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In-Season Recipe Connection: Grilled Pizza (Sourdough Option)

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A confession: Although “Fire!” was my first thought, “I should take a picture,” was a close second, just slightly preceding, “Put it out!”

But don’t let that scare you.

There are still a few weeks left of grilling season, in my opinion, and if you’ve never grilled a pizza – let me tell you – it’s marvelous. Not only do you get to avoid roasting your house with the oven on a hot day, but if you love the brick oven style pizza that you can only get at a restaurant, this is as close as you can get at home…without a brick oven in your backyard.

grilled pizza (10)

I learned to grill pizza last year from The Happy Housewife, who also had some lovely burnt pizza crust photos on the grill. Take it from us; essential pizza grilling tips:

  • Thin-ish crusts, but not too thin
  • Keep a close eye on it and follow timing directions
  • Small pizzas for flipability
  • A thin coat of oil

I have had great success following her directions for pizza on the grill exactly, along with the recipe. The only note I made on the recipe card was “Not too thin!!” after this year’s fiasco dinner.

Sourdough Pizza on the Grill

This year I tried Sarah’s sourdough pizza recipe on the grill, and I can only imagine it would work wonderfully if I didn’t roll it out too thinly. Happy Housewife’s recipe makes six smallish pizzas, so I stretched the sourdough recipe to make four instead of its usual two.

I rolled them out like I do homemade crackers. Crackers! Who rolls pizza dough out as thinly as crackers?! Pshaw. That was not smart. Do not do that.

I like to roll onto something flat, like a cutting board, pizza stone, or silicone baking mat.

We fit two on our grill, side by side. There’s not really an easy way to get them on. Just commit, grab, and flop. Two hands is a good idea. (Although I see someone brilliant commented at the Happy Housewife that you can freeze the rolled out dough 10 minutes and then simply place it on the grill. If only I had room in my freezer for a game like that!)

Grill about 3 minutes on medium with the lid closed. Sometimes you might have to sing the ABCs two or three times if you don’t have a clock nearby. Just stay near the grill!

grilled pizza (3)

Brush oil on the top side, then flip. We like to use two spatulas and a prayer to flip the things.

grilled pizza (6)

Yes, fast is helpful!

Top the pizzas after another 1-3 minutes on the grill. It’s important to have your toppings ready to go before you put the dough on to pre-cook.

grilled pizza (7)
grilled pizza (8)

No need to load it down too much. You may have to work around holes in the dough approximately the size of a small goat, especially if you roll the dough out like crackers. (Don’t do that!) If you plan to take pictures of your meal, the chances of it looking aesthetically pleasing plummet. Just so you know.

If the crust has more holes than crust, it’s also possible to finish it up right on a baking stone on the grill. Whether you are able to put your pizza directly on the grate or need to use the stone, simply grill on low until melted. It will take longer on the baking stone, but the chances of your dinner falling through the grate dramatically decrease.

Mexican variation: If you have some leftover refried beans around, you can use them instead of sauce, top with peppers, onions, tomatoes (or just salsa) and Mexican cheese, and you’ve got yourself a gourmet pizza to drool over.

pizza on the grill Mexican

This photo is last year’s version. Notice the marked lack of burnt holes? That’s because I didn’t roll out the dough like crackers.

grilled pizza (9)

You can also knock off the black parts from the hottest part of your grill that always flares up a bit, and the rest still tastes like summertime in an Italian neighborhood.

I know you want to see this picture (below), don’t you? Just imagine it on the top left of the grill with flames shooting up and Katie shrieking and wondering if she could grab the camera in time…

burnt grilled pizza

If you’re up for a culinary adventure, and it’s hot where you live, you’ll love this challenge meal. Pinky swear.

Find the crust recipes here and here. I would add the fresh garlic and Italian seasoning from the Happy Housewife into the sourdough, or at least with the toppings if you forget.

