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Nourish your Sweet Tooth with Over 40 Treats, Sweetened by Nature

Sadly, I grew up with the habit of having a little something sweet after I eat a meal. It just doesn’t feel complete unless I grab something to override the aftertaste of dinner, no matter how delicious it was.

Could I train my palate and exercise great self-discipline to make that habit disappear?


Is it much more fun to grab a piece of dark chocolate or make a mostly nourishing dessert that I feel good about offering to my kids (who seem to have developed the same habit already)?


I’ve come a long way since some of the sweet-tooth addictions of my adolescent and young adult years, mostly in a mind-over-matter battle that I generally win. It’s all about having the knowledge – like the 7 reasons white sugar is bad for you in this handy, highly sharable printable I think you should download today:

If you can’t see the PDF above, click HERE to print or download.

The printable is a good little reminder about why you don’t want to overload on refined sugars (or perhaps consume them at all), plus a quick explanation of the difference between cane and beet sugars.

Maybe this one page will be a conversation-starter between you and a spouse, a family member, or a dear friend who could use some education so they can make better choices on their own. I hope it helps you!

Can I Still Have Dessert?

Just because sugar is bad for you doesn’t mean life with desserts is over. There are plenty of natural ways to sweeten up a treat, both actual sweeteners and with fruit alone.

With good healthy fats and some nourishing ingredients, you can make a fun dessert or treat that hardly even registers on the “compromise” meter.

This eBook features over 40 “bloggers’ best” recipes for your culinary enjoyment…

With special thanks to Pat of Heal Thyself and Aubrey of Homegrown and Healthy, who organized the monumental task of collating hundreds of pieces of information and coordinating the editing process, and to Starlene of GAPS Diet Journey and Vivian of The Real Food Guide for their talents in formatting and designing, the bloggers of the Community Cookbooks group present…

Naturally Sweetened Treats 3d

From the group that created the popular Winter Soups eBook (sold over 1,000 in its first month!), this collection includes an amazing assortment of treats:

  • 41 Delicious Naturally Sweetened Treats (many fitting for either snacktime or dessert, some ideal even for breakfast!)
  • Made with 100% Real Food Ingredients, No Refined Sugars
  • Beautiful Color Photos and Print-Ready Pages
  • Full Recipe Index Included
  • All but FIVE Recipes are Grain-free and 3 more are also Gluten-free (if you’re not sensitive to oats)!
  • 27 Paleo friendly Recipes
  • 30 Dairy-free Recipes (+ 5 more could be with easy subs)
  • 19 GAPS Friendly (+ more with simple sub of honey for maple syrup)
  • About 1/4 of the recipes are sweetened ONLY with fruit, no additional sweetener of any kind
  • 103 pages
  • All made from scratch with no junk or fillers added!!
  • PLUS a free bonus printable when you buy at Kitchen Stewardship®! (details below)
  • Money-back guarantee
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This is an eBook only; nothing will come in the mail.

Sweets cookbook collage 3x3

Special KS Bonus!

All the participating authors are selling the book, but if you purchase here, you also get a 50% off coupon for Smart Sweets, another eBook, plus a bonus printable to help you navigate the book – if you’re looking for recipes to fit a certain need, find it with my “Perfect Recipe for You” printable, which lists the treats sweetened only with fruit, high protein nutty treats, recipes that require no heating (many fit the “raw foods” description), and those made with coconut milk, in case you buy a can and never quite know what to do with it.

Naturally Sweetened Treats eBook: Community Cookbooks

Cover of Naturally Sweetened Treats cookbook

price: $9.97  103 pages

[plus bonus perfect recipe printable!]
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What’s in Naturally Sweetened Treats, the eBook?

Here’s the full table of contents (click to view larger):

sweets table of contents

Recipe categories include:

  • 8 Balls & Bar recipes
  • 7 Cakes & Pie recipes
  • 8 Chocolate recipes
  • 4 Cookie recipes
  • 7 Fruity recipes
  • 7 Ice Cream recipes

What has impressed me the most about this collection, which is truly the best each blogger has to offer, is the focus on reducing sweets, increasing healthy fats, and especially reducing grains.

Many recipes include coconut flour and nearly the entire book is gluten-free, although that wasn’t even the intent we started out with. All these blogging mavens clearly understand that mixing sugars with grains intensifies their negative impact…How cool is that? And the beauty…oh! I’m salivating:

Sweets cookbook collage horiz

You can view this book on your computer, mobile device, or email it to your Kindle or Nook, and you can also print individual recipes as you wish, either directly from the PDF with the photo, or copy the text into a document and delete the photo to save ink.

103 pages
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This is an eBook only; nothing will come in the mail.

 Any questions about the book, please ask in the comments and I’ll answer for you!

NOTE: Since I know the feeling of not being able to thumb through a book before I buy it, I’m happy to offer a satisfaction guarantee: If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, including that you can’t figure out how to get it onto your device or that dietary restrictions make too many recipes impossible for you, simply email for a full refund.

Other eBooks

If you love collecting great family-friendly recipes, I also have 7 other real food eBooks:

Contributors to the Treats book:

Unless otherwise credited, photos are owned by the author or used with a license from Canva or Deposit Photos.
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6 thoughts on “Nourish your Sweet Tooth with Over 40 Treats, Sweetened by Nature”

  1. I am salivating over the recipes in this book! I’m so glad i have many of the ingredients in the recipes. Makes my life so much easier. My kids are about to discover more yummy good stuff to make with mommy!

  2. I still fall on the side of “try to train myself out of dessert.” I especially don’t want to train my kids to feel they “need” something sweet after every meal. Maybe I’ll adopt the cheese-and-fruit final course they have in France, or end the meal with nuts like they used to do in England. (Hence the phrase “from soup to nuts.”) Or maybe end with herbal tea?

    Right now it’s my bedtime snack I’m trying to break myself of. Even if I make myself eat something healthy, then I want a treat after that too! I just would love to have whether I have a treat in the evening be a *choice.* Instead I always feel like I *need* it, know what I mean?

    But I sure would love some sweet things for special occasions, like when the kids have friends over and I want to show off a bit. 😉

  3. I added the book to my cart, but also wanted your smart sweets ebook for 50% off. I don’t see a coupon code anywhere on the check out page. Wll I have to do two transactions?

    1. Joy,
      A very good question – the coupon for Smart Sweets comes with the purchase of this one, so there wasn’t really any way for me to deliver it other than with the book. Ultimately, yes, you’ll have to do 2 transactions. Sorry about that part! Hope you enjoy all the yummy recipes, and thank you so much for your (double) interest. 🙂 Katie

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