True or False: Everyone has Parasites in Their Bodies

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How to get rid of Parasites via a Natural Cleanse - Need a natural parasite cleanse? Know the symptoms of parasites? They're more common than you think in humans, especially children. 3 basic steps to treat and rid your body of the parasites.

Sometimes the world of natural health can simply get overwhelming.

The more posts and articles you read, the more you see yourself and your family in every single list of symptoms you’re presented with!

The age of the Internet has probably done more to fuel hypochondriacs than any other time; it also helps many people learn more about home doctoring and how to take care of themselves, so it’s a delicate balance, one that I hope I’ve achieved through this theme of Natural Health Month.

Natural Health Month at Kitchen Stewardship tall

As a blogger, I tend to get into more conversations (and get more advice) from the KS community than I imagine most average Joes and Janes do. Everybody wants to help!

At one point last fall a few people emphatically recommended I check out lists of symptoms of parasites in humans. I did, and I thought, “Hmmm, that does sound like what I’m dealing with.” If you’ve read KS the last few days, you’re familiar with my story of recognizing candida symptoms and treating candida naturally, but also that the rash has begun to come back lately.

When I read about symptoms of parasites, I was pleased to find out that TriLight Health offers a parasite cleanse called Worm Out, and we made tentative plans for me to try some out this spring. This post is sponsored by TLH.

Part of the recommendation during a parasite cleanse is to eat “cleansing foods” and eat simply, and I figured Lent was a much better time for that than December! I purchased figs and made sure I had a stock of homemade crispy pumpkin seeds (no hurt feelings there, yum), since they were two foods pointed out at TriLight’s parasite cleanse recommendations.

In case you’re wondering – and now don’t try too hard to see yourself in this list; I don’t want to stress anyone out! – here are the

Symptoms of Parasites

  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • gas and bloating
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • joint and muscle aches
  • anemia
  • cravings, especially sugar
  • allergies
  • skin conditions – mostly irritation/itching at nose, ears, eyes, anus – but also potentially rashes, hives, eczema
  • tumors
  • nervousness
  • sleep disorders
  • hyperactivity, anxiety
  • teeth grinding
  • chronic fatigue
  • fuzzy thinking
  • headaches
  • runny nose
  • blisters on lower lip inside mouth
  • loss of appetite
  • bad taste in the mouth
  • acne
  • fever
  • vomiting (may return several times a year)
  • may have trouble gaining weight, children especially
  • long-term presence may contribute to the development of food allergies
  • dark areas under eyes
  • yeast/candida infection, especially if it returns

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How Widespread are Parasitic Infections?

This site says over 50% of Americans have a parasitic infection, and Livestrong quotes the World Health Organization: over 3.5 million people worldwide are infected with parasites, BUT also states that Americans are not as susceptible as others because of our general sanitary environments.

In my conversations with TriLight Health about the issue, they say that ALL of us have parasites of some kind.

The University of Maryland says, “Parasites can live within the intestines for years without causing any symptoms.” Lovely. They also peg “Exposure to child and institutional care centers” as one possible “cause” of a parasitic infection, which pretty much describes all children attending school, correct? Parasites are apparently quite contagious, especially when people don’t have perfect hand-washing habits (what child doesn’t touch their mouths at inopportune times?).

Soooo…does that mean everyone who sees some of the symptoms of parasites on that list should do a parasite cleanse? Some would say yes, yearly. What do you think?

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For me, I see just a few of the symptoms, especially that candida rash, gas, and teeth grinding. I kept thinking about my son’s mild eczema, chronic throat clearing a few years ago, chronic cough all last winter, and the fact that he grinds his teeth at night (I can hear it when I check on him and give him a kiss in the middle of the night) and can’t gain weight to keep his pants up. See how easy it is to think your family has just about every problem in the book?

I was going to have my son do the cleanse with me, but I chickened out. I just wasn’t sure and wanted to do it myself first.

How to do a Parasite Cleanse

I followed TriLight’s 3-step process and asked their staff questions for clarification, so I’m happy to be able to offer you a most comprehensive “how to” guide.

Step One: Weaken parasites

garlic for parasite infection

For about 10 days, take 2 garlic capsules with each meal, or 3 times a day. This helps to loosen the parasites’ hold on your body. There are other anti-parasitics that are possible, but they recommend garlic, so I went with that.

Step Two: Flush parasites out

Worm Out for parasitic infectionThis is where the herbs come in. I thought it was interesting that many of the same herbs recommended here to treat candida are the same ones in TriLight’s Worm Out formula, including Black Walnut, Pau d’Arco, thyme, burdock, wormwood and cloves.

Take 1/2 teaspoon per 25 lbs. body weight every 3 hours. Or so. If you can only fit it in 2-3 times a day, that’s okay too. I took it straight – it tastes like dirt, but worse. You can put it in water to cut the taste, but then you have to drink more, of course. I am still a nursing mom, and Worm Out is safe for nursing. The only potential problem would be if it changes the taste of the milk and bothers the baby that way. UPDATE: a helpful commenter mentioned that her research showed that a number of the ingredients in Worm Out are NOT recommended for breastfeeding mothers, and some quick Google searching confirmed that. Goes to show you need to check and doublecheck that sort of thing. (I even had a naturopath direct me to Pau D’Arco tea while nursing, and that’s on the “not recommended” list as well! Sigh…)

At the same time, continue to eat “cleansing foods,” meaning those that will help you avoid constipation and keep your bowels moving so that any parasites that are killed can exit the body via a natural way. Interestingly enough, I started the parasite cleanse at the same time as we went grain-free for Lent, which usually increases my bowel movement frequency significantly. Instead, I was a bit constipated on the Worm Out and things changed the very day after I stopped the first 10-day regimen. Perhaps I needed to drink more water and eat more figs and prunes. ???

Here’s what the head of TriLight shared when I asked more about the cleansing foods; I thought it was very helpful:

First let me say we are NOT saying you need to do a cleanse. We believe that should be supervised. What we are saying is do not be constipated when you start your parasite program. Be sure your having a few bowel movements a day by eating foods with fiber.

It is important to make sure that before you try to get rid of the parasites, they have a way to get out of the body. The most logical and easy way would be through the colon. If you are constipated and you try to cleanse, this could be painful and toxic. Cleansing foods are a good idea. Foods that contain sugars and carbs are going to certainly attract the parasites but so would unclean veggies and hands.