Brick Oven Style Grilled Pizza - easy tips and simple pizza dough recipes - sourdough, too!

No sourdough starter? I’ve demonstrated my method: How to Make a Sourdough Starter, and you also might be interested in the sourdough eCourse I work with, especially if you are the type of person who likes to see a demonstration and have some hand holding. “Pay What You Can” makes it possible to pick and choose your classes!

Is pizza a healthy food? Figure out using The List: What to Eat, What to Avoid, How to Compromise, one of the summer’s popular posts.

See my full disclosure statement here.

Unless otherwise credited, photos are owned by the author or used with a license from Canva or Deposit Photos.

11 thoughts on “In-Season Recipe Connection: Grilled Pizza (Sourdough Option)”

  1. My SIL and BIL grill pizzas all the time. They use a wooden pizza board with a long handle to get it onto the grill. I believe they first roll/stretch it out on a floured pastry cloth and flip it onto the board that has been sprinkled with cornmeal. Then it slides right off onto the grill. I do not have one of those fancy boards so I do the same thing with a cookie sheet that only has one lip. The key is an oiled grill and cornmeal to make it slide off the board or cookie sheet.

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  4. I included this post in my linky love! I cannot wait to try this 😀
    .-= Kris´s last blog ..For snack carrot salad and some linky love! =-.

  5. I’ve done this for years with a recipe by Abby Mandel. Make your pizza crusts, stack them with waxed paper between them. Cook on one side until the top starts to look just a bit dry, remove, brush with herb oil, place your fillings on there (should be precooked if meat, some veggies), put back on grill until cheese melts.
    Make herb oil by chopping fresh basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme – whatever you like, some minced garlic is nice too. Try to do this an hour or more before you need to use it, to give it a chance to infuse.

    I think the most people I ever did this for was about ten. I’ve made just the pizza crust as a grilled bread for larger groups – in that case, it’s nice to mix some mixed rosemary or other herbs right in with the dough, brush or not with the herb oil, as you like.

  6. Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

    This is so cool! I was just wondering if you could grill sourdough pizza crust on the grill…and now I see that you can!
    .-= Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen´s last blog ..Homemade Condiments- Mayo- Ketchup and Cranberry BBQ Sauce =-.

  7. The Happy Housewife

    This brought back memories of my first attempt at grilled pizza! Lots of black! I can’t believe you ate it. We tossed my first batch, but since then we have made it successfully every time… of course we don’t roll it as thin as crackers 😉
    .-= The Happy Housewife´s last blog ..Restaurantcom 80 off Sale =-.

  8. I use a recipe that I got from “The Tightwad Gazette” years ago, but this summer was the first time I tried it on the grill. I divided the dough into 6 balls and stretched them out to about 6 inches and then oiled both sides and put them on the preheated gas grill which I turned down to low. After cooking the first side I would flip them over and add toppings so that the cheese had time to melt while the bottom was cooking. Worked great!

  9. when we grill pizza we grill it on one side and then flip it (cooked side up) onto a baking sheet add toppings and then put it back on the grill (raw side down)… it gives the toppings more time to melt and the bottom less opportunity to burn…. we make them individual size- easier to handle AND everyone makes tops their own- always fun and a big hit with a crowd!

  10. I have never grilled a pizza, but now that I’ve seen yours I now know two things. #1. It is not that difficult. #2. Do NOT roll the dough out like crackers. Haha. Thanks for the inspiration.
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Top Secret Tuesday- Chicken Couscous with Something- Something- Something =-.

  11. We haven’t had trouble with burning our grilled pizza, but I’m not sure if it was due to the recipe or our wonderful Weber Q. 😉

    We’ve also tried using a grill grid/plate (shown in the photos with my recipe) which we don’t need with our grill but it might be helpful for grills that are finicky. 😛 🙂

    Thanks for all the tips, Katie! 🙂 Your posts are always packed with info!! 🙂

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