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Magimix Product Review: Is a Big Mondo Food Processor Better Than a Less Expensive One?

Magimix by Robot Coupe 4200 XL Food Processor White

I’m trapped in this interesting world between my staunchly frugal nature, the urge to buy the best-sourced food possible (which means paying more and more on the food budget all the time) and a world of gadgets and natural living products that should make the TIME aspect of the real food life easier but always impact the budget portion in a serious way.

I’ve been fortunate enough in my job here at KS to review big-ticket items like a Nutrimill grain mill, Excalibur food dehydrator, and Blendtec high-powered blender . I get the items por nada as review samples (but I do work for them, don’t worry!). My question as I’m using them is always the same:

Sure, this is a great appliance and handy to have around…but is it worth the 5-10x price upgrade over an inexpensive brand or size?

Some of these items cost as much, or about half as much, as many families spend on food for an entire month! They’re equal to a major automotive repair or a brand-new grill or even entire oven – a small appliance that costs as much as a large appliance.

For some, the purchase is 100% worth it – they use the item as much as their stove, they truly can’t do a process without it, or preserving food by dehydrating or grinding grains saves enough over a few years to pay for the machine.

Today’s review item is definitely in this “big-ticket” category: it’s a very expensive food processor. The Magimix by Robot-Coupe

Because of my power ball recipe (like a homemade Larabar) in my Healthy Snacks to Go eBook, people often ask me what kind of food processor I use. My answer was always that I had just borrowed my mom’s old 7-cup Cuisinart. I guessed it was about a $50 machine, although I see now that’s it’s of about a $100-150 model on Amazon (surprise! It felt small and inexpensive!).

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The Cuisinart did everything I needed for a while:

  • handled quadruple batches of the aforementioned power balls
  • pureed batter for black bean brownies
  • shredded cheese in bulk
  • sliced potatoes for various recipes
  • shredded zucchini for freezing
  • plus more random tasks from time to time…

But its size started to drag me down as our family grew – I wanted to make double batches of the brownies without egg and oil oozing out the top all over the machine, and I wanted to make a double batch of these chickpea wraps without having to juggle back and forth single batches because the food processor just couldn’t fit it all in.

I went on the hunt for a larger size, unsure of what I would find or price ranges.

I had seen the Magimix by Robot Coupe on other blogs and looked into it.

The Magimix stats are pretty impressive:

  • Comes with 3 bowls (I thought that was unique!) – 6-cup, 12-cup and 14-cup
  • 2 metal Sabatier blades, one for small bowl, and one for medium and large bowls.
  • Dough blade
  • 2 grating discs
  • 2 slicing discs
  • Egg whisk
  • Spatula
  • Storage box
  • 30-year warranty on the motor (amazing for this day and age!) Details here.

I was thrilled to get a review sample. The others I was looking at in 10-14 cup capacity were all under $80 and still included slicing and shredding blades, so I had incredibly high expectations for this machine.

Katie’s Test Kitchen

Magimix Food Processor arrives

The idea behind the 3 bowls, according to the literature from the company, is that you can move from one task to the next without washing the food processor bowl.

There are two problems with this:
  1. You have more dishes at the end of the night.
  2. If you only want to do something small and use the little bowl, or even the medium-sized bowl, both of them still require the larger bowl to function – they sit right inside it and all use the same lid. That would be fine if food didn’t splash or spray out of the smaller bowls and into the larger one, every single time. That was a big problem in my book – more dishes!

Strike one.

None of the food processors I was looking at would fit under my cupboards when put together like the 7-cup could, which was a bummer. (My cupboards are a bit lower than standard height.) The Magimix by Robot Coupe was no different here. I store it at the end of my counter between the fridge and the wall where I have a little sort of “hidden” place that you can’t see unless you’re right there. It fits my grain mill, Blendtec and food processor since all 3 are very heavy and cumbersome and would never fit in a cupboard (and if it did, I’d never want to take the time to extract it to use it!).

The new food processor does okay there, but honestly, there are SO many parts and bowls that it gets messy (and confusing for my husband, who can’t remember the special way I store it with the lid upside down and the pusher inside the lid – so that it fits under the cupboard). The extra “storage box” is large, probably about 12×8 inches, so I had to clear half a shelf in a cupboard just to fit it. It holds the blades (only) not any of the bowls or anything else. I did ask for a bigger model…but just fair warning if you’re used to everything fitting in a certain place.