The list would include raw fruits with plenty of fiber, organic if possible, especially since during the cleanse you want as few toxins in your body as possible to minimize any headaches. Which ones? Just to mention a few: oranges, tangerines, papayas, prunes, figs, dates, apples, mangoes, kiwis, berries, etc. Prunes and apples will for sure do the job and if you have to eat fruit these two are the probably the best as we don’t want to eat a lot of sugars and give the wrong message to the parasites to stay!

Second, Vegetables. Full of fiber. Please remember that once you start the Worm Out this is the BEST category to stay in with your meals as it will keep the colon moving and with the least amount of sugars. Eat them in smoothies, salads, steam them, mix them with eggs, along with meats and which one? Kale has become my favorite but broccoli, celery, lettuce, spinach, beets, corn, brussel sprouts, turnips, artichokes, parsnips, etc.

Third, Whole Grain Breads have lots of fiber. This is only if you have to eat breads and only at the start. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it does have fiber. I find if I buy or make a loaf, I feel like I have to eat a whole loaf. All those carbs=sugar to the parasites.

Fourth, Nuts and Seeds. They are high in fat but they do have lots of fiber. Eat them raw, without all the fried oils and salts. Throw them on salads, mix them into the veggies. Almonds are the best by far, whole flax seeds, pine nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds are great on salads, coconut if you want.

Fifth, Brown Rice and Whole Wheat Pasta. These are like bread for the most part, yes they have fiber. I said Brown Rice, not regular pasta and they don’t have much nutrition but they fill you up, that’s the problem, if you eat these you tend NOT to eat your veggies!

So eat your fiber – low-sugar fruits, leafy greens and salad, raw veggies, legumes, whole grains, etc. Drink plenty of water.

Step Three: Strengthen the body to prevent reinfestation

How to get rid of Parasites via a Natural Cleanse - Need a natural parasite cleanse? Know the symptoms of parasites? They're more common than you think in humans, especially children. 3 basic steps to treat and rid your body of the parasites.

After 10 days on the Worm Out, you continue to eat lightly and take a high quality probiotic. TriLight offers one in their Parasite cleanse kit (adult size) and also the Parasite cleanse kit for children, and I chose to take Miessence’s InLiven or FastTract the whole time.

Since I was taking probiotics with the garlic and the Worm Out, I spaced out the actual ingesting of them so that I wasn’t interfering with the garlic by covering it up with a probiotic right away and vice versa.

Keep off the junk food and drink plenty of water, and after 10 days on the probiotics, most people will need another 10 days of the Worm Out, then back to the probiotics.

I wondered how I was supposed to know how many sets of 10 days to complete:

The signs of parasites can be numerous but usually the one that convinced you to start the program has gone away after one set of ten days on the Worm Out formula and then ten days off, ten days back on for a total of 30 days of controlled dieting and cleansing. (so 40 days with the garlic too)

My Experience

Taking garlic capsules for ten days is not a big deal at all; the hardest part is remembering to do it.

Worm Out is a little more annoying, for a few reasons:

  • Liquid means you have to grab a spoon – I started just leaving the same one out on the counter with my bottle so we didn’t have a spoonless household. Silly, but true.
  • It tastes terrible, no joke. Just gotta be tough!
  • Every 3 hours was just unrealistic for me. I couldn’t keep it up. I lowered the bar and shot for 2-3 times a day, thinking that something is better than nothing.

As I mentioned, Worm Out did seem to constipate me, but I don’t know that I was ideal on my “colon cleansing foods” and water intake especially. I have noticed that very stinky, stinky, gas has increased, but I can’t quite remember if it was during or after the Worm Out regimen. Aren’t you glad you read my thoughts online instead of in person now? :/

Probiotics for ten days was also easy, since that’s part of a routine that’s important to me and I’ve pretty much got it down so that I don’t miss a day.

When it came time last week to start a second round of Worm Out, I admit – I chickened out. My back-of-the-neck rash was not getting better at all, and might even be starting to get worse. I know that sometimes when curing something like this, there’s a “die off” sort of reaction that means I’m winning the battle, but the symptoms are going to get worse first, then better.

The tricky, mentally exhausting part about self-treating and natural health is the questions, the not knowing. What if all this is a bad sign, that my body doesn’t like these herbs, rather than a sign that I’m healing? I didn’t see any positive results from the Worm Out, and I started wondering: What if I don’t have parasites at all? Is it possible I could do more harm than good?

I actually emailed my contact at TriLight Health and let them know how it was going and that this was my plan for the post – I figured they should be able to back out from sponsorship since I wasn’t entirely positive on the experience as a whole and still had a lot of questions.

I am impressed by their willingness to be part of the conversation, even though I haven’t reached an “answer”:

This a great question she has for a blog. We ALL have bacteria, parasites, and viruses in our body, it’s a matter of keeping them under control with strong immune systems and by having some choice of which bacteria we want to have that can be good for us in that – we’re going to be populated, but with what is the question. If we do not choose, life will choose for us and we have all kinds of illness labels to describe them!

I was encouraged by a recent reader comment on Facebook:

I switched to a healthier diet 2 yrs ago, my little boys ate everything in sight and were always hungry!!! This spring I did a parasite cleanse with them, and was amazed at how much their hunger was cut down!! They are 7, 5, &3, growing boys, but I knew they still were eating too much. So that may be something to think about, along with yeast/candida (we did a cleanse for that too.)

Now it’s time for that conversation and the advice I know you all love to share!

You may also want to look at how essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs can help keep your family healthy. The Practical Guide to Children’s Health and Common Sense Health are great resources as well for becoming your family’s first line of defense.

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What do you think about a parasite cleanse? Have you ever had experience with parasites? Should I get back on the horse and finish another 10 days of Worm Out?

Disclosure: This post is a sponsored post by TriLight Health. There are links in this post to my Miessence store,  AmazonMountain Rose HerbsPractical Guide to Children’s Health, Essential Oils Revolution and Common Sense Health  from which I will earn some commission if you make a purchase. See my full disclosure statement here.

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101 Bites of Conversation So Far

  1. says

    Thank you, Katie, for your Natural Health theme this month. What a service you provided to so many of us!

    Again, I am drinking from my first batch of kombucha and yesterday I purchased an infuser to make continuous brew kombucha. I have all of the ingredients for water kefir too.

    I have chicken broth simmering on the stove to put in the pressure canner, a process I do about every 10-14 days.

    We are still at the beginning stages of seeing the fruits of this labor, but my family is on board and I’m a happy woman.

    THANK YOU again for sharing your knowledge.

    ~ Stacey

  2. Macy says

    I think you should definitely finish the the regimen, especially since you didn’t consume the correct dosage with the first round. I believe that if your candida rash is coming back, you obviously have an issue that your previous candida diet did not fix entirely (perhaps you cut it too short?) I say, give it another 10 days and be more adamant about eating high fiber foods to clean yourself out, then finish it off with your candida diet until well after the rash goes away, just to be certain that you fixes the problem. Good luck! I hope it all works for you!

