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New Ways to Overcome Candida and Yeast

Why I think My Candida Rash Came Back

Coal miners had their canary, I have the itchy spot on the base of my hairline.

Ever since I fought candida off and finally had a name for the little itchy spot on my neck that spread over my chest and arms in 2013, I figured it would be an indicator of when I’d pushed my body too far.

I hate when I’m right.

Ever since I kicked the candida back after about 6 months, with a combination of the strategies in this post and a stronger probiotic, I’d always had a bit of an itchy spot right there. But it was static. It didn’t flake or spread. But then…

After a fairly stressful fall, long work hours into the night, and a near-total abandon of self-discipline when it came to chocolate and junk food during the “holiday season” that encompasses all of November and December these days…it flared up again. Although I was still taking the same probiotics, I wasn’t 100% accurate at taking them every day, and I also was probably taking slightly less in each spoonful than when I was really attacking the active candida.

What My Canary was Saying to Me About Candida

candida rash for facebook

Luckily it didn’t strangle me around the neck right away (like it did last time, see photo), and I could react to it.

When I realized that an occasional absent-minded “time to scratch my neck” had become an obsessive digging and that my skin was beginning to flake again, I felt dread in the pit of my stomach. I wondered how long it would take before it started covering my body again. Could I catch it in time?

It was with great interest then that I listened to a talk by Donna Gates on candida and healing your gut during the Heal Your Gut Seminar (link no longer available), which is still available for purchase. She’s the author of The Body Ecology Diet and her website is full of information on gut health and fermented foods in particular.

Although I had spent time understanding and applying the wisdom of starve, kill, rebuild for candida, I picked up quite a few new ideas in the talk, and I thought I’d share some notes with you all.

Heal Your Gut Talk: Healing from Candida and Yeast

Before I get into the healing recommendations, I wanted to share the statement that jumped out at me the most. Donna Gates said near the beginning of her talk that many (most?) babies are born with the candida infection. Pregnancy generally causes a woman’s candida infection to become worse because the fungus feeds on estrogen, which goes up in pregnancy. This is also the reason birth control pills are a major cause of candida and typically exacerbate it..

That’s why I’m so glad Gabe is taking the probiotic from WellFuture regularly, and I hope to see his cradle cap remain under control and disappear.

Now for mine! Here are some new things I could try to kick the candida once and for all:

New Ways to Overcome Candida and Yeast

Avoid Oxalates

  • spinach
  • nuts and seeds
  • green and black tea
  • chocolate
  • sweet potato
  • black pepper
  • especially SOY

Soy is easy, and I didn’t eat chocolate at all for the 40 days of Lent, but nuts and seeds are harder. We were grain-free for Lent too and so I ate more sweet potatoes than usual. Sometimes it’s just disheartening how many things I “shouldn’t” eat for some reason or another! And I love fresh cracked black pepper on things! Sad smile

RELATED: How to reduce the antinutrients (like oxalates) in your food

Maybe a supplement? Balance One has a Candida Cleanse supplement that looks very promising, and they’ve offered Kitchen Stewardship® readers a great coupon! Use the code KITCHENS15 to save 15%! The code works either on Amazon or on the Balance One website! (If checking out on Amazon, enter the code at checkout, not on the product page.)

Foods to Focus On

The Body Ecology diet is huge on fermented foods, and Donna said that especially dairy kefir is helpful for candida.

There was one caveat:

“If you’ve got SIBO, then you can’t have the fermented foods until you wipe out the pathogens in the small intestine, which again this is where Pau d’arco and oil of oregano and berberine, and so on.” (SIBO is small intestine bacterial overgrowth)

What are those?

Killing the Yeast

The interviewer asked Donna whether people should take herbs or try to kill the yeast in any way, and this was her answer:

“Yeasts are definitely causing a huge amount of inflammation. So berberine, oil of oregano is also good, as is Pau d’arco in killing, helping bring them down. But I didn’t usually recommend that people go to those right away. Berberine, yes.