Not exactly strike two, but nothing that made me happy to report about.

I was really looking forward to the extra French fry blade the most, since that was something I already made that took forever to cut for our growing family. It was VERY fast to make French fries in the Magimix by Robot Coupe, but…

Sweet Potato Fries in the Magimix Food Processor

…they were so thin. And had many imperfections like those teeny tiny pieces you see in the photo. And they got into two bowls instead of just one, since you’re supposed to use the mid-sized bowl for all slicing, shredding attachment work. On the other hand, I still used the julienne disc just the other day for French fries, the benefit being that they cook a little faster and are still tasty when they’re tiny like this (deficit = sweet potato fries go from not-quite-done to black in 30 seconds when they’re this thin, but sweet potato fries are always a little volatile in the hot grease anyway. Better to bake those!

I’ve been frustrated by the shredding cheese, too – either you use the middle bowl like you’re supposed to and still make a mess of the big bowl (and have to empty it more often) OR you just use the big bowl, and you get a few large slices of cheese that sneak out between the slicing blade and the container, right into the shreds.

I think my husband would quote me as saying something like: “Why could my old cheap food processor handle shredding cheese without so much help from me?” If a machine is going to cost so much, it better be not only better than the $80-100 machines but practically perfect in every way. My standards are high when the price points are that high.

Sweet Potato Fries in the Magimix Food Processor

As for the French fries, they had the same sad problem with large pieces sneaking through and/or tiny shreds making messes…and then I learned that I had been sent the julienne blade instead because the French fry blade was discontinued. Very sad!

Strike two.

I’ll admit I haven’t tried the dough blade. In a mostly GF household, there’s just no need. I always used my KitchenAid dough hook when I made bread regularly years ago, so since I have that machine, this would just be redundant anyway. I also haven’t tried the egg whisking attachment. Again…just no real need popping up.

If you have those needs and no appliance to help you out with it, maybe this IS the machine for you. But I just wanted to do what I was already doing with a food processor, maybe a bit more, in a more efficient way and larger batches.

I was totally looking forward to that massive opening, thinking, “Yessss! I can shred the 24-ounce blocks of cheese I buy without even cutting them into smaller pieces!”

Even that didn’t come to pass, since when you’re using the larger mouth (there are two ways to insert food into the shredding/slicing blades, one average and one huge), you have to have the pushing attachment at least halfway down before the machine will turn on. It’s a safety feature…and that’s great for your fingers…but it meant just as much cutting the cheese as with my 7-cupper. There’s only about 2-3 inches headroom when the pusher is down far enough, so the super wide mouth is far, far less helpful than I expected since food pieces still can’t be big overall, just wide (and short).

Strike three?

Other Thoughts on the Magimix Food Processor

Am I being too hard on this machine? I’m not sure. Here are the other things I tried and have had mixed results with:

  • power balls and these almond power bars, of course. It does fine…but other than fitting more in, I can’t say the processor is faster than my old one. You can see the food processor in person (on live TV!) in this news segment I did in September. Fun!
  • double batch of black bean brownies! Hooray!!
  • making Caesar dressing in a triple batch – in my 7-cupper, I’d mince the garlic first, then finish the recipe. The large bowl was too big (I guess) to mince garlic, and the small bowl too small for a triple batch. Disappointing at best, since the mini food processing attachment that came with my immersion blender 12 years ago can mince garlic for me and fit in the dishwasher in a space the size of a drinking glass.
  • Note: It’s really, really heavy. You almost have to store it on the counter, FYI.
  • Another note: The blade is so sharp, it cuts spatulas as you’re trying to scrape the food out of the bowl. Yikes – tiny pieces of silicon in my food!
  • The food processor comes with a 30-year motor guarantee and 3-year parts guarantee, which is pretty awesome in this day and age. That alone might be a deciding factor for some of you who have burned out one too many appliances! 😉
Magimix Food Processor arrives

The Bottom Line Review

I come back to the bottom line for a reason – because cost and budget are really the big questions here.

Of course the Magimix by Robot-Coupe is a great machine. Of course it does the job well (most of the time). But for the cost…is it worth the bottom line?