  3. Valerie B says

    I suggest finishing out the full cycle if you can manage it; then if it hasn’t helped you will at least know you did everything you could and won’t be wondering about it later on. The second-guessing can drive a person crazy! Good luck. :)

  4. Cheryl says

    We are planning on doing a parasite cleanse using herbs from humaworm dot com this spring. I’m excited even if I can’t do it being that I’m nursing. :( Another time. But I am looking forward to everyone else having a positive change.

    • Rachel says

      Cheryl, if your family does a parasite cleanse but you don’t, you’ll end up re-infecting them. Can you find something that you can do while nursing?

      • Cheryl says

        I just bought 50lbs of diatomaceous earth for $20 at Azure Standard. I’ll take that and use it on my apple and cherry trees for pest control. :)

        A hesitation that I have would be any excess detox or dead parasitic bodies being fed to my baby. Boy, should I give him dirt (d. earth), too? Feed him dirty snacks? lol Wouldn’t be the first time I let him eat dirt (he likes the garden).

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      I am still nursing while doing this TriLight one – you could chat with them about its safety, but it was definitely one of the questions I asked. Weird tasting milk is the only potential problem. :) Katie

      • Cheryl says

        Thanks, Katie. The herbs at the other site are too strong for my little guy to take and he’d get them through my milk. I should’ve looked at other options.

  5. Janice says

    I have no experience with parasite cleanses but from my experience with fungal problems I’d say you need to be more STRICT on your candida diet…giving fungus a little to feed on keeps it alive and well and wanting more…I know it’s hard -believe me I’ve been there…BUT SO WORTH IT!

  6. Heather says

    If you were consuming a lot of fruit, could that have played havoc with the candida part? Maybe more veggies and no fruit?

    I feel for what you’re going through/trying to figure out. It is encouring to read your in-the-battle posts vs just waiting to post a blog entry when you have the ultimate solution. I hope you will continue on with 10 more days to see how it goes; hoping it will help you!

  7. Cathy says

    I don’t have much advice, but wanted to say how much I loved your comments about the internet bringing out the hypochondriac in us all. I’ve had a rash that has moved around on various parts of my face, sometimes better sometimes worse, for 16 or 17 years. I had the same experience you had when I asked my M.D about it. Giving up gluten seemed to help for a while. Later eliminating casein and soy helped, but it never completely went away. I went on a raw foods diet in my pre-children days and was so thin that my husband and mother freaked out, and I think any sort of cleansing regime would have to be my husband’s idea or he’d get all worried (my mother is 2000 miles away, so she would never have to know :)). So instead of cleansing or eliminating I’ve focused on keeping up with probiotics (mainly kombucha, kvass, and fermented veggies) for the long term. It hasn’t been a quick fix, but the rash is not so bad even when I eat cheese or tofu. Incidentally, none of the natural health practitioners I’ve gone to have suggested a candida diet, though I’ve always suspected it might help. They’ve all just said that the rash and my dark circles under the eye indicates that my body is trying to get rid of something toxic, and recommended support for my liver and digestion rather than cleansing or elimination diets.

  8. Lisa Bowden says

    I too have done parasite cleanses. I’m a total believer! I don’t have any of the problems I have when that and the candida are under control. Hang in there and see it through to the end! I know it’s hard but it is so worth it!

  9. theresa says

    For parasites just use food grade diatomasious earth. 1 tablespoon a day for a month. and then reduce to half a tablespoon a day for mantanence and to keep from reinfection. Also candida is a fungal infection not a parasite.

    • theresa says


      • Rufus says

        No, it can’t possibly work on every parasite. What about malaria, shcistosomiasis, chagras disease, cat scratch fever, etc? I assure you, the DE does not go into your bloodstream after these guys or you would be dead already. Why not try a little science instead of pseudoscience and rumor for a change? There are lots of know antiparasite treatments available, we’ve been using them for cattle and in 3rd world countries for years! They are cheap and effective! Look at Ivermectin, Valbazen, and Fenbendazole. They are sold as products for cattle, but Ivermectin for instance is used by Jimmy Carter’s foundation to treat river blindness, caused by a parasitic bloodstream worm. It is nearly 100% effective and is scientifically proven to work, unlike garlic and wormwood and other hocus-pocus woo.

        • says

          I appreciate your response and will leave it intact, but I do think your tone is disrespectful. First, yes, those long chemical names are effective, but what are the side effects? Second, just because garlic and wormwood don’t have double blind studies proving their effectiveness doesn’t automatically mean they don’t work – and it certainly doesn’t make them magical. What company would pay for those studies? Garlic farmers? Sometimes we have to coexist with science while acknowledging that humanity, in all its glory, has not yet figured everything in the world out scientifically.

          Please season your responses with a little grace next time.
          Thanks, Katie

  10. Cheryl says

    My first real experience with human parasites came when my daughter was in daycare. She was only 3 yrs old and she would scratch at her butt frequently and at night in her bed she was restless and would call for me. She was very constipated during that time period and after the pediatrician suggested it, I got up the nerve to use a flashlight to check while she was sleeping during the night. Although barely visible, they looked like clothing fibers until I saw them move…crawling around her anus.

    Pediatricians see parasite infections a lot…also there is an OTC worm medicine at all the drug stores for Pinworms, so that tells you really how prevalant parasites are. However if you suggest to be tested yourself, the doctors laugh at you. I can assure you humans have worms after seeing the hundreds of dead one’s in the toilet after she took the worm medicine. Shudders….

    • Rachel says

      Yup, pinworms. So terrible. And extremely hard to get rid of. I’d definitely recommend the OTC medication too because these things are very hard to get rid of and I think the benefits of eradicating them are worth the “risks” of the OTC medication.

    • Tammy says

      Wow! This is so very informative. I noticed what looked like worms when changing the diaper of my now nearly 10-year-old daughter when she was a baby. I asked the doctor about it. She did no tests. This daughter consistently puts things in her mouth. I even read a journal entry from three years ago that reminded me about her eating a marble. She complained of a tummy ache for days and then it passed. I had no idea until then that she had done that. She has dark circles under her eyes. She is skinny and growing tall, but that girl can out-eat her dad at meal time. It’s frustrating that doctors will laugh at you and demean your concerns for your child’s well-being.
      Thanks for the suggestions!

