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Is the Secret to Why You’re Tired and Overweight Too Much Water?

Drinking Water Is Making Me Fat And Tired

Get up. Shower. Get dressed. Put on makeup.

And fill my water bottle. That was me.

Then remind myself periodically throughout the day to take a drink. Refill and repeat. Keep track of how much I drink. Make sure I’m getting my eight glasses at a minimum.

Sound familiar?

At the same time I was getting up super early every day to have time to get things done, nursing a little one full time, exercising every day, running my own business and following the GAPS diet. All good things, right?

Not So Good.

I quickly became more and more fatigued. My weight started going up. And my body temperature (along with my metabolism) plummeted. As in I’m not even sure how I was functioning. At times my temperature was 92 or 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Some evenings I could barely walk up the stairs carrying my son because my muscles were so weak.

I thought I was doing all the “right” things. But my health was quickly declining. Something had to give. But what?

I did two simple things to turn it around.
  1. Stop eating grain free/ditch the GAPS diet.
  2. Stop drinking so much water.

Wait, what? Adding grains and drinking less water made me healthier? You bet! And I’ve never looked back.

Be Healthy To Eat Healthy.

The thing is you have to be healthy to eat healthy. Confused yet?

The majority of our society is not healthy. Whether you are eating a standard American diet full of processed foods or living a fast-paced life full of stress or simply not getting enough sleep it has a big impact on how you feel and function. Yes, even spending all your time making homemade food and caring for your family can leave you exhausted and unhealthy.

With that comes poor metabolic health, poor adrenal health, imbalanced hormones and overall inflammation in the body.

In turn digestion is impaired – which means all of those healthy foods are actually harder to digest and your body struggles to absorb the vitamins and minerals you are getting. I often joke that I’d eat a Paleo diet if I was healthy enough for it. But years of not taking care of myself properly have left me with a long uphill battle to full health. Ever since doing GAPS I can’t eat a single nut or seed without extreme pain. No fibrous fruits or veggies. No beans. It stinks.

Drinking Water Is Making Me Fat And Tired


But back to my second point – water.

One of the best things I ever did for my health was to stop drinking so much water.

When you are in a run-down state drinking water will just make it worse. It will actually flush out the few vitamins and minerals you are getting. It leaves you more dehydrated than ever.

Did you know there really is no science behind the whole eight glasses theory?

It’s kind of arbitrary. And silly if you ask me. We all have unique bodies with different needs. How can Joe, Fred and Tina all need the same amount of water (even if you use the ?

They can’t.

The whole “drink before you feel thirsty” idea – nonsense. God is a pretty good designer. He created our bodies to know when they need fluids. If you are thirsty, take a drink. If you’re not, don’t. It’s quite simple. Kind of like the whole “if you are hungry try drinking water first because you might actually be thirsty” thing. No, if you’re hungry, eat.

As you get healthier you will be able to tolerate more water. And you will probably need more water. But if your metabolism and adrenals are not running at full speed, forcing yourself to drink water will only make things worse.

The Sloth.

Take for example the sloth. The mammal with the slowest metabolism. It sleeps about fifteen hours a day (slow metabolism = low energy). The rest of the time it eats. And it moves very slowly. Get this… it does not drink ANY water. NONE. (In case you’re wondering I just happened to finish studying sloths with my eight year old a week ago.)

A sloth gets enough water to support its metabolism just from the fruits and vegetables it eats. Because it doesn’t need that much!

Guess what? If your metabolism is running really slowly you can too. Check out how much water is in one zucchini. If you are eating your fruits and veggies every day you are already getting a lot of water in your diet.

Drinking Water Is Making Me Fat And Tired

Want To Know Another Secret?

Your urine should not be clear. For real. It should have a some color to it. And you shouldn’t have to use the bathroom every 1 – 2 hours. It goes back to that whole flushing out your vitamins and minerals thing. If you’re in the bathroom all the time with clear urine you’re drinking too much water. And you’re not doing yourself any favors.

