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Best Kids’ Cooking Videos Online (for Healthy Foods)

Check out some of the best kids cooking videos online…

boy chopping fruit

Did you know it is thought that people will remember 90% of what they see in a video, but only 10% of what they hear? And if you consider that children usually only listen to less than half of what their parents try to tell them, that means you have less than a 5% chance your wisdom is being heard!

But who has time to make cooking videos for their kids?

kids watching cooking videos

Good news: there are lots of videos online to teach kids to cook. Here are some of the best kids cooking videos we have found: some that will inspire your kids to cook, some that will make you laugh, and some that will actually teach your kids cooking skills through videos.

Get Kids Excited to Be in the Kitchen with Inspiring Kids Cooking Videos

These videos are more inspiration than instruction, more demonstration than something kids could actually learn from, but we all know motivation is HUGE when trying to teach something new. So enjoy these with your kids!

Then when everyone is excited to get in the kitchen try out these yummy snacks that are perfect for kids to make on their own!

These amazing chefs on Rachel vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off can cook better than most adults. Check out their finale dishes:

Cooking Videos: Laughter is the Best Medicine (for Parents)

Just a little break for you – I watched this today and it cracked me UP! Plus, brain science says we really do improve our stress level and mood when we laugh, so always do or listen to something funny before letting your kids in your kitchen, and you’ll be more flexible about their questions and mess.

Little Kids Cooking Videos 

It’s always fun to watch the itty bitty kids cook:

Fun Kids Cooking Videos 

Or how about kids just trying new foods? There are some unique ones here! Would your kids be brave enough?

Mom and Dad need a good laugh too. Does this look anything like your experience cooking with kids?

Teaching Kids to Cook with Online Video Lessons

There are a lot of great step-by-step videos out there too to help your kids learn recipes, and a few that will teach skills you can use over and over again no matter what they’re eating. Sooo many of them include really unhealthy food though, so the pool from which to draw is much smaller if you don’t want your kids making cupcakes and cookies all the time.

We sifted for you – our favs below!

This little girl is soooo cute, and we love making homemade ice cream this way too!

Here’s our video of making ice cream (note that it’s not edited professionally like our membership lessons are!):

YouTube likes this one but I’m not so sure…in case you need to know how to make cupcakes using a box mix, here you go:

This little girl’s accent is adorable (but notice how mom cuts everything up):

This list of best kids cooking videos includes 5 out of 6 with cookies and cupcakes, but these real fruit popsicles are great, and that channel generally uses real food:

I think this boy does an awesome job of explaining what he’s doing clearly and articulately, and the first two recipes are healthy and KS-approved! I love that he washes his hands and keeps his space clean too. 😉

I wish he would have talked about how to crack the egg and how to hold the pan, but overall kids can learn a lot and be motivated by this one!

I add this next one because it probably has the most views on YouTube of any NON-dessert made by kids that I can find, but it makes me cringe for so many reasons:

  • Too many dishes makes it not even that easy!
  • The kids do cut the veggies, but it looks arduous and they don’t mention washing the celery.
  • They don’t hold the handle of the pan while stirring! #dangerous
  • And the non-real food: broth powder, Velveeta (+ the waste and additional expense of the single slices)

In other words, you don’t want to actually teach kids to cook using this video; it’s just entertainment value with amateur skills (that aren’t complete or safe).

Please, please don’t make this recipe. There are far better cheesy broccoli soups out there, and with the right skills, kids can make it without problem (and without help).

The Best Kids Cooking Videos Online 

If you actually want your kids to cook, here’s our Kids Cook Real Food video for kids of all ages showing them how to respect and safely cut with both sharp and dull knives:

Here’s another video with a chef teaching kids some knife skills. I think there are a few good tips but not quite enough detail (and a bit slow moving):

Chef Ann from Edible Education is awesome! I love her way of explaining to kids how to hold a knife!

Even Kids Cook Real Food members could pick up a few tips from this video, but it does make me sad that the kids are struggling with the plastic “safety” knives. You’ll notice that as soon as the kids start trying to cut, knives go sideways, they start compensating with what I call the saw blade motion, so they’re working much harder than they should — and with a real knife, you wouldn’t need that motion for what they’re cutting.

And for parents to watch and pick up a few extra tips for helping kids measure well (so they can make all the other recipes and actually be helpful in the kitchen), here’s a fun little news spot:

Ready to get in the kitchen with your kids???

These 10 snack recipes are healthy, delicious and perfect for kids to make on their own!

What do you use for inspiration in the kitchen? Do you have any favorite kids cooking videos?
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