  11. says

    Ok, so I’m just here for the lively conversation. : )

    Two things: First, Cheryl’s tale made me remember reading a book that was taking place in the olden days (rural South, early 1900’s) and the narrator talked about the mother having to pull down all the kids’ pants at night and pick off the worms for weeks until they were all gone.

    So, um, I guess there might be more than one “natural” way to get rid of those. ; ) Unless that was all just a figment of the author’s imagination.

    Second–I heard something on the radio (NPR methinks?) about a guy who had terrible allergies, don’t remember what kind, and he was an educated, middle class American, and he heard that third-world countries don’t have things like allergies–because everybody has parasites. It seems somehow the parasites release something into their host that tells the body not to have a reaction to them, and that same thing also suppresses allergic reactions! This guy was so desperate for answers to his allergies (they were extremely severe and were really affecting his life) that he purposefully went to Africa to a place where he knew they had parasites, went to villages and asked where the latrines (you know, poo pits) were, and then proceeded to walk around barefoot in them. He did this in several places, and sometime thereafter his allergies went away. And he came back to America, happy and content, and we assume riddled with parasites.

    I have really bad food allergies (most raw fruits, veggies and nuts–no fun) so I confess when I heard this story my interest was piqued. But I am nowhere near desperate enough to consider it for myself. (shudder)

    I think you should finish, and let us know how it goes! You have to keep up your reputation as the human guinea pig of the healthy blogger community.

    • Cheryl says

      Blessed, our family went on GAPS last Fall and my daughter, who’s fruit, veggie, and nut allergies got more extensive each year (even lettuce caused a reaction, she couldn’t eat any produce raw and never nuts), was able to eat anything after a few weeks on the Intro diet! It was amazing, a miracle, to have this reversal. We currently are struggling with starting up again and wishing we’d never stopped our GAPS journey. It wasn’t difficult doing the diet, just difficult starting again and giving up all the starches, or should I say Sugars!

      I’m glad this guy who traveled to Africa experienced relief even as I am sad he put his body in such a compromised position and mad that he brought those critters closer to my home!

      • says

        Cheryl, thank you so much for telling me about your family’s health journey–because I have been trying to figure out what to do about my blood sugar issues (have been struggling with hypoglycemia for years, and no Dr. ever believes me because supposedly this condition cannot exist on its own, but only as a side effect of something else, but I seem healthy enough to a Dr, so none have ever helped me) and all signs seem to point to GAPS–so much that it does not seem like a coincidence, but God telling me the means through which He intends to heal me. So now you tell me that it almost miraculously healed your daughter of her food allergies–and this is like the final confirmation I needed.

        I was so happy for Katie’s bone broth segment recently, and have been devouring everything I can find written on the topic–for me that’s the first step into the diet. After her candida post I also wonder if THAT is an issue for me, and so that’s one more reason to try a GAPS diet. I confess, though, I know I won’t be starting really soon–I gave up sugar for Lent and while in years past that was such a good thing (for body and spirit) this year I became depressed at the same time, and so ended up finding myself eating way too many carbs of other kinds in a kind of mental compensation. So I want to eat my dark chocolate now and get my fill before I go there again–this time, going without sugar and flours and whatever else you have to give up on GAPS. : ) I know in my head it will be good, but my spirit just recently started to see the sunshine again, and I don’t want to head anywhere like that again right away.

        And, yes, I know–depression is also linked to all the things going wrong in my body that GAPS would be good for. I’m giving myself a couple more weeks before I get all firm with myself.

        At least I don’t think parasites are part of the evil equation! Oh, and I happened to see a follow-up on that guy (was it in an article linked to this post?) and he ended up having terrible headaches and something else happen as a result of the parasites, so got rid of them and I assume has the allergies again–didn’t say that part. So ultimately he decided the “cure” was worse than the illness.

          • Mary Beth says

            Ah, this may be what you read about, that page discusses the development of the therapy, and one of the pioneers had tried too many, so backed off and started again:
            Dosage: I had 25 hookworms initially, Lyn had 10. Michelle 75 and 100 made Jasper feel quite sick (he killed them off and started gain at a lower dose). Most of the worlds population are infected by 25-50 worms. Having too many worms will leach out too many nutrients and can cause anaemia.

    • says

      that’s interesting. i can see how a parasite might release something that suppresses your immune system so they don’t get kicked out. but it seems like this would be like taking prednisone. not really a cure… just deals with symptoms.

      what i read was just the opposite. parasites can cause food allergies and make you crave what they like.

      i suppose it’s like any other thing. you want the right amount of the good and little of the bad like gut bacteria.

      very interesting.

    • Roberta says

      I too have multiple food allergies. My doc said to avoid the allergens completely (no cheating) and that at least some of them will go away. Check out the book Wheat Belly. That was a real eye opener for allergies!

  12. says

    My only definite experience with parasites was having pinworms twice in my childhood. Misery!!! I remember taking awful-tasting medicine, but I don’t think it was as natural as this. I’m very grateful that my son got through 3 1/2 years in a childcare center without picking up pinworms!

    About the constipation when you were trying to eat high fiber: Were you also eating meat? For me, meat, especially chicken, is one of the most constipating foods. Maybe it’s time to break out some of your famous bean recipes?

  13. says

    I had parasites when I was a kid and my mum used to give me all sorts of OTC medications to get rid of them. I later had hook worm infestation, which refused to go away even after taking several different OTC and prescription medications untill I started doing natural cleanse and eating right.

  14. says

    I honestly don’t know how I feel about this post. If 50% of Americans have parasites. And I’m pretty sure 100% of Americans have at least 1 of those symptoms. Then it’s more than likely I have parasites.

    I eat meat and I don’t really detox. Is there a way to like xray myself for parasites? It’s kinda scary to think I had parasites living in me for my entire life.

    • Katie Kimball @ Kitchen Stewardship says

      You know, I kind of feel the same way! There might be some tests for parasites, but I don’t know anything about them – I think I’d look at it this way:
      1. There’s some research that says some parasites might be good, especially beneficial for reducing allergies.
      2. So – if the symptoms aren’t something you’re actively trying to eliminate anyway, just let it ride…
      3. …but remember the parasite idea if you ever have a health issue/crisis you can’t figure out.

      Maybe??? This is why the internet can make us all hypochondriacs though! 😉

  15. Ann says

    I realized I had parasites after doing a coffee enema followed by Redmond clay last year. That was a… surprising experience. I did Dr. Christopher’s parasite cleanse, but honestly, the only time I definitely saw them pass was when I would do the enema and clay. I’ve wondered if my kids have them (they don’t have any major symptoms, just some on that list), but haven’t tried any cleanses with them.