My eight-year old is a prime example of how you should listen to your body. She has been a mouth breather for many years. Which led to poor sleep. Which led to a lowered metabolism and lowered adrenal function. Yes, it can even happen to kids!

Can you guess what she rarely does?

Drink water.

She always reaches for a glass of raw milk if she is thirsty. She always has. I can give her a water bottle at the start of the day. By the end of the day she’s taken a few sips. When she was attending school (we’re venturing into home schooling this year) I’d send a water bottle each day. She’d come home with it totally full. But her milk was gone.

Drinking Water Is Making Me Fat And Tired

We’ve been doing orthodontic work for a year and a half now to help correct the mouth breathing. And her sleep and health are slowly improving. She can tolerate a little more water now. But she still prefers milk. And she still has a ways to go. We are still trying to get her body temp out of the 97’s.

My other two kids have dairy and nut allergies. They don’t use any kind of milk substitute. So they do get water in their cups. But I usually don’t just give plain water. I add unrefined sea salt full of minerals. Sometimes I add some herb drops. Other times I add molasses which is also packed with minerals.

But don’t our bodies need water?

Absolutely! But not 64 oz. of plain water every day. Here are some tips for staying hydrated without having to over think it.

  1. Drink when you are thirsty. Don’t when you’re not.
  2. Add salt to plain water to help your body absorb the fluids and minerals.
  3. Skip plain coffee and tea. They have the same effect as water. If you like to drink them add some salt and milk or sugar. Don’t forget coffee and tea do count towards your total fluid intake. But you’ll have to experiment since everyone tolerates them differently. Coffee and tea are diuretics, so they could cause problems for some. It’s best to stick to caffeine free.
  4. Drink raw milk, coconut milk, almond milk, etc. to quench thirst.
  5. Try molasses tonic or healing hot cocoa (I drink the molasses tonic every morning!).
  6. Drink homemade pink lemonade or a homemade electrolyte drink to quench thirst or rehydrate.
  7. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that your body tolerates. They naturally contain a lot of water.

The Weight Factor.

What does all of this have to do with gaining weight? Well, the more water you drink the more you lower an already damaged metabolism. The lower your metabolism the less energy you have. If your body can’t produce its own energy then it needs to get energy from somewhere else. And where is that?

You guessed it – food!

The lower your metabolism the more you need to eat to have enough energy to function.

In other words, the more water you chug, the more you’ll need to eat to compensate. And nine times out of ten you’re going to want to reach for something starchy and salty or sweet. Quick fuel is what a run down body craves.

Drinking Water Is Making Me Fat And Tired

Is This For Real?

Maybe you’re still not so sure about all this. Facts are great. But I think evidence is better.

In 2011 I had been through many rounds of fertility treatments, had been on the GAPS diet for a year, wasn’t getting enough sleep, was nursing a toddler – the list could go on.

My hormones were the same as those of a tweleve-year old girl (no exaggeration, I had them tested – no wonder I was infertile!). I had no energy. My body temperature was 92/93 degrees F. I had a host of food intolerances. My weight kept creeping up. I just felt rotten.

So I did a 24 hour saliva cortisol test. My cortisol was off the charts high in the morning. And then it was going up at bedtime instead of down. Basically my metabolism and adrenals were shot.

Now, five years later I have a two year old that was conceived naturally. At my last check up a few weeks ago my body temperature was 98.6 degrees F on the dot. I have a lot more energy and actually want to exercise instead of trying to force myself to do it. I can eat foods that I used to react to and my skin looks so much better than it used to.

Just to really see how I was doing I did another 24 hour saliva cortisol test. Now my morning levels are just barely out of the normal range and the rest of the day they are totally normal and follow the correct pattern.

In my doctor’s words: “This chart looks so much better. I wouldn’t worry about that morning level. It’s so close. Whatever you’ve been doing keep doing it!”

Drinking Water Is Making Me Fat And Tired

Keep It Simple.