But killing off, there’s formulas that people have that are very good for killing yeast. And you can buy those in the health food stores.

But the thing is is that you’ve got to do this slowly. You don’t want a huge amount of die-off because our bodies are not designed to handle this enormous rush of toxins that have to be dealt with because we have all these other toxins in our body anyway. So I find that just diet alone. And the key again is fermented foods.”

How interesting! I used Pau d’arco tea topically and as a drink, but I hadn’t heard of beberine and used multiple essential oils, only topically, always diluted. I also can’t say I took caution to go slowly, but I don’t think I had any major die-off reactions that I remember.

Building and Supporting the Body’s Natural Defenses

She recommends a diet high in fiber, like 80% plant foods (including grains like quinoa and millet) and 20% proteins.

Certainly since the talk was about the gut, the microbiome came into play. She wans us to “diversify your microbes.” The specific recommendation is that it’s vital to have a microbe (bacteria) that a lot of others will “follow,” like a great leader in battle. It’s called lactobacillus plantarum, so look for that in your probiotics and make sure it’s in any fermented starters you use.

Lactobacillus plantarum produces folate, a key B vitamin used in methylation, drainage, and degrading histamine. Plantarum is also resistant to many antibiotics, so it will prevent your gut from being completely wiped out if you have to get a prescription. (I’d love to learn more about this!)

My Plan

Candida rash and flaky scaly skin on back of neck


I’m already getting lactobacillus plantarum from my probiotics, so if I want to beat this back, I can choose to omit high-oxalate foods, I guess. I’m just not sure if I want to go that far again. I must say I’m alarmed that my Lenten abstinence from sugar, flour and chocolate didn’t actually yield any positive results. I’ve been enjoying chocolate since Sunday and the spot hasn’t gone nuts yet. I’ll be watching closely to see if I think it’s spreading – and that may be the impetus to do something more.

Eighty percent plants would be a big change in my diet but would be an interesting experiment. I’ve also read that for an anti-candida diet, one needs to omit anything related to mold and fungus, like cheese and mushrooms. Again, because I was grain-free and sweetener-free during Lent, I certainly ate a lot of both!

So…I’ll have to see what I end up doing, or if I just up my probiotics and monitor the situation.

If you’re looking for some more guided assistance check out Whole Journey’s Kicking Candida for Good program!

More “C” Words

Possibly the most alarming thing for me about the whole candida issue is that it’s been linked to an increased risk of cancer. My dad, who fought off bladder cancer two years ago, has always had fungal issues on his feet. So is there a connection there, and do I have it too?

I’m looking forward to learning more and building my cancer knowledge when The Truth About Cancer series releases (free for viewing) April 12 – and my results on this quiz about how much I understood about cancer and treatments was fascinating. You will be asked for your email to see all the results, but you also receive an eBook of information and an invite to the entire 9-hour docu-series starting April 12. They’re all about continuing to educate!

Do you have a “canary” that tells you when you’ve pushed your body too hard or indulged in junk food too freely? I’m so curious to hear!

This is my most recent update on this battle with candida. Here’s part 1 and part 2.

If Cancer Makes You Feel Anxious…

Totally normal. But we know anxiety can hinder healing, so wouldn’t it be great if you could eat foods that would both nourish your body to maximize the healing process that are ALSO research-backed to reduce anxiety and depression?

Here’s a quick and easy list and fridge printable one-pager of 10 foods to fight depression and anxiety:

More Natural Health at KS

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53 thoughts on “New Ways to Overcome Candida and Yeast”

  1. Alecia St. Germain

    Hi Katie! I read part 2 and now 3 here. Sounds like you’re doing many things right and trying your best around the foods. What I have learned in my 18 month gut health journey with my functional medicine practitioner is if your body is allowing candida to grow it’s because it’s the lesser of 2 evils and is feeding on something more harmful. One being radioactive materials that enter the gut. I didn’t hear you mention using a water distiller for your drinking water. That’s key. Even really good filters don’t work. You can also get a shower hear with a filter in it to help with what’s going on your skin. It won’t be perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

    The second thing she recommended (which your going to hate) is going going dairy free for a period of time. (I know it’s rough! I’m gf, dairy-free, low sugar with a family and sometimes it’s like what the heck am I supposed to eat!)