    This article talks about the possible benefits of parasites:

  16. Holly says

    I lived in Mexico for several years, and it was normal to de-parasite oneself 3 times a year. You could get a medicine at the drugstore to do it, or there were herbal remedies to take care of it. So I used to do it regularly…unfortunately, I haven’t in a while.

    Colon hydrotherapy is also a great way to clean things out.

  17. Mary Beth says

    I used to think that these people going on about parasites were being a little shrill, but then about 6 weeks ago, I started on DE – for general benefits, thinking surely the parasite thing would not apply to me. I started out on probably 2 tsp a day, in the morning, in water. After about 4 weeks, I upped it to 2 scoops, about 1.5-2 TBSP, and promptly started passing creepy critters. Whoa! The first few instances were just mucous encased blobs of bugs, that came out when I sat down to pee, so was not expecting anything out the other end. In one case, it was an actual worm, a few inches long, that ‘came to’ and headed down the drain! Very startling, but better than the alternative of these things staying inside! I am a firm believer now, and will be doing this for 90 days, to try to catch all cycles. It was also a full moon when I increased my dose, so that may have had something to do with the increase in results, as some sources claim.

    • Rachel says

      WOW! So DE really works? And you had multiple types of parasites? And some were in your urinary tract? Oh my, pinworms might not be the worse of my family’s troubles then :/

      • Mary Beth says

        No, not in my urinary tract (well, not the ones I saw), they just were clearly visible because they were the only thing that came out from the back end, when I was not expecting anything at all at the moment..

        • Mary Beth says

          I saw several distinct varieties – a few times clumps of things that looked like flukes, little brownish things with spidery legs, and several of the round worms, some in pieces, and some things that looked almost like segmented worms, or egg things, or something. After a few weeks of those clearly visible, usually mucous encased expulsions, the rest seems to be just bits embedded in stool, but I am a firm believer in DE, and parasites. I would like to try the Humaworm stuff, but their online store errors out on paypal, and they don’t seem very responsive – but that seems to be the best thing out there, for herbals.

          • Rachel says

            I see. Wow. I’ve ordered the pinworm/roundworm medication and a black walnut combo with cloves, P’au D’arco and other herbs. I’m going to take that all at the same time and then repeat the pinworm/roundworm after a couple weeks. I am definitely going to buy more DE. I already use it for my chickens but never thought of giving it to my family…

            • Mary Beth says

              Are you ordering from Humaworm? I got nervous when their web store did not work, repeatedly, because I like to use online ordering and paypal, and the fact that they did not seem concerned about that made me think they might be a little shady, but all of the glowing reviews on make it pretty clear that they have the best out there, they are just mostly older comments. Did you phone in an order? I have added herb pharm Intestinal Tract Defense tincture compound, which has black walnut, wormwood, cloves, and a few more, the common components, and do the DE in the morning and the drops at night, and will keep this up for a while. I think attack on multiple fronts is good, and over enough time to catch all the cycles. I would love to get some good, current feedback about Humaworm.

        • Diane says

          Mary Beth, I know what you are talking about. I have been on an anti parasitic regimate called Purify by The Tree Life. Several times I sat down on the pot to do #1 and all of a sudden i felt something slip out the back end. I have been on the regimant now for 2 months and things happen in waves. Nothing for weeks and than things slid out the back end again when only sitting down to go #1. Very strange. I had a Ion foot cleanse treatment done once and they told me I had parasites. I had no clue until i started to eat punkin seed, than things started to slid out. So i looked on the internet and have been treating with Purify ever sense.

          • Mary Beth says

            That looks like an interesting product, are you doing the liquid or the capsules? Might be worth working in a round of that stuff periodically..

    • Mary Beth says

      I transferred it to plastic buckets for storage and easy access, you don’t want to breathe too much of the dust if you can help it, and I am filling a 2 cup canning jar to keep by my supplements. I thought it looked like a lot of DE, but I am through my second jar now, and I will always have this stuff on hand now!

  18. says

    This is all so fascinating. For those considering buying a big package of DE, we used it to get rid of a flea infestation (our dog got them from the in-laws dog once). We sprinkled it liberally on the ground and on our deck where the dog hang our during the day, and even rubbed it into her fur. Then with very careful daily vaccuming of the hardwood floors inside (and lots of rigorous laundry and other cleaning), we got rid of the problem in just a couple of weeks, without dangerous chemicals (we had small children at the time). But it should not be used where it can be breathed in–bad for the lungs. I guess our dog might have breathed some, since she was the one around it the most, but she never seemed irritated or showed it was bothering her. ANYWAY, I know that’s off-topic, but thought those of you with pets AND worries about parasites might like to know the dual use.

    • Mary Beth says

      My husband also has some DE he got at the garden center for use around the house, for ants, etc, but that is not the same stuff as you would use for internal use. Some farmers use DE for deworming their animals, it is possible that that is considered food grade also, and would probably be available at a feed store or somewhere like that, but be sure you have the right grade product before you eat any of it.

      • says

        Yes, I know there is food grade and “pool” grade, but I had bought the food grade thinking it might be safer for the family to be around, so that’s what I used on the fleas. : )

  19. alicia says

    This is an old post but I feel like I should chime in. Recently I was doing a lot of reading on this and then Dr. Oz ran a show on parasites and said that 90% of animal owners have intestinal parasites and don’t even know it. I took it as a sign and chose to go for it :-/ As of right now I am on day 3 of my cleanse, and im feeling it. I’ve had a headache for 2 days, constipated aggrivated, brain fog and I have zero appetite for anything. My first reaction to these symptoms was to abort mission and resume my life as before but from what I am reading these are the symptoms of mass die off. My question is, has anyone else experienced this? Im going to push through to see what happens because i am seeing ‘results’ (without getting too gross) I am only taking half of what is required for my weight because I did not know what this was going to do to my body. Thanks for any help. Alicia

    • Mary Beth says

      That sound like normal detox effects, you should probably up your water, and in my high dose iodine forum, people address detox by taking extra vitamin C, and ‘salt loading’ , which I have found helpful myself, and might be worth a try:

      Salt Loading

      1/4 teaspoon* unrefined salt dissolved in 1/2 cup warm water, then followed immediately with 12-16 oz pure water.

      Repeat in 30-45 minutes if needed. May repeat again until copious urination begins.

      Observe subjective response (usually within several hours).

      *Iodine Investigation Project participants have found 1/2 teaspoon salt dissolved in water works faster than the 1/4 teaspoon dosage.