Water is great. We all need some. But what we don’t need is to start the day guzzling a big glass and forcing more down the rest of the day. The healthier you are the more plain water you’ll be able to tolerate (you’ll likely notice an increase in thirst too as your body temperature rises!). And you’ll figure out how much your body needs. Not some arbitrary guideline. It changes every day!

Stay hydrated without forcing yourself to drink water. Set the water bottle aside. Instead keep an empty cup and some real salt on hand near the sink. When you feel thirsty, go ahead and get a drink.

Give it a try. You might be surprised by how much more energy you have and how much less hungry you are.

Do you have a set amount of water you drink every day or do you listen to your body?

Sources – more detailed information on the topic of water intake:

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50 thoughts on “Is the Secret to Why You’re Tired and Overweight Too Much Water?”

  1. Marcia Wilwerding

    The home health nurse told my father (77 years old) he was drinking too much fluid. His doctor had told him to drink 64 oz. of water a day, so Dad would fill his 32-oz. jug and chug it down all at once twice a day. She was horrified. She said it was very hard on his heart and kidneys to have to process all of that water at once. It was actually contributing to his excess mucus issues (he has COPD) and could have caused his congestive heart failure episode. He now drinks his water and other fluids one cup at a time and includes his coffee, milk, and juice in his 64 oz. limit.

  2. Melissa Jones

    Can you point me to something that talks about metabolism vs. body temp? For my young adult years, my “normal” was 97-ish and my metabolism was super high. Now that I’ve made it through my 30s and have broken 40, my “normal” temp is much closer to 98.6, but my metabolism is significantly slower. I’ve never been much of a water drinker, but ate watermelons like they were going out of style the summers I lived in the Middle East. It seems like your experience is the exact opposite of mine, so I wonder what I’m missing.

    1. Melissa, actually metabolism has nothing to do with your weight (I assume that’s what you mean by metabolism is worse now). It sounds to me like your metabolism is better now! Base it on how you feel – energy, digestion, skin, hair, hormone balance – those are much better indicators. It sounds like your body is effectively turning your food into energy!

      Technically metabolism is “the complex of physical and chemical processes occurring within a living cell or organism that are necessary for the maintenance of life. In metabolism some substances are broken down to yield energy for vital processes while other substances, necessary for life, are synthesized.”

      So it’s about your body converting food into energy, really. The better your body is at doing this the more heat (energy) it generates, the higher your temperature!

      It sounds like you have a great metabolism. If you are not happy with your weight try adjusting other factors – types of food, activity level, quality sleep and amount of stress.

      Here is some good info on what metabolism actually is and how it works.

  3. Geography matters too. It is silly to think that temperature and altitude do not effect metabolism and hydration, but we have to argue so hard with family who visits us because they just can’t believe that drinking water will help avoid altitude sickness! I grew up in Ohio where I am pretty sure I inhaled most of my water growing up. Moving to a low humidity area, I had to learn to stop for water throughout the day and my kids drink way more than I did as a child.

    Anyway, I am curious as to why you say to lower water intake rather than increase salt intake. What you are describing is the dilution of body salts, right? When people switch to cooking at home, salt intake plummets if they were eating processed foods. Most of us don’t realize how much salt was in our food before we started cooking from scratch. So if you are not accustomed to salting your food, or even avoid it, you may have to learn too. I had results similar to yours, but I was taking salt supplements, not decreasing water. Now I know how to use salt properly, my food tastes better, and I don’t get so cold! I can’t believe I felt bad for so long when the fix was so simple. So, if someone is reading this and lives at altitude or in low humidity where you need the fluid, adding more salt may be the thing to try before cutting hydration.

    1. I am sure location makes a difference, Beth! Thanks for your note.

      Yes, one of the biggest aspects is the salt. I add piles of real salt to everything I eat. And still have to keep my water intake pretty low to feel good. I salt my bananas. I salt my muffins. I add salt to smoothies. I salt all drinks. I salt pie. I salt ice cream. Everything. Every body is different. This is more about those that are forcing themselves to drink glass after glass in the name of health when in fact it’s making them feel rotten.