    The 3rd is really good supplements which it’s clear that you’ve done a ton of research, but 2 brands she recommends are Designs for Health and Cellcore. It’s sound like a majority of your journey has been to attack the candida, but since it keeps coming back the question might be why is it there?

    The parasite cleanse was one thing, but there are others too. Hope that helps you. I’m merely relaying the information so if you want to pick her brain let me know. It’s possible you two are already connected because I feel like she might have interviewed you at some point for her summit or something of yours.

    1. Health is certainly a journey! In 2020 I ended up getting dx’d with a connective tissue (skin/muscles) autoimmune disease, so perhaps this was that going on the whole time. Or perhaps a conventional med dx of “autoimmune” is really all this other stuff! Homeopathy finally saved me after 6 months of feeling terrible. I did do a few stints DF too, and yes, we definitely filter our water (Berkey, now a 3-stage undercounter filter). Not RO though.

      Thanks for sharing your experience! Probably the most important thing is, at a certain point, we need to stop DIYing and work with a professional who has more experience.


  2. I’m currently deans with a nasty yeast infection on my hands. It’s got to be the absolute worst place to have it. It’s so painful and itchy. My hands have been cracking and flaking. How do you just not use your hands?! I have to wash them several times per day, no matter what. I’ve been using gloves for cooking and cleaning and getting my kids to help more than usual. This blog post is the most helpful out of anything I have read. There isn’t much written about a skin yeast infection. The curious thing for me is that I went for bio resonance which indicated that the yeast is only on my hands and isn’t internal. I’m not sure how that’s possible! Anyway, I now have some good information to work with, and I thank you for that.

    1. Carolyn @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Oh wow Stacey, that sounds miserable! I hope you’re able to make some headway soon!

    2. Red light therapy can really help with cutaneous candida. It took me years to discover this and has been a game changer.

    3. My doctor recommends good ole’ UV sunshine for skin flare ups on my hands. I don’t get outdoors very much, if at all. But a few years ago, I pushed my body, really hard, to be able to do a 5 day Orlando Disney/Universal vacation with my family. I started the trip with a typical breakout on my right hand fingers and took only my usual meds for my usual fibromyalgia/CFS/Thyroid and general pain issues. I didn’t adhere to any specific diet, just eating what I could when I could. I truly think it was the UV exposure alone that cleared up that particular flare-up on my hand.
      I take Vit D3 supplement but my doc still wants me in sunlight for 15 minutes daily. Unfortunately, due to my current health and where our suburban home in the Southeast Louisiana mosquito infested wetlands resides, that’s not an option. But maybe it is an option for you? 15minutes of sunshine on your palms daily?
      Hope this is helpful information.

  3. Yep, I have a canary, too. The skin on the bridge of my nose will itch. Then it will appear flakey. Then comes the flakey scalp. A drop of oregano essential oil in my shampoo has always done the trick, and knocked it out immediately, but ultimately I know it flares up whenever I’ve had too much refined sugar.