  20. Dez says

    Me, my husband, 9 yr old and my 5 yr old boy especially has a lot of symptoms if having a parasite. I have been reading so much stuff on what to do, like today I was excited to but black walnut thinking we could all use that, but then read u need to use wormwood, garlic ect for it to work. I also bought a cleanse last week but its not a parasite cleanse. I have never had one before or my kids, but am confused at everything out there and all the different prices. Has anyone done a parasite cleanse for their children too, & could recommend a product/brand that they believe works that is not to expensive? Thanks!

    • says

      I got a little behind on comments there, sorry about that – I’m giving my 5yo daughter food-grade diatomaceous earth right now, starting with 1/8 tsp/day and working up to 1/4. It’s one easy thing to do that doesn’t need a zillion other things! A friend just told me about it a few weeks ago and I thought, I can do that. I couldn’t imagine putting her on a full diet/cleanse without knowing with 100% certainty that it was what she needed! You can get DE at Amazon, but triple check that it’s food grade. Good luck! :) Katie

      • says

        katie are you aware of how diatomaceous earth supposedly works? most think by shedding up worms. don’t get it in your eyes or breath it. that’s what i’ve heard. i have considered it but the the thought of it being like fine glass gives me pause.

        on the part 2 of the parasite cleanse i’d say do it. i believe the idea is to wipe out what wasn’t vulnerable before…for example worms in a different life cycle. kind of like putting out a fire until the flames are gone bu the embers are still hot.

        • says

          It was my understanding that DE would cut the insides of an insect, not so much a human. I think probably we eat food-grade DE often in whole grains that are sprinkled with it for pest control in storage (but don’t quote me on that). Thanks for the comment – :) Katie

  21. kk says

    Last night my boyfriend pulled a 8 inch ling round worm out of me. Im an organic gluten free vegan. No symptoms. Crazy!!!

      • Melissa says

        My daughter who is 6 yrs old needs to do a parasite cleasnse. Her dr recommended it because of several symptoms she has. She wants to put her on an antibiotic. I would like a more natural approach. How do you get your child to take the diatomaceous earth? Do you put it in a smoothie? The Trilight Herbs sound promising, but I’m not sure I could get my daughter to take it if it tastes so bad. Also, she already struggles with constipation. Thanks for your help and your informative blog!

        • says

          I have to say the requisite “I’m not a health care professional…”

          Ok. Now that that’s out of the way, I’m trying to wrap my brain around a dr. who both recommends a parasite cleanse and abx at the same time. Different…!

          The DE is really mild, hardly tastes like anything. So it disappears into any juice, yogurt, smoothie, etc. Do check with your doc on that one, though, it is potent. I wonder if cutting grains would help the constipation AND be a help against the parasites as they’d have less sugar to eat? Every time I go grain-free, any signs of constipation evaporate. It’s a very big difference! That would also give you an idea if there’s a gluten sensitivity going on that might be presenting itself like a parasite issue (dairy could be another culprit with similar symptoms).

          My kids take TLH herbs with no problem, although now I’m remembering that the worm out was pretty bad! I wonder if it would be better in a swig of juice – I never tried mixing it with anything. It will all come down to some experimentation and cajoling perhaps to fit your individual child, but I sure hope the symptoms are alleviated somehow!
          :) Katie

  22. Angie says

    Hi there,
    I’m loving this site and and seeing all the positive effects of natural living. My husband and I are on our own journey (making as many of the hard changes as we can before having children, hehe) and I actually have a question about him. He was not breastfed (wasn’t fashionable at the time) and developed a toenail/foot fungus as a child that still plagues him. And the extent of his troubles are that his feet sometimes get red and irritated/dry, and his toenails are very opaque and thick. Gross, right? It’s not so bad, but earlier this year he sprung for a laser treatment for the toenails. He was prescribed a “nail polish” that was supposed to help break down the nail and expose the fungus within. I also made him a garlic salve for his feet and he would soak them in vinegar once a week. Everything seemed to help and he thought it was going away, so he eased off on the various treatments. Now it seems it might be back, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this and what they did to get rid of it, since we’re on the lines of parasites :). He’s considering starting the vinegar soak again fyi. Thanks for any help!

    • Janice says

      Angie your husband has a systemic fungal infection. I’ve been there. Until he rids his body of most of it he will continue to have nail fungus. I was on oral RX’s for nail fungus but until I changed my diet along with taking the RX it would not stay gone…have him check out the phase I diet or for hope help and answers. I bet he’ll have health issues go away that will amaze you! Good luck and stay with the new lifestyle. IT IS WORTH IT.

    • says

      I haven’t tried this but they say if you take the original brown listerene and soak your toes in it or your fingernails , it is suppose to clear up fungus under the nail

  23. says

    I appreciate the fact that you are seeking to improve your health and I commend you for that. My concern is that these parasite cleanses…while they do include herbs…are very harsh and can actually deplete someone to the point of becoming worse rather than better. People who sale these cleanses will tell you that it is the “die off” from the parasites or a “healing crisis”…but that is merely a sales tactic and an excuse for how ill you are becoming from taking such harsh herbs. Constipation can occur because these herbs are “drying” so in turn they often add “natural” laxatives which in turn cause stomach gripping.

    That whole laundry list of symptoms attributed to parasites could also be associated with poor digestion, poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, stress, etc. Some organisms are actually beneficial. If you think about bacteria it is imperative that we have a proper balance. If we start killing off all the bacteria (good and bad) we end up with problems such as dysbiosis. There is also evidence that some parasites may be beneficial in diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. We are so concerned with “killing” bacteria, viruses, parasite, fungi …that we forget that it is actually the immune system that does that job for us. We also forget that sometime these organisms live in harmony until we disrupt their balance.

    The logical move would be to seek out ways to nourish the body and build up the immune system in order to prevent these micro-organisms from taking hold. There are certainly instances for seeking treatment for parasites. However, it is my opinion that before resorting to such extreme measures as these cleanses we would do better to emphasize a healthy and nutritious diet, exercise, stress reduction, etc…the body will cleanse itself naturally and in most instances a healthy immune system will keep things in check.

    • Billy Kid says

      I have to agree with the Natalie,

      In my many years in the 3rd world, I actively had to battle many nasty organism. In the U.S., not so much. Most of the products currently in the market strike me as full of “woo” and less of actual effect. Many symptoms are more documented to be a result of diet and the industrialized environment .

      It is very true that the majority of a person’s biomass is not human DNA but, a plethora of micro organisms and yes, parasites.

      Yet until I see more peer reviewed articles on the detriment of american parasites I, personally, will focus on hygiene and diet.