  4. Hi Mary! How much Real Salt would you add to your coffee? Just a sprinkling? And with each cup?

    1. Stacy,

      It’s really up to you. Start with a sprinkle and see how it tastes/how you feel. I personally add a pretty liberal amount to my drinks. The more your body needs the more it will tolerate. So what tastes really salty to one person (that is healthy) may not taste salty at all to someone else (that really needs it).

      1. Well, that makes sense. Because I am VERY liberal with salt and my husband thinks I make everything too salty. Thanks, Mary!

  5. Hi Mary, I’m glad that you have found what works for you and that you are feeling better. It sounds like you were very sick!

    As others have pointed out, this could be misleading to those who are on different stages of their health journey. There is also “a lot of science” behind drinking even more water, and benefits of the GAPS diet.

    Personally, we had a very positive experience with GAPS. Our toddler was showing fussy tendancies, possibly due to circumstances out of our control – I was unable to exclusively breastfeed, and he was given 2 doses of antibiotics while in hospital. GAPS reset his gut bacteria, and he’s a happy healthy chubby eating machine today.

    Regarding your daughter and not drinking much water – our son was a mouth breather until we cut out dairy. Now he is a nose breather, and drinks like a fish. I never have to remind or promt him to drink water, and at not-quite-two, he has no clue about any science to support that!

    Listening to your body is great, but we also have to make sure it is what our body actually needs and not just what the bad bugs are craving!

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We are all on a journey, and it’s nice to read another perspective. God bless you!

    1. I have nothing against the GAPS diet at all, Alissa!! I just said it didn’t work for me because I had not pinpointed the correct root issue for my poor health. GAPS was not what I needed. I am actually working on a project right now with a fellow blogger that is dedicated to 100% GAPS! It can be very helpful. I’m glad it worked for you.

      Interesting note about the dairy!

  6. This is a great post. I don’t feel drawn to drinking a lot of water, but have noticed that I want raw milk or a homemade electrolyte drink when I’m thirsty.

    I had similar results on the GAPS diet; I really don’t think it’s all that it’s cracked up to be. I’m so tired of hearing about grain-free and gluten-free on traditional health blogs. God created grains and it just makes sense that we should eat them (properly prepared and in a good balance with other foods, of course).

  7. It definitely pays to listen to your own body. Good for you for sharing, what no doubt is a little eyebrow raising for some!What works for some doesn’t work for others.

    What I know about grains, I don’t think they’re good for anybody but as far as water intake, I tend to agree with you. I’ve only ever drunk water according to my thirst and it seems to work well for me. I do tend to take notice of the colour of my urine just to make sure it’s not too concentrated otherwise I naturally go about my day.
    I’m happy that I prefer water to soft drinks, even though I’m a huge coffee drinker too.

  8. This is really interesting. I drink quite a bit of water. 1-2 cups of tea and then at least 8 and often up to 12 cups of water daily. I don’t push myself to drink that much though, I drink when I’m thirsty which is all the time basically. I am nursing a 6 mo so I’ve been drinking a bit more lately than I did before, but I’ve always been a big water drinker. If I don’t drink enough I get bad headaches in the afternoon. It’s really interesting to see your experience and perspective on this though. I’ve never really seen much from that side.

    1. I’m glad you have found what works for you Carolyn! Really, that’s what it’s all about. Listening to your body. If you enjoy lots of water and it makes you feel good…that is awesome! Yes, nursing definitely increases thirst. I’m nursing my 3rd child right now…and she’s two! 🙂

  9. Shyanne Brotherton

    I usually wake up and drink 16 oz of water right away. Not because of thirst- but because I thought it is what I needed to start my system. I since started to notice that my face starting to swell. Crazy. I ask you. Should I drink a glass of milk (flax- because dairy and me don’t work well together) or the molasses tonic. Or should I wait for the tonic till breakfast? I hated water until I started to force myself to drink it. This makes so much sense. Thank you.

