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Tired of Unhealthy Choices at Every Social Gathering?

Parties and potlucks aren’t exactly a bastion of healthy food.

It’s not like people usually walk away from a buffet table groaning, “Oh, I feel so nourished and alive!

Rather, one is often over-stuffed and groaning to be sure, that heavy feeling in the gut resulting both from the quantity and quality of the food in question.

I always attempt to bring something healthy to keep with our family’s real food ideals (and something I know my kids will eat!), but if a party-goer has to choose between a pile of lovely spinach and those little wieners wrapped in crescent rolls with a spicy, MSG-laden dipping sauce, guess which platter goes home empty?

Real Food Party Recipes for Potlucks

Party food success is a union of great taste and a pleasing appearance, and when you’re in the minority trying to avoid processed food, you have to speak the language of the majority.

The food has to be recognizable, first and foremost!

Speak the language of the majority: Party food success = great taste + pleasing appearance.

That’s why I bring a lot of dips to a potluck or volunteer to bring a salad to our family’s holiday parties – people know what they’re seeing and are more likely to try it.

I created this party food cookbook so you can reclaim real food at potlucks, and wave goodbye to junk!

Download the free e-cookbook with tried-and-true party recipes just for you.

All the recipes are simple, inexpensive real food goodies you can bring to parties and potlucks, and the eCookbook is my gift to you.

Tired of Unhealthy Choices at Every Social Gathering…

10 Real Food Party Recipes for Every Eater

…and tired of watching your kids eat junk?

I’m happy to be able to offer you this free ebook with:

  • 10 whole foods recipes that won’t break your budget
  • Well-tested appetizers, salads, and desserts that every guest will recognize and enjoy
  • Practical strategies for sharing healthy food with others
  • And the valuable secret to getting kids to eat real food in the face of a rich buffet spread…

Real Food

Make food free of industrial oils, sugars, and refined flours. Free of MSG, food coloring and weird chemicals.

serving plate icon

Everyone will recognize these dips, brownies and drinks, and you’ll recognize the ingredients.

cookbook icon

Mouthwatering Photos

37 pages, including a salad, appetizer, and crackers; 3 dips, 3 drinks, 1 dessert and 5 bonus supporting recipes for a total of 15 new recipes!

I also have a secret strategy for getting your own kids to choose the right foods when faced with a party buffet of junk food – page one in the free download, don’t miss it!

What’s your go-to dish to pass when you’re invited to a party? Do you try to bring REAL food?
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3 thoughts on “Tired of Unhealthy Choices at Every Social Gathering?”

  1. Thanks! This was just in time for me – I was wondering what to bring to a appetizer meal Christmas Eve family get together and was hoping to bring a few things that were better options. I ended up bringing your Avocado dip and it was great!

  2. A vegetable tray is my ‘go to’ to take to gatherings. There are veg choices and options for healthy dips to keep it fresh. This was I know there is always good and filling food available.

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