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Earthley Natural Health Products {Review}

Earthley product review

October is always a touchy time for those women in the Natural Health world. We, of course, want women to be as healthy as possible, and we would do anything to avoid breast cancer and cure it for someone in that awful situation.

But we also have to be honest that seeing processed food companies towing the party line of pink for breast cancer awareness is worse than an oxymoron.

In fact, a few years ago, I shared a meme on Facebook that remains the most popular Facebook update in the history of Kitchen Stewardship®. Of course, it wasn’t my image, darn, but it was about Kentucky Fried Chicken promoting the Komen Foundation and breast cancer awareness. The irony is clear – if you are serving food to women ridden with carcinogenic chemicals, you can’t really say you care about their breast cancer risk.

So what are naturally minded women supposed to do during the month of October? I propose we focus on women’s health in general. As Americans, it is becoming more and more well-known that our hormones are out of whack, our water has too much estrogen in it, and our thyroids are more depressed than our teenagers.

But there are so many great foods and supplements women can use to optimize their own health, and of course, anything we can do to avoid toxins in our environment allows our bodies to focus their efforts on keeping us healthy instead of fighting the effect of those toxins.

Earthley Natural Health Product review

That’s why I am introducing you to Earthley this month. Products that promote Women’s Health and in fact human’s health in general, more on that below.

Why I Love Earthley

Earthley is a new company started by an experienced blogger and natural living mama, Kate Tietje. What has impressed me the most are these 3 things:

Commitment to purity

There aren’t ANY weird or even potentially questionable ingredients. It’s all just real, natural ingredients, most of which you could eat.

Commitment to frugality

Part of the mission of Earthley is to make natural products available to those who don’t have huge budgets (but maybe don’t have the time to make DIY). The prices are shockingly low on some items compared to what I’ve seen elsewhere!

Crazy variety

I cannot believe how many different products Kate and her team have already released. They’re all things that Kate’s family has been using for years, but it’s impressive what all you could get.

Earthley shampoo bar and leave in conditioner

When I first sent my order in, I was almost embarrassed at how long it was!

Earthley Product Reviews

Shampoo Bar

I’ve also tried at least 3 of these and only liked one so far…Earthley’s lathers up very nicely, but more testing needed until I decide if I love it!

All-Purpose Salve

From the company: It helps to soothe sore skin. We use it for diaper rash, eczema, cracked lips/skin, hang nails, minor cuts and scrapes, mosquito bites, minor burns, and any other little ‘sore’ spot. It’s safe to use on open wounds (as long as they’re not deep or serious).

Leave-In Conditioner

My daughter has tried 2 other ones and they work fine and smell great but she looks like an Amazon wild girl an hour later. But not with Earthley’s! If you have a little girl, you need this product!

Good Night Lotion

My husband did have insomnia one night and fell asleep after I rubbed this on his legs and stomach!

Facial Bars

Dry or oily formulas – I seriously got both!
If you love facial products or need a new regimen, this sampler pack is perfect and not expensive at ALL.

Breathe Well Salve

If you don’t have one of these, get it now!! I already love Plant Therapy’s Sniffle Stopper, and this makes it less greasy and easier to travel with (I have crushed a glass bottle of essential oil I had with us while camping, and it was horrid!)

Nourish Her Naturally

Multivitamin drops for women.

From the company: This herbal liquid is very high in vitamin A, B-complex (including folate and B12), C, and minerals like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and more. Exact vitamin and mineral profiles vary because growing season, length of extraction, and other things can change — the beauty of natural products! ?  All vitamins and minerals are in highly bioavailable forms (easily absorbed) and have all their related co-factors. This version is specifically targeted for women’s unique needs.
 Secret Tip: Earthley ships FREE at $50
Earthley elderberry elixir, good night lotion, all purpose salve and nourish me naturally

If you are looking for affordable natural products for your whole family check out Earthley. I’d love to hear what you try and which products are your favorites!

I’m well known for honest, thorough product reviews…

reviewed and recommended

…and you can always tell a real family has run these products through the gauntlet.

When I review a type of item, I try to review a LOT of different brands! From over a dozen reusable sandwich bags to over 120 natural mineral sunscreens, I’m your girl for straight-up info about natural, real foodie items you’re considering buying.

Click here to see more product reviews and you’ll also love my resources page, with REAL products that have passed my rigorous testing enough to be “regulars” in the Kimball household, plus some other comprehensive reviews. Updated at least once a year to boot the losers and add new gems!

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3 thoughts on “Earthley Natural Health Products {Review}”

  1. Melissa Storms

    I would love to try the Calendula rose body oil and the digest ease herbal extract. They have a lot of interesting products I would like to try besides the ones mentioned you mentioned.

    1. Katie Kimball

      OH my goodness, Nancy, you’re right! I think something changed at Earthley – if you take off the “www” part they all work, but I think I can fix them on my end as well. Thanks so much for letting me know!! — Katie

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