    1. You don’t need to drink anything when you wake up if you don’t want to Shyanne. If you are thirsty, drink what sounds good – milk and molasses tonic are both good choices. I don’t really drink anything until I’ve eaten breakfast myself. No need to force fluids down before you eat if you’re not thirsty.

  10. Although I appreciate your writing and time you spent to inform. Although I respect your personal story and experience, I feel this post is very misleading and offers very little solutions for moving towards better health. I work with many clients who have been able to recover from fatigue and move towards better health by drinking more water. You did not discuss other factors as to lifestyle and what people are eating that connect with a person’s individual biological needs, health or illnesses they are experiencing. To pinpoint water as the “cause of fatigue or weight gain” is irresponsible and not informative to the public. There is much lacking in this post and much research behind what truly causes fatigue or weight gain for each individual. Although I do believe we should listen to our bodies and monitor things based on our experience because all bodies are different, I do not believe this post is helpful to anyone who wants to move towards health. It is simply a shocking title and creates more misinformation that people will have to navigate on the internet.

    1. Yes, Katie. This is absolutely only one aspect of overall health. But it is a big one. The point of the article is about listening to your body and not doing something (i.e. drinking a set amount of water) just because someone happened to make an arbitrary rule. God did a great job in designing us to know when we are thirsty and hungry. We don’t need a doctor to tell us that. We are all unique individuals with unique daily needs. If this post doesn’t resonate with you feel free to ignore it.

  11. It sounds like you’ve been on quite a journey and I’m glad you’re on the mend. This advice, however well it seems to work for you, seems dangerous. You say there is science behind it, but you did not reference any science in your article. Below us a link to a recent article on about water intake that is more reasonable and he uses references. He does have some of the same suggestions such as listening to your body and adding salt, but he also talks about the serious dangers of dehydration. Good luck to you on your journey.

    1. Thank you for your concern, Angela. I can’t say I personally agree with everything Mercola says. And just because he is the one that says it doesn’t make it true. Here are more links for you to look through if the topic is of interest. If not, that’s ok too. My point is to listen to your body. God did a great job in designing us to know when we are thirsty and hungry.

    2. Angela,
      Thanks for sharing that link – The study Mercola mentions states that kids who are “inadequately hydrated” (not DEhydrated) can turn that around with one 8-ounce glass of water – and the problem is that kids are drinking ZERO water all day. Also I agree with you that Mercola echoes Mary’s recommendations on salt, listening to your body, and that we should “drink enough water to turn your urine a light-colored yellow.” We added references to our post here, and I’m really pleased with the reminder that fruit and soup etc count for our “8 glasses a day” since my kids are pretty terrible at drinking water. I think Mercola and Mary aren’t actually nearly as far apart as you thought. 🙂 Katie

  12. It’s good to hear I’m not the only one not tolerating water well!
    I can absolutely relate to this and where you say you felt rotten, it’s like hearing my self explaining how I feel to someone else. The more water I drink the worse it gets, it’s like adding to the already existing sludge inside. Unfortunately I do like sipping on my herbal teas and drinking lemon water and so on, which makes my face puffy, my legs swollen, my digestion horrid. I honestly have to hold back from drinking even those extra 2 cups at work as that’s already too much for me to handle. I do realize this is due to my chronic inflammation and it’s only a warning sign from my body telling me it can’t deal with so much dampness and clearing out the blockages at the same time. Also noticed that adding salt or eating salty foods only makes me ridiculously thirsty and makes me retain water like crazy, so I avoid that

  13. I totally agree with what you said about stress and health and burning out your adrenals, etc. For several years, I ate mostly grain free, tried a lot of different healthy foods and supplements, and basically stressed a lot about health and diet. When I finally, by the grace of the Lord, was able to deal with some anxiety and fear in my life, and just go back to eating healthy and moderately (and eating some grains and other ‘no-nos” in moderation)., I now feel SO much better! I thank the Lord! I think I’ve found the right balance in my life.