  4. Noelle Decambra

    I am wondering if the rash on my arm is indicative of Candida. I fit all the criteria, too much sugar, etc. but in addition to that, I suffer from major inflammatory bowel disease in the way of Colitis. I have been taking a very strong probiotic called VSL 3 and it seems to have helped with the flare up that has been going on for over a year now….but I have had the most inexplicable explosive gas that unfortunately leads to bloody mucous like leakage…My colitis symptoms have been a lot better, but I thought this was just another presentation of the same disease….but I noticed that it is one of the symptoms of this Candida problem. At the same time that the explosive gas has been going on, I also developed a canker type sore under my tongue. Again, I thought this was all just colitis manifesting itself yet again, but perhaps it is yeast I am fighting since I do notice I get theses canker sores, which I never got before, underneath my tongue especially after eating candy. I had C-Diff a year ago and from that I got Cellulitis. But I’ve never suffered from rashes before. And now suddenly and while the other factors are also happening, I get this hive looking, red bumpy and very itchy rash on just one of my forearms. It’s like red blotchy raised bumpy DRIVING ME CRAZY WITH ITCHINESS…….What do you think? I’ve been looking up skin rashes and found your blog and I have to say that TODAY I was checking out the Truth About Cancer docuseries…and feel that although this rash could be dermatitis, or who knows, scarlett fever, gluten allergy or german measles as I’ve seen online, I really feel your information is what my problem is. Sorry if its too graphic. I’m desperate for competent medical care that I feel i dont have with Kaiser Permanente….Thanks for listening.

    1. Hey Noelle,
      I wish I could help more, but all I can say is that yes, MY candida rash is mighty itchy, and it did pop down to my forearms again this year 🙁 although I would think the VSL3 probiotics would be a good thing. Maybe your body is having die off…or maybe the VSL isn’t the perfect blend of probiotics for you? Like close but not quite? Just some uneducated hypothesizing for you! I hope it clears up soon – clay might at least take some itchiness out?

  5. Wow, I have the exact same canary. Exact. It flares every month with my estrogen and no one could ever explain why. I’ve recently diagnosed myself with the candida problem as well as my daughter’s cradle cap that she still has at age 3. Reading this post was a huge Aha! I knew it!

  6. My canary is the bottom of my feet. I will get a very itchy (insanely itchy) spot on the tender skin of my arches. I use oil of oregano and eliminate sugars, most fruits and all white starches. If I’m still having trouble then I follow the protocol as outlined at the Whole Approach website.
    I did use a product called Fungisode which beat the yeast into submission but I had substantial issues with die-off. I wasn’t drinking enough water and the toxins began to pile up in my glands. My parotid became swollen and I had to use a combination of massage and drinking 3 litres of distilled water per day.

  7. I actually found out recently that I have lichen sclerosis, which is sort of like a yeast infection on steroids. :/ I went to an integrated dr to get help beating it naturally and she said I probably have yeast in my gut. Been gearing up to start the diet switch… So this is all interesting info! Especially the comments about heavy metals. I’ll have to ask about that next time I go to the dr! Between cutting sugars and grains out, plus already avoiding gluten and dairy, plus new foods that came up high on the food sensitivity test they gave me – I agree, Katie, it can all be a little disheartening/overwhelming! Gotta keep that end goal of kicking the candida in sight….

  8. Caryn Scheving

    A friend of mine has been battling this for a while so I’m excited to share this with her. Thanks for posting!

  9. I also have been battling candida for a long time. I recently read about the connection between heavy metals and candida and it was a lightbulb moment for me. I have been sugar/sweetener free, tried all the diets, probiotics, fermented foods, AVC, other supplements like caprylic acid, grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano and colloidal silver. My candida still keeps returning. Then I read that if you have mercury fillings or increased levels of heavy metals in your body the candida is actually doing a good thing and protecting you from the heavy metals. So, until you actively start reducing the heavy metals from your body you’re not able to rid your body of candida.

  10. Reading this article, i think i have candida! I’m a vegetarian, dairy intolerant and grew up on an Asian/Chinese palette… the anti-candida diet would have me starving 🙁
    Have you come across any recommended anti-candida diet for vegans?

    Thank you for posting this article btw!

      1. Thanks so much Katie! I saw a post on Ricki’s site that talks about treating candida with the practice of TCM! I’m excited! Thanks again!

  11. Have you made homemade milk kefir and applied directly to skin every day? My 2nd born had SEVERE yeast issues. Just horrible. Poor girl. I had to start her on 1/4 tsp of milk kefir per day, she couldn’t handle anymore because of the die-off, but it worked! Kefir is amazing for the skin in generaly, and it works very effectively for yeast, since it is good yeasts to counter act, and far more probiotics than any bottled version has. There are usually a good 30+ strains and much denser population of microorganisms, including some obscure ones.

