Top 10 Healthy Living Posts of 2013

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It’s cliché, I know…I’m just following the crowd. (‘Cause I’m such a big follower and all…)

It is kind of fun to look back and see the posts that have taken hold over the past year. I wish I had kept track of the most controversial or discussed posts based on number of comments (that stat is hard to track down at this point, darn!). That would be even more interesting…

But as we’re getting ready to turn the calendar and get back into the regular swing of things, a look back at 2013 here at Kitchen Stewardship:

garlic for parasite infection

How to do a Parasite Cleanse 

How to Get Rid of Wasps Naturally

Natural Wasp Spray

Garlic Mullein Ear Oil to Relieve Earaches even in Children via Kitchen Stewardship

Natural Remedy to Heal an Ear Ache 

natural treatment for pneumonia

Home Remedies to Treat Pneumonia without Antibiotics

This would probably be a good point to say that I’m not a doctor, nurse, or trained medical professional…just another mom with some experience to share. Consult your doctor before doing anything you might read about on the Internet, especially here…

This might also be a good time to point out that I’m actually mostly a food blogger…but the natural health posts resonate, I guess!

Easy Gluten-free Pumpkin Muffins

Gluten-free Pumpkin Muffins

What Does a Real Foodie Buy at Costco

What does a Real Foodie Buy at…Costco?

Lemon Wedge in my Water? Not Anymore!

how to use leftover pumpkin puree

20 Ways to Use a Random Half Cup of Pumpkin

Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth daily

10 Reasons I Drink Bone Broth

croup cough natural treatments

Natural Remedies for Croup

One of my goals in 2014 is to improve my photography and make more pinnable pictures (wish me luck!). I have about 15 more, but we’ll talk about those later.

For now, I’m gearing up for a great January, planning a healthy living Pinterest party for you, and trying to figure out just how to share the beauty of real food with everyone who decides it’s time to turn the tables on the gluttony of November/December and get back on the healthy eating wagon.

Any ideas, any requests for topics, any stories about food you want to tell…go for it, friends. The comments are yours for the taking. Winking smile

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    We started our journey to more healthful, natural living last year. We started small, switching to real butter from margarine and then switching to raw milk and finally making our lard for cooking-and no, I didn’t gain a pound. :-)

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