    As far as drinking water, I’m so rarely thirsty that i don’t think I can go by that signal, though it makes sense that we should only drink when thirsty. I tend to feel dry and run down and tired if I don’t drink enough (8 glasses a day, approximately). I am breastfeeding a 6 mos old too.
    We were just talking about this, because my aunt’s mother is 93 years old and her whole life she’s drunk like two glasses of water a day total, and she’s so healthy for her advanced age!

    1. So glad you are feeling better, Rebecca! You sound a lot like me. I was so stressed about eating “just right” that it was making me worse. Having that freedom to just eat is so healing.

      Fluid intake varies throughout your life and even day-to–day. I am rarely thirsty either. I drink most of my fluids in the morning when I am most thirsty. The rest of the day my thirst is quenched by the food I eat.

  14. What are your thoughts about water intake while nursing? I definitely want to try your molasses tonic and hot chocolate recipes!

    1. Thanks for asking, Megan! I forgot to mention that in the post. I have been nursing my youngest for 2 years now. She is 26 months old and still going. Again, it boils down to listening to your body. I remember with my oldest I was SO thirsty while nursing. So I drank more. With my little one I don’t have that extreme thirst (probably because I’m healthier now than I was back then). So I don’t drink as much water now. But my oldest also nursed for LONG periods of time while my youngest is very fast. I feel more hydrated when I drink things like the molasses tonic…which in turns helps with my milk supply.

      1. Mary,

        I am curious on your insights for me.

        Ever since I had mono 7 years ago I am more thirsty than I ever was. Since living at a lower altitude I have low blood pressure and my Dr. said to drink more water, especially when I was pregnant (when it was really low they said to eat more salt-I am not that big of a fan of salt, so it is a true penance). The dizziness stoped.

        I also get migraines and my milk supply decreases when I do not drink enough water. I am still nursing my 17mo 6+ times a day. I have a lower body temp too and am usually cold.

        P.S. Hope homeschooling is going well 😀

        1. Hi Katie,

          It sounds to me like you could be dealing with EBV virus still. A naturopath might be able to help with that. Also, it could be your thyroid (which is also related to the EBV). Have you had a full thyroid panel done? Underactive thyroid will cause the low body temp. I am hypothyroid/on medication.

          I too get migraines and had a little one nursing round the clock at that age. For me the migraines are largely hormone related. I also have always had lower blood pressure. Another sign I need more sodium. All of these symptoms are connected.

          ~always add unrefined sea salt to your fluids and add plenty to your food. Yes, you need some fluids while nursing, but you have to be able to absorb them. The healing hot cocoa I linked to is my go-to drink to feel hydrated and help with milk supply.
          ~eat enough calories – when nursing full time you have to eat enough. That is the biggest factor in milk supply. Do not restrict calories when nursing or when you are struggling with low body temp. That means at least 2500 calories a day, more if you are active.
          ~try to get as much sleep as possible. Trust me, I know this is hard! I am still nursing my 27 month old!! And I could certainly use more sleep. But when I do get more the difference is very noticeable.

          I hope that helps!! Yes, homeschooling is going very well. Thank you 🙂

  15. It’s good to hear I’m not the only one not tolerating water well!
    I can absolutely relate to this and where you say you felt rotten, it’s like hearing my self explaining how I feel to someone else. The more water I drink the worse it gets, it’s like adding to the already existing sludge inside. Unfortunately I do like sipping on my herbal teas and drinking lemon water and so on, which makes my face puffy, my legs swollen, my digestion horrid. I honestly have to hold back from drinking even those extra 2 cups at work as that’s already too much for me to handle. I do realize this is due to my chronic inflammation and it’s only a warning sign from my body telling me it can’t deal with so much dampness and clearing out the blockages at the same time. Also noticed that adding salt or eating salty foods only makes me ridiculously thirsty and makes me retain water like crazy, so I avoid that

    1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Vik. Are you using real salt? If not that could have a big impact. Maybe try just very small amounts.

