Recipe Connection: Super Summer Fruit Dips

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For a summer party food or just a fancy touch to dinner, consider making a fruit dip for all your super fruits to dive into.

I am totally inspired by my husband, who sauntered to the table last week and said, a bit timidly perhaps, “I took the liberty of making up a little fruit dip for tonight.”  !!! Now some of you may have or be husbands who would make up a little fruit dip on a whim, but this is very uncharacteristic of mine.  The dip totally rocked with the pineapple chunks we had that night, so I asked him to make some tonight to go with our strawberries (organic, twice as much as the conventionally grown ones, but my baby step this week at tackling the Dirty Dozen list).



His ingredients:

  • Yogurt
  • Dash of vanilla
  • Spoonful of sugar

Yes, I know, this is basically vanilla yogurt, but if you make homemade yogurt, it’s so easy and yummy (and frugal, compared to the expensive pre-fab fruit dips you can buy!) that it’s worth noting.


  1. Spice it up:  add a dash of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg or mace (not all at once)
  2. Sweeten it up:  try maple syrup (real) or honey instead of sugar
  3. Fluff it up: throw nutrition to the wind and mix in some Cool Whip
  4. Change it up: use almond extract instead of vanilla
  5. Better with cheese:  blend with a chunk of cream cheese for a tangier version

Have you read my Love Note to Local Strawberries?

Do visit Tammy’s Recipes for a Strawberry Recipe Carnival, which I’m sure will have even more interesting ideas than this one!

And if you really want an eye-popping presentation or centerpiece for a gathering this summer, let me tempt you with this photo from my son’s first birthday:


Super fruits on top and bottom with honeydew in the middle.  This is really fun to put together and looks fabulous on the table.  (And even better with my husband’s famous fruit dip on the side!)

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