    Oxalates are only a contributer to yeast if you actually have difficulty digesting them or are an endogenous producer. We too, dealt with those, but now are past them just fine, and eat lots of yummy oxalates – like cinnamon!

    Repeated yeast can also be a symptom of heavy metals – which the body can have trouble eliminating on it’s own, but I only look into that as a last resort when other regimens have failed.

    Blessings to you!

  12. Monica Campbell

    Hi Katie,

    Delighted to find this wonderful blog! I have struggled miserably with exactly that kind of itchy patch at scalp line and behind ears ever since I can remember (I think it first showed up when I was a young teen and I am now in my late 40’s). I tried everything from diet to medicated creams to natural remedies (including ACV), to switching to natural hair care, but had no luck with any of it. But 3 years ago I stumbled into something that has entirely cured mine.

    We began making natural insect repellent from essential oils (which works crazy well), and my husband discovered that a patch of stubborn, incurable eczema on his leg had suddenly healed after he began using it. I researched more carefully and found that a few of our ingredients, and one in particular, are traditional folk remedies for skin trouble. I tried it on my psoriasis/eczema and it literally disappeared pretty much overnight. It’s anecdotal, but it’s worked reliably ever since. Sometimes I go weeks without using it, and the itchy flakey spots start to act up, but the tiniest application of a dot of the insect repellent (all essential oils in a purified spring water base) instantly fixes it.

    My older son studies has been studying the microbiome for the last 6 years, usually focused on the gut, but last summer his internship at NIH involved eczema and similar skin issues – looking at a connection to skin microbiome colonies. What they discovered was fascinating – there is always an imbalance of staph bacteria in eczema outbreaks (which are often blamed on yeast, same presentation), leading them to think there is a correlation – they don’t know yet if it’s caused by staph or (more likely) body chemistry shifts and favors a staph bloom. This led me to think that maybe the mild antibacterial/antifungal properties of the essential oils in our mix may help gently re-balance the microbiome of the skin, which is essential to healthy skin functioning.

    whew – sorry if that’s a little long-winded, but I’m happy to send you a sample of our Wildthings bug repellent, if you’d like to see if it helps with skin troubles – I know how maddening that whole thing is! But grateful to be free of it, finally, after a lifetime of misery. We are probably going to make a similar mix as a skin soother soon, so many friends have had such good luck with it. (also works great at repelling mosquitoes and household pests!).

      1. Monica Campbell

        Sure! I’m happy to share my ingredients. They are: distilled spring water, witch hazel, and essential oils (a few drops of each) of geranium, catmint, citronella, and then different other oils for the different final scents (lavender, citrus or “forest”) They need a good shaking before spritzing on to mix the oils and the base. We also make an oil based version (with jojoba – yummy! which needs no shaking, but should be applied in hand then rubbed on, as it is oily – wouldn’t spritz it on clothing. Both are excellent for the skin. (or can buy from our website Hoping for a world with fewer chemicals on and in our bodies – Not good for our skin or our children.

  13. Good post, Katie! Some thoughts…

    “Donna said to try calcium and magnesium citrate with meals, because that can bind the oxalates you’re eating so they can’t get into your bloodstream. (Does that mean I can eat sweet potatoes and chocolate if I take them I wonder!?)”

    I am finding it hard to believe, would expect the opposite: oxalates will bind with the supplemental Ca-Mg, just like they bind in foods, and prevent their absorption.

    To those having trouble with UTIs… Drinking dandelion or nettle tea at the first burning sensation has helped me to thwart UTIs. Both herbs are diuretic but as opposed to other diuretic herbs, they don’t drain your body of fluids.

    1. An add-on comment about the most simple candida treatment: baking soda diluted in water (approx. 1 tbsp to a pint of water, give or take). Helped to get rid of the infection in the mouth of my newborn and numerous vaginal yeast infections I used to have.