      The swelling can be part of the healing process. It’s not fun, though! I went through it too. It’s painful and feels awful. One thing that helped was getting my thyroid hormones under control. Have you done a full thyroid panel?

  16. From personal experience, I would recommend that if you don’t feel amazing after GAPS you should look into parasites!

    1. Thank you, Becky. I actually have been really digging into that very topic the last couple months!! I am doing a parasite cleanse with my big kids next week.

      I do think it is a big factor for myself…but at the moment I am nursing and can’t do a cleanse on myself. I do plan to once I’m done, though!!

      1. I was in the same boat but now the battle is on! If you haven’t read the worm whisperer’s account of ridding her son of parasites I would check her story out. We have had some very similar experiences!

        1. Thanks, Becky! I will have to check it out for sure! I’ll take any information I can get. We’ve been dealing with tummy issues with my son for years. I’ve just about run out of ideas. Parasite cleanse starts next week with the full moon 🙂

  17. Thanks for this post! I keep hearing that you’re supposed to drink a full glass of water when you first wake up, but I don’t do it because it would make me nauseous on a empty stomach. There’s no way I can drink that much before eating. Interesting point about adding milk or sugar to coffee and tea — I eliminated both because I’m pre-diabetic (not due to weight), but my metabolism is pretty normal and I only drink when I’m thirsty.

  18. 92-93 degree body temperatures would mean you’re dead ( I think you have a typo. Otherwise, I have noticed that because I tend to prefer ice water, I have to be careful not to overdo it (or switch to room temp water).

    1. Mireille,

      No typo there. My temperature really was that low. I can’t go back and recheck as it was a few years ago. But I really was very sick. That being said, I can’t agree with that article that a temperature of 95 is hypothermic. Even now if I get run down my temperature can drop into the 95’s. And I assure you, I am not dead.

  19. I think it’s dangerous to tell others to stop drinking water because it worked for you. Perhaps it wasn’t the water but something else that worked for you. You stopped your diet at the same time. I’m glad that you’re feeling better, but please don’t speak as an expert. Would you want to be the cause of someone else’s health getting worse because of your advice?

    1. I appreciate your concern, Michelle. But there is actually a lot of science behind this. Also, there are a lot of people (myself included) that got very sick from following faulty advice the other way.

      In 1945, the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board recommended that people drink 2.5 liters (84.5 ounces) a day. Most who read this then ignored the
      following sentence, “Most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods.”
      All food contains water, especially vegetables and fruits.

      So the 8 glasses myth was based on poor sharing of information back in the 1940’s.

      My advice is not a specific amount of water. My advice is to listen to your body and not force yourself to do something just because somebody once said to do it. If you enjoy a lot of water and feel great, awesome! But don’t drink a bunch just because you “should” even if it makes you feel rotten.

  20. What about during a sickness? I heard that it’s good to stay hydrated by drinking tea with lemon. When I get a cold or flu I drink tons of tea all day long. Is that hindering my ability to get better quicker? Thanks!

    1. Katie Kimball

      I push water when sick, too, Ellen – I wonder what Mary will say!! Maybe the flushing out is a good attribute when sick…
      Curiously, Katie

  21. I always like lemon juice in my water, otherwise it seems to sit heavy. I’ve heard that you should drink 1/2 oz. of water per pound of body weight.

  22. When I drink too much water (still cannot determine how much is too much for me), I do feel much more fatigued than I already am. But I don’t believe slow metabolism is a factor. I haven’t gained any weight at all. Coffee & tea enhance the fatigue even more, give me dry mouth, and give me an overall feeling that I just don’t feel good.

    1. D, metabolism really has nothing to do with weight. When I was at my lowest point metabolically I was also at my lowest weight! Very underweight. Try checking your actual temperature as it is a good indicator of metabolic health. The dry mouth and fatigue are also big warning signs.

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