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My Journey in 2 Minutes: Who’s Cooking for the Family

It's a journey! Kimball Family Christmas Photo 2015

Since the beginning of Kitchen Stewardship®, I’ve always been all about the journey, and how we can support each other taking baby steps in the right direction.

A journey about a journey, perhaps?

Only if fueled by corn – the sense-of-humor kind, not the kind mired in GMO debates that fuels vehicles nowadays! 😉

My journey has certainly been one of a thousand steps.

Sometimes it feels like a thousand steps in a day, sometimes it feels like a thousand steps backward, or sideways, especially when what I thought was the right direction gets called into question. It seems the recommendations about food and health are some of the most fluid “facts” that can be found.

It’s frustrating to be sure, but we can either get stuck in frustration or continue doing our best, taking baby steps in the direction we feel right about in our guts, metaphorically and in reality.

Here Comes the Bride

How long ago was this?

Today’s little piece of my journey is about who has been cooking for my family the last 12 or so years, if I’m doing the math right based on my wedding date.

At first, my husband and I had a rule that whoever cooked didn’t have to do the dishes, which meant that most nights, I was dishes free.

Looking back, if we defined cooking in honest terms, I coulda shoulda woulda been doing dishes while Betty Crocker, Kraft Foods and Rice-a-Roni took a seat on the couch and watched TV. They were really the chefs behind the process and I was just the mixing monkey.

Here Comes the Blog

family at the table eating real food

Enter real food.

When I began to change the way our family ate, the dishes job expanded and the cooking job became more of a skilled position. If I wanted the food to be up to my new traditional foods standards, I had to cook it.

As we added children to our family, the dishes rule didn’t always apply. It became more a game of survival, hand-to-dish combat, Kimballs vs. Mount Dishes. If they got done at all, it was a success.

We got dragged down by the constant battle, to be sure.

The solution was delegation. Increasing the ranks.

Here’s more about that journey:

Here Come the Kids Intermediate Lesson 1 - Making Salad Dressings

Knife skills - cutting onions and peppers

Making a salad with colorful veggies

We could only survive with all hands on deck, and we did basic training in cooking last summer – I even invited a friend for each child to have someone to work with and make it more enjoyable. (And honestly? Also to keep me accountable for actually teaching the lessons I’d planned. It was brilliant…)

Cast of Kids Cook Real Food e Course day one

That became the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, and we’re so pumped to share this cooking class for kids with all of you!


knife skills screenshot all kid lesson

Thanks for being a part of our journey – now I’d love to hear about yours!

What is the latest step you’ve taken to transform your household closer to the real food goal you’re shooting for?


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