do have a really really good healing diet. Thanks for this. My husband read this.

  19. My ten year old is scheduled for a root canal on Monday. She has a large cavity on the side that has never caused her pain but dentist said she needs a root canal. She has had a temporary filling for a month and still no pain or problems or any infection. I don’t understand why they can’t just fill it if it’s not infected or causing pain. At this time it’s probably late in the game to expect to heal it before her root canal. They said when she is 16 she will probably need a cap on it. I was wondering if after her root canal if it’s possible to rebuild that tooth so she wouldn’t need a cap in the future. By what I have read it seems very possible. Any thoughts ?

    1. Oy, Kimberly, I’m so sorry! So young to have all that going on! 🙁 I have no idea how temp fillings and root canals all work, but like I said in the post, if I’ve learned one thing in all this, it’s to get a second opinion. It may be too late if they drilled for the temp filling, but it rarely hurts to ask questions like “what are the risks of not doing this procedure?” Good luck!! 🙂 Katie

    2. Kimberly, if you happen to check back here…please do your research very thoroughly on root canals, whether it’s been done already or not. Google “weston a price root canal” and read some of the articles. Many people have their root canals taken out due to health problems. There are other options that are safer…but again, just do your own searching till you find what is satisfying to you.

      If I needed a root canal, I’d most likely have the tooth removed and get a partial of some kind–due to cost and because I don’t want more foreign material implanted in my body. Just had 15 mercury amalgams replaced! But I realize a younger person might not want to wear a partial. There are some interesting options out there.

  20. Katie! I’ve been waiting to see your results, and I am thankful for all that you’ve shared. 🙂 After successfully arresting the cavities in my young daughter’s mouth, I’ve been putting off seeing a dentist about my own. I went in about six years ago and found out I had over a thousand dollars of work to be done. Two of the cavities were under mercury fillings and I was advised to wait until I was done nursing to fix them. I’ve been nursing continuously or pregnant ever since. I have impacted wisdom teeth with cavities, too. Nothing is painful, though.

    I’ve been using earth paste or tooth powder all this time, we don’t have flouridated water here, and I have seen my cavities grow and shrink throughout the years. I haven’t done Ramiels diet consistently, but I do take fclo capsules when I remember.

    My goal is to maintain my teeth without pain until I’m done nursing (our last biological baby is 8 months), then go full tilt with a healing protocol before I go into the dentist so that we can make a plan based on active decay. I don’t know what to do with my wisdom teeth either, especially considering there are cavities. I’ve heard horror stories. 🙁

    Do tell us what you decide!! And thanks again for sharing!

  21. That’s a very interesting story! I’m sure it gave your dentist a lot to think about.

    And I thought it was amazing that you were able to “chat” with your dentist. It’s usually a pretty one-sided conversation. 😉

    I hope the healing continues!

  22. Surprise ending! While I don’t have x-ray proof, I do believe I’ve had some tooth healing following a similar protocol (i used to have sensitivity, but now it’s gone). Interesting to know about Earthpaste, which I already use! Good luck with your wisdom teeth. I just had one erupt and am in a pickle on what to do…

    1. Alison,
      Isn’t it funny that we can “teethe” as adults!? I thought I was going nuts when mine started coming in during my 20s. Just pay extra attn to it when brushing, for starters, and ask what risks are and what options you have… Good luck! 🙂 Katie

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