One Quick Tip: The Best Place to Store Garlic

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Some people might think it’s silly to save 30 seconds, but when you’re making everything from scratch, every second adds up.

Since garlic is supposed to be kept in the dark anyway, rather than keep it on the counter in a bowl or in the basement with the onions, I’ve started keeping a few heads right in the knife drawer.

Garlic in knife drawer - keep things close at hand

See? My favorite knife (found on Amazon), garlic, cutting board – all the things I need to actually use the garlic in cooking, all within 12 inches of each other. The garlic press is right there, too.

I used a cottage cheese tub – free storage! – to keep the little garlic skins from getting everywhere in the drawer.

But wouldn’t garlic powder be ever so much quicker? Eh. Use the real thing because there are health benefits to garlic that aren’t in the dried stuff. For example: Do you know why crushing your garlic should be the first thing you do when you start cooking, say, 14-21 minutes before it’s going to go into the pot? Find out HERE.

What 5-second step can you recommend to increase kitchen efficiency?

One Quick Tip?

If you’ve read Kitchen Stewardship for very long at all, you know I’m famous for uber long posts.

This One Quick Tip series is an attempt to write a super short, quickly helpful post that you can pin and share and use right away in your kitchen (or sometimes the rest of the house).

You can follow the One Quick Tip pin board so you don’t have to read the longest posts in the world but still keep up on the tips, things that speed your day along, increase nutrition in the kitchen, or make life more manageable in some way.

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  1. Astheart says

    I have my best experience with storing cloves of garlic in a small jar with a tight lid. It doesn’t dry out and your fridge won’t smell. You can store it that way for quite a long time.

  2. says

    Alas, my husband suddenly started getting heartburn from garlic. It was right after he went gluten-free, maybe he just didn’t notice before because he always felt terrible? I don’t know, but food has been very boring ever since. I usually add whole garlic, crushed jarred garlic, AND powdered garlic to each meal. I miss it awfully.

    • Leah G says

      We have had this issue before while on GAPS. Drinking Kraut juice 1-2 tbsp or raw ACV before or if needed after the meal …or at any sign of heartburn will help. Garlic is very anti yeast anti bacterial. Now that he is off the gluten his microbes may be upset. Increasing the digestive juices really help kill the pathnogenic microbes and restore the balance. hope that helps.

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