Well…I’ll let you make your own decision on that based on your budget and needs. The processor does have some other extras like a citrus press and a juice extractor, and the dough blade would come in very handy for those without a stand mixer, so if you need anything like that, double duty is always a good thing! I wouldn’t want to be in a kitchen without a food processor now that I’ve gotten used to having one. I love the function of it – but I’m not going to say that this is the best or only one you should buy…

What do you think? Is the price tag worth it?

Disclosure: I received products for my review at no charge, which of course did not affect my opinion in the least. This is not a paid giveaway, but the prize is provided by Magimix by Robot – Coupe. See my full advertising disclosure here.

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21 thoughts on “Magimix Product Review: Is a Big Mondo Food Processor Better Than a Less Expensive One?”

  1. Panache Kitchen & Bar

    I use three magimix food processors of the largest size in a professional kitchen where I prepare gourmet food that is always made of fresh local ingredients. We do not work with any processed ingredients and make all sauces, soups and everything else ourselves. I cannot say enough about the fantastic quality of these Magimix machines. When I need to squeeze 15 lemons to prepare hummus I cannot do it faster than with the Magimix with the citrus juice attachment. When I make mayonnaise I choose the Magimix – it is the easiest, the fastest and the most reliable. Pumpkin soup – with the gray ring inside the bowl (I forgot what it is called) the soup becomes as velvety as in a vertical blender – except that I can process more than 2 liter at once which is great. I can go on an on. These machines are so much better than Kitchenaid, Breville or Kenwood, that I will never purchase anything else.

    1. Susan from Kitchen Stewardship

      Thank you for sharing your experience, and I’m so happy that you have found a food processor that works well for your needs.

  2. Margaret Tyalor

    I had a Magimix food processor for 30 years and loved it …it worked for me! I made cashew paste regularly scones, soups and all manner of slicing and grating. However I was unable to replace the large bowl which finally broke where the mechanism turns the machine on:( I have bought a new one and am still mastering it! There does seem to be more bits and pieces. I just made pesto using macadamias instead of pine nuts and thought I could use the midi bowl… I ve discovered it is for grating and slicing. I still love my machine but I need to adjust to the new model. I am hoping this one might outlast me!

    1. Carolyn @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Thanks for sharing your experience Margaret! I’m so glad this blender is working out well for you.

  3. I thought it would help others our experience of our magimix cuisine system. Ours was a Christmas present in 1994. It is used regularly to make Mary Berry short pastry, Yorkshire’s, slicing veggies and other cooking jobs. It’s still going strong has had no maintenance apart from cleaning. Long term durability has been great operation has been splendid and do I need to say anything about value for money, no.

    1. Carolyn @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Thanks for sharing your experience! That’s awesome yours has served you so well for so long!

  4. Sadie Taylor

    Well. I have had a Magimix for just 6 years and bits of plastic are already falling off. There are chips on the bowl and I fear the plastic ‘on’ mechanism, made of plastic, will go. I am not at all impressed after 30 years of using my mother’s Kenwood. I which I had stuck with that brand because it was so sturdy and a inexhaustible work horse. I’m not at all impressed with the Magimix Food Pricessor as compared and I agree about the use of nesting bowls – they overflow and effectively make double the work clearing up. I use a processor for so many things – yesterday it fails to process roaster sesame seeds for Tahini. Hopeless. I can’t give it away – it wouldn’t be fair on the person who received it. Kenwood I think I’m going to have a look at you. Sorry Magimix, I really can’t give you a good review.

    1. Carolyn @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Thanks for sharing your experience Sadie, it’s too bad the Magimix didn’t work out for you. I’ve observed that older appliances seem to last much longer than the newer, modern ones, but I hope you’re able to find something that lasts! It’s so frustrating to invest in something and have it be lesser quality than expected.

  5. Rosa Grigsby

    I would make my top pie recipes and homemade dishes. This one would be used daily for sure to make my cooking easier.

  6. I somehow can’t make the plunge to a food processor. We own a very good set of knives. I think the time that I would save with a food processor is made up for by how quickly my knives clean up. We do use a little salad shooter for shredding, though.