    • bob says

      Chrohns is caused by destruction of gut flora and overgrowth The main culprit being antibiotics. Those studies using parasites for beneficial to crohms are just legal ploys. Fecal transplants without parasites cure crohns at 90%. Ibd is mainly an industry caused disease that westernized failing paradigms struggle with. The fact that some parasites prevent ibd while many cause ibd explains why so many docs routinly find nothing wrong with people in pain and label them as mentally ill and a drug addict. That is exactly what is wrong and why chronic disease is not cured.

  24. KL says

    I also had many of the symptoms referred to here, including discomfort and pain in the gallbladder area, toenail fungus, very dry and red eyes now and again, agitation, brain fog and depression.

    I took 2 rounds of Vermox for roundworm which worked pretty well. I felt a lot better afterwards.

    But it didn’t get them all. I still had pain around the gall bladder area, and a moving sensation there. I know worms can crawl up there.

    I started having carrot juice every day –made from 3 or 4 carrots, 1 orange, 1 apple and sometimes some raw cabbage juiced as well, topped off with a bit of clove powder. The clove is supposed to kill parasite eggs.

    After one week on this (sorry if this is disgusting, it still is for me even to think about it) –I started to pass more large, long roundworms in my stool (as I did after the Vermox) as well as white rice like things.

    I also passed two liver flukes, one surprisingly big, and some things that looked like pinworm (short white threads floating in the toilet bowl). I only had a little bit of itching now and again, so I was surprised at this.

    Eventually, after about 2 weeks on this juice–I passed something which I just couldn’t figure out–but I looked it up. It looked in size, shape and color like the head of a tapeworm.

    I am really surprised at all this. I eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables, fibre and garlic. I haven’t had sushi in 10 years and rarely eat pork. I have 2 pets but they are dewormed regularly.

    I have travelled to the Middle east and Latin America in the last 5 years. But I am pretty sure that I have had these parasites for a much longer time, and before I travelled there.

    I know feel completely different–more relaxed, less depressed. And interestingly –I no longer have cravings for sweets, bread or alcohol.

    I feared that I was drinking too much socially before.

    I went from having some beer or wine twice a week, to having some almost every night which was unusual for me.

    The amount I was having wasn’t a lot—but I found it scary that I “craved” having it. Same was true for bread (and bread like things like muffins etc.) but you don’t really think about it or get worried when you crave bread!

    Now I have no cravings at all and have almost completely cut out sweets, bread and alcohol–without even trying. I just don’t have the taste for them anymore.

    Now I only drink the carrot juice combination every other day. I never went orange by the way.

    Hope this is of help to someone. Try the juice. I can barely believe it myself.

  25. charlie says

    interesting stuff! i have been taking a cleanse that has alot of the “critter killers” in it, all natural garlic wormwood cayenne a list of 25 ingrediants that has made me feel so much better. especially after meal time. i feel like i have complete control over how i feel for once

  26. Alesha says

    I absolutely agree with this. I think that everyone should be taking a parasite cleanse at least twice a year to stay on top of this pandemic. Theres even research that supports parasites can lead to cancers. Its really the root of all evil. I continue to take the full body detox cleanse RIDSET. Its a great product, works with ez. The things that it has done for me is invaluable. I suffered with many issues for many years. It restarted my body and im back to normal. Ive honestly never felt more healthy in my life. I would recommend a parasite such as this to anybody. My whole family takes this product 3 times a year to stay clean and healthy.

  27. Kasey says

    I have a question I am 17 and My father is single and raising 2 kids besides me and I am wondering how to start this process of getting rid of Parasites that are in my family’s body

  28. Natalie says

    I’ve been using Andreas Kalcker’s parasite cleanse (which is pretty involved), and I’m always getting out “rope worms”. I’ll be doing this cleanse monthly for at least a year, maybe a year and a half to hopefully clear out the infestation in all it’s stages. I feel better, but I still eat a lot more than I think my body needs. These guys are expensive to feed.

  29. KK says

    Hi Katie,
    I’m new to your site but have appreciated the article and discussion here! I think my teenage daughter is struggling with parasites AND candida. I want to try the DE, but I am asthmatic…what precautions should I take? Also, my daughter is VERY picky eater…she has weird texture dislikes, doesn’t like meat, loves sugar and carbs. She does eat legumes so that is her main source of protein but she only like 3 fruits:/ She is a good vegetable eater but usually doesn’t crave these things. Any thoughts?

    • says

      I wish I knew more, but I haven’t a clue about the medical questions or really anything beyond this post. I do know that the picky eating can be a sign of food sensitivities, which in your daughter may be manifesting as candida (or resulted in candida). If she thinks she might want to get rid of whatever candida symptoms she has, she’d have to be committed too – at that age, she’s going to eat her cravings when you’re not around, I would guess, so anything you do at home might not help! I just think you start by getting her on board for her own health – then work on the enjoyment of vegetables, serve in various ways, include bits of meat in soups with veggies just to introduce her palate to the idea. You may want to find a good naturopath or certified nutritional therapist to work with, and then you have a lot less guesswork and research on your end. I hope you find a positive solution for your daughter! :) Katie

  30. Julie says

    I have to admit that reading about all of you passing worms has made me a bit nauseous. The very idea that I could (probably do) have worms is creeping me out. I’ve had nightmares about having worms. I want to do a cleanse, but I’m not sure I can handle anything coming out. But I don’t want them in me either. :(

  31. Ali says

    This is fine if the worms/parasites are only in your gut, but in many people, whether they are aware of it or not, they are systemic (why would you get an itchy nose if they are in your gut?).

    Worms like Ascaris (the Romans called it the ‘Wandering Worm’), can leave the gut and find their way around the body. As larva, they are small enough, but sinewy and tough enough to burrow their way out of the gut and move through tissues and cavities in the body.

    They will often migrate from the gut if they feel threatened. That means that parasite cleanses can sometimes make things worse….

    Once they have left the gut you are in a whole new ball-game. Cleanses that may work in the gut don’t have the same effect systemically. I’ve thrown virtually everything natural at them I can think of, but they just shrug it off and carry on.

    Working with a health professional who understands this issue is the optimum situation, but I haven’t yet discovered a fail-safe way of dealing with them. My Chinese TCM doctor is trying to strengthen my body’s own defences so that it can overcome them. How successful that will be I haven’t a clue.

    I’m just starting my 6th month of treatment and the worms feel as active as ever. They are biting quite a lot so maybe they are getting uncomfortable. Only time will tell.

    I haven’t had any medical treatment as stool tests have come back ‘negative’, so I can’t get them to believe me. However, in some ways that’s no bad thing as drug treatment can be pretty tough on the body, and rapid die off could overwhelm the body’s cleansing systems. Slow and steady is best, but takes a lot longer. Just hope it works, as the biting, writhing, wriggling, tickling and slithering, especially at night and around full moon is enough to send a sane person doo-lally….