    1. Elizabeth,
      For me, it came down to some recipes that really couldn’t be made otherwise – things with pureed beans, date-and-nut bars that just gummed up the blender something fierce and took so much mashing down that a single small batch wasn’t worth it, and then shredding things, not only cheese but zucchini and veggies for potato pancakes. I shred a full gallon bag of cheese at once in about 5 minutes. 🙂 The only time I really bother to drag it out (and clean it up, you’re dead on) for chopping veggies is when I’m doing a HUGE batch of salsa or if I’m making a dish that needs to be pureed anyway, and then I’ll let the fp chop my onions or whatever. And slicing potatoes, it’s really fast at that, even compared to a mandolin, which is what I used to use but it started breaking anyway.

      Anyway…I definitely don’t think every home needs one, but those are the reasons I (now) couldn’t live without mine. 🙂 Katie

      1. I hear you. What’s important for one kitchen isn’t as important for others.

        I do a lot of food processor type jobs with my Vitamix, as well.

        Now that we’re doing once-a-month cooking, I may change my mind soon. It would be nice to have for those big cooking days.

  7. What a timely review. Thanks, Katie. You guys are lucky it only cost you $350. Here in Australia, it cost over $750AUD. (Even, if you convert $350 USD to AUD it should be under $400). *Sigh*.

  8. I’ve owned the Breville Sous Chef since it firt came out about three years ago. I really wanted a 16-c, which narrowed down the choices. I also looked at the Magimix at Williams-Sonoma, but it went on back-order for six weeks when I was ready to order one. I also had reservations about some of the fussiness with how the bowls fit together (I watched the video on W-S Web site several times. I even went to a W-S store to watch a in-store demo, but I got to the store too late for them to run it for me). I didn’t want to wait, so I bought the Breville.

    I had already bought – and returned – the top of the line KitchenAid and Cuisinart models. I had gone to stores and picked things apart to see how easy they were to do so and put them back together, but sometimes only in the use can you find what you really like.

    I have mixed feelings about the Breville, a brand I like (I have their Smart oven and immersion blender).

    1. It’s heavy duty and has some some nice features like the s-blade in the large bowl usually doesn’t tip out when you pour something out of the bowl; it somehow clings to the prong that the blade sits on (not sure what this part is called). I think this feature also helps prevent leaks. I had read on an Amazon review to be sure that this part is high so it won’t leak when blending liquids. The Breville hasn’t leaked on me yet.

    2. The seal imbedded in the top really does work, and food doesn’t sneak under it as the happened to me on the second use w/the then top-of-the-line KitchenAid. What a mess cleaning up the counter from the buzzed raw cacao paste that blew out all all over the counter when using that KitchenAid.

    3. There’s a timer, so you can turn on the unit and leave it on for I think 10 straight minutes.

    4. There’s a safety feature where if you don’t have the top set and clicked in place, the unit won’t start. It will also turn off automatically if you run it too long (to prevent fires from overheating).

    5. The cord is retractable.

    6. Nice blade storage box that is well-designed and every piece is labeled as to what it is for. Kudos to them for this. It does take up space, so I keep it in the garage.

    7. Nice blade choices. There is a French-fry blade which really works (be sure to cut the rounded edges off the spud so you don’t end up with small bits of potato). I haven’t used the dough hook or whip because I haven’t made bread in a while, and I use a powerful hand-mixer that I bought for $10 on eBay when I need to whip things.

    8. The 16-c bowl is really roomy. It has measurements printed on the side (I think in metric; I’m not at home, so I can’t check). Some may find this a plus; I’m not one of them.

    9. I bought mine from Sur la Table. They very occasionally offer the Breville on sale (no coupons). Another reason I bought the Breville from them is because SLT has a very generous return policy (even if you buy on-line, which I did to get triple points on my credit card). I knew if I didn’t like it, I could always return it to a local store and get the Magimix. Can’t speak highly enough of SLT.

    10. I don’t have the strongest of fingers, but I manage to unlock the top with one hand. I liked the KitchenAid’s easier snap on and off top.

    11. The tube feeder plunger is in two parts that fit into each other in an easy-to-use way so that you can either cut up things and put them in the feed tube or lift up the whole feed tube to be able to feed a small Russet potato on its side w/o having to cut it up. It’s probably the best designed version that I had seen.

    12. Cook’s Illustrated highly recommends this unit except for the price.


    1. I had watched the product video on Breville’s Web site and was thrilled that the s-blade for the large bowl was a double s. I find that food processors just spin the food around, so you have to stop and scrape down the bowl more than I’d like. I was disappointed when I opened the box to find that the blade was only single. I called Breville and was told the double is only in the 220-volt machines because they can handle it. That blade was awesome. Ugh.

    2. There’s an open space on the outside of the work bowl handle that can get food and water in it. I’ve no idea what purpose hole except to gather food – rarely happens because I’m very careful knowing if the food gets in there, it might just be there a while. The Breville engineer in the video I watched was very thoughtful in the features they designed into this unit, so this one baffles me.

    3. The specialty blades can only be used with the large bowl. Sometimes I’d like to julienne small amounts of food. The s-blade for the small is definitely useful, but it’s limited by not being able to use those other blades. Be sure not to overfill the small bowl if you are processing something like chunks of hard cheese. I found out the hard way, but SLT was astoundingly generous in that they replaced the entire processor, not just the now-broken small s-blade. They offered; I didn’t ask. Note: They have since changed their return policy to I think 30 days from purchase. Still reasonable.

    4. It’s very heavy but rock-solid. That’s a pro in that in won’t jump around your counter, but it’s not good if you have to lift it a lot. I leave it on my counter, but I also workout regularly.

    5. Put together it barely fits under my upper cabinet, with maybe 1/4″ to spare.

    6. Dishwasher cleaning for the top isn’t recommended because of the rubber gasket (non-removable). I hand-wash mine, but the thing has what seems to me to be more nooks and crannies to clean than is warranted. I complained to Breville about this.

    7. It’s pricey.

  9. Is there a food processor out there that anyone WOULD recommend?? I have found the same thing, that the cheaper, older model that needs to be replaced does a much better job of things, especially the function of shredding cheese. If someone could recommend one that that use like their right arm in the kitchen, I would be so grateful!!

  10. Your thoughts on this food processor sound like my thoughts on my Vitamix. My Vitamix was a gift, otherwise I probably would have returned it for something else. Such an expensive machine, I expect it to milk the cow before it makes the butter. 😉 Seriously though, as underwhelming as the food processor sounds, I think it can’t be any worse than my Vitamix and it might just fill in the gaps of my kitchen gadget woes.

  11. i would love it if people who own the Breville Sous Chef food processor would weigh in- i have been eyeing that baby for a looong time. it has a similar price tag (on sale) but also boasts adjustable slicing disk- meaning you can having paper thin or very thick slices. same french fry complaints i think, though.

    1. I do own the Breville Sous Chef. Like you, I was eyeing it up for almost a year. After reading all the reviews all over the internet, I decided to take the plunge. My 40 year old food processor had started to fall apart. Plastic was falling into my food. I did get a decent deal with 20% off plus free shipping plus no tax. I love it. Is it that much better than every other food processor? I don’t know. Mine was very, very old so while it was a good processor, it did not have all the bells and whistles of the new ones. I was unhappy with the small bowl and the way stuff would fly around into the large bowl. Then I read about someone putting plastic wrap over the small bowl and that contained the mess. Great idea and it works. I love the container with all the blades. I store the large blade in the bowl and the small bowl elsewhere. Honestly, I hardly use it. I never use the dough blade as I cook grain free so no bread for me. Mostly I use the large bowl with the blade, the slicer, which is great and easily adjustable, and the shredder. I am not sorry I bought this as I do not have a kitchenaid mixer so this is my mixer. It is plenty large like my old one which was 16 cups. It is super easy to clean. I hand wash everything but I am sure you can put it in a dishwasher. There is not a moment that I am sorry I bought it. It’s not perfect but none of them are. I have a tiny galley kitchen so space is at a premium. My Breville Sous Chef and Vitamix take center stage. I do have a great Cuisinart hand mixer that works for when the others don’t. Could I have gotten by with a cheaper one? Probably. But I have so few kitchen appliances. I want what will work and last for me. Everyone has to decide for themselves what that is. I think anyone who would get a Magimix would be very happy. Some lucky person will be happy. Oh, the French fry cutter, it seems they are all the same. Not the best.

  12. Based on your review, I don’t know that I would spend that much on this food processor. But since I currently don’t have a food processor at all, I hope I win! 🙂

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