    • Karen says

      Have you had any luck? I did 3 separate but back to back cleanses with not much luck. I am also on a restricted diet due to candida and gluten sensitivity, Amon other food issues. My holistic dr wanted me to take a chelation pill and beneficial yeast pill along with an antibiotic that kills this kind of stuff. I haven’t taken it all yet however I have been finding small white flat worm looking like things, sometimes with a spiral to them, in my NOSE!! I read that you should actually start eating sugars again before you do a cleanse so that they will migrate back to the stomach. Anyway, would love to know what is working for you! When I cleanse, I get excess mucus in my lungs and I have asthma and am having difficulties with it right now so I don’t really want to cleanse at this moment. Hopefully it will get under control soon so I can start.

  32. Amanda B says

    The woman’s FB post just scared me into buying 5 kits for our household. That’s a lot of money but our 3 boys and my husband are always hungry. Maybe this is the answer.

  33. Lilly says

    Please do not tell all these people that the ingredients in worm out are safe for breast feeding mothers!!! Black Walnut, Pau d’Arco, burdock, and ESPECIALLY wormwood are very toxic for baby and breastfeeding mothers should not be taking them. I am doing a parasite cleanse and still breastfeeding my child and I have done countless hours of research finding what is safe and what is not. Please ladies do your research and look up the ingredients on the bottles and get actual medical advice from a lactation consultant before taking anything. DE is safe! does not enter the blood stream, will not make it’s way to your milk. I have spoke with my lactation consultant on what to take and what not to and you can do pumpkin and sunflower seeds coated in manuka honey and cinnamon with fresh ground cloves. Turmeric, garlic, Probiotics, Grapefruit seed, fenugreek, echinacea, vitamins, thyme, clove, cinnamon, honey, coconut oil, alkaline water, oregano oil, rhubarb extract, garlic… there are more than just these, but do a little research and don’t take one persons word for it just because she nursed wile using stated product. Talk with a ped or lactation consultant before starting any medicine, herbal or not!

    • says

      I am very thankful for your wisdom and openness to share it – some quick Google searches confirmed what you said, even though a naturopath gave me Pau D’Arco tea for candida even though I was nursing at the time too. !!! I have updated the post with this info – seriously, thanks again! :) Katie

    • Antheron Bailey says

      Don’t use oregano oil while breastfeeding either, it is used to stop a milk supply! However it is effective at parasite/yeast cleansing, it should wait until moms are ready to wean.

  34. estee says

    thanks to this site, i started trilight’s wormout over a week ago. i’m on day 3 of the wormout formula (already did the garlic pills alone for 10 days). i’m not seeing any worms in stool, the only changes i’m noticing are that i’m going to the bathroom more often (4-5 times a day as opposed to 2-3 before i started the cleanse). i’m not as hungry as usual (which is a big deal for me-i’m always hungry!). but the two things that i was hoping it would help with is not showing any signs of improvement, better sleep and more energy during the day. i feel even more lethargic on the cleanse and at night, i’m waking 2-3 times before morning. are these “worsened signs” a good sign? i’m a pretty active person, and everything feels weak. hopefully i’ll have positive updates soon.

    • genna says

      Dr. Hulda Clark says the dying parasites give off uric acid and that it gets into the brain and disrupts sleep. She recommends orthinine supplement to help with sleep. (there is a Dr. Clark Store online to order products from) But I cannot take that due to the fact that it would cause a cold sore outbreak, so apparently taking melatonin is another alternative to help with the sleep while on a parasite cleanse. I have read elsewhere that you could safely take up to to 12mg a night if need be – I would think that would be fine on a temporary basis. Look for a time release melatonin by Natrol. It is excellent. I take the 5 mg one regularly for sleep. (they have a 10mg time-release one as well.) I have not yet done a parasite cleanse…still searching for the right one, but learning things along the way. I wish more people would mention brand names of cleanses and products to let us know what is working or didn’t work. I tried to mention actual names so it might be helpful, and I have appreciated the comments that have named actual products.

  35. Tasha says

    Just be cautious…all those symptoms are also the symptoms of Celiac’s Disease, something to be taken quite seriously.

  36. Amy says

    I would think pumpkin seeds would be specifically mentioned as anti-parasitic under Seeds/Nuts and when you are talking about fruit to mention that the seeds of the papaya are anti-parasitic as well.

  37. Sophie says

    The doctor told me this story that she had a patient that had dizziness, blurred vision, heart palpitations, nausea rash, weight loss, and tremors, gone all over the world seeking help she was very sick. She was tested for parasite it was negative. My doctor put her on parasite medication after 6 months the lady passed a nest of parasites she continued the parasite medication for 2 years just to be on the safe side. It was a natural parasite medication that did not disrupt the normal flora.

  38. Sophie says

    I’m taking DE ( Diatameous Earth) and Mimosa Pudica. And I’m drinking ozonated water,. Then I go have my ND do UVI, that stands for ultra violet blood irradiation, followed by ozone IV’s all of these methods i noted are from mother nature I did all this to be on the safe side it is overkill, but I wanted a sure fire method

  39. maureen wild says

    I am planning on doing a cleanse for myself and my 15 year old daughter shortly. This site has helped a lot, especially the gory details as I don’t want to be feaked out by not knowing what to expect. Thank you so much for this information.

  40. bonnie d says

    I have suffered for over 5 years with fibromyalgia, cystic acne, asthma, migraines, degenerative disc disease/ back and neck agony, sleep disorders and neuropathic pain–to name a few. I did the Wormwood parasite cleanse and the oregano oil, and the black walnut cleanse. They did get some stuff out – but I needed something STRONGER! My friend (who did the detix) recommended the Lady Soma Detox. I thought it was just for weight loss, but she said it totally got rid of all her parasites. the After a few days of taking this stuff, I was already convinced that parasites were the largest part of these problems, if not the MAIN CULPRITS!!!

    I started having horrible gut cramping and nausea, as I began defecating 2x times a day– each time, with one or MORE, roundworms in the toilet bowl when I was done. The longest of these roundworms that have left my body, were 2 inches long Dear Lord, I see NOW how and why I have suffered so many ailments for so long!!! I expect that, in a month or two, or even three, when I am levelling off on ridding my body of these parasitic monsters…that I shall not only have a very slim belly, but vanishing health problems, by the grace of God! Will update in a few weeks. Defintely try this Lady Soma Detox for your parasites as well. Its strong!

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