      1. Also, baking soda for cancer cure, since we were reading about the possible candida/cancer link.

  14. Katie, I know this sounds too obvious and probably isn’t the case, but I’m just throwing it out there: what do you use for shampoo/conditioner/hair gel? I was having trouble with an intensely itchy, flaky rash at the same spot on my hairline. Also a couple little patches of something similar on my shoulder and belly. And I have always had chronic acne on my jawline and near my hairline. I finally switched ask my hair products to completely natural and organic, and it kept getting better, but didn’t disappear until I switched from the “98% natural hair gel ” that I only used twice a week, and my itchiness and rash totally disappeared after that. And my facial acne is so much better too!

    I do have a canary myself. Plantars warts on my feet. I’ve had one since I was a teen and tried everything except surgery to remove it. Since then I have developed some smaller ones that come and go. They always pop up during pregnancy (I’m 35 weeks along with #3 now and got two new ones during this pregnancy) and I’ve gotten a couple new ones when I had to be on antibiotics last year for something serious. They are the bane of my existence! I have found soaking in ACV and then applying oregano oil helps keep them in check, but the big ones never go away

    1. Those warts in pregnancy – me too on that one Rebecca! I’ve used a couple different shampoos since this whole thing started, but it DID begin the very first time when I was doing the “no shampoo” system using ACV. THe naturopath said it could have been exacerbated by the change in acidity/pH but that it’s an external sign of an internal problem, so external helps are only band-aids. 🙁

      1. Have you guys tried using baking soda in place of shampoos? Rub some essential oil behind your ears if you are missing the shampoo fragrance… Rinse with the vinegar-water mix for shinesss… The downside of soda is some bleaching of the hair color, if you use one, and a need for a periodic hair conditioning with some nutritional combos.

    2. My husband tried everything to get rid of plantar warts and a friend told him to use high doses of vitamin A for 3 months and it got rid of them!!! Such a relief for him.

  15. Lydia Shatney ( mentioned something in one of our consultation calls about excess copper in my HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) could be giving me problems in dealing with a toenail fungus that has been nearly impossible to wipe out. I can’t quote her exact description of why and how. You didn’t happen to have elevated copper when you did your HTMA did you? If so, you might want to look closer at that as well.

    1. Interesting, about the copper. I have toenail fungus for 15 years that I cannot get rid of. What does she say is the remedy?

  16. Very interesting article. I have always had a form of candida. However, at the time I was not aware that it affected my gut. I do have a question that may seem odd . I am diabetic so my meds seem to cause a lot of gassy and bloating issues. This combined with I am sure my bodies reaction to certain foods gives me fits. Now I am looking into the best probiaotics that will work for me and my health issues. I am also trying to do some research on keifer(spell?). What are your thoughts on my issues? Please know that I am not asking for a diagnosis. I am just hoping for helpful directional advise. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hey Melissa, OUr human bodies are so complex that it can be tough to troubleshoot, I know, but it’s good that you already know some trigger foods! I would think the same skills you used to pin point those – observation and tracking – are what to use to find the best probiotic for you. Many say kefir is wonderful – over 50 strains of probiotics, I think! And if dairy is a problem, sometimes cultured dairy like kefir will treat people differently, and there’s also water kefir. There are lots of good probiotics – I take the Miessence brand, and ProBio 5, Biokult, and Prescript Assist all come highly recommended by others. They can be very different so experimenting is not a bad idea. I wish you well!! 🙂 Katie

    2. I eat raw milk kefir every morning! (I use raw goats milk since I’m allergic to cows dairy). I’ve done it for several years, and I’ve really noticed a difference in my body. I think the most significant change has been in my hormones. It’s helped balance them. Anyway, I think a lot of my milk kefir, and feel better when i drink it every day! 🙂 I highly recommend it anyone who can tolerate dairy. It’s very low in lactose. And if you have trouble with the proteins in cows milk, like I do, goats milk is a great option.

  17. ΗΕLLO! Your post could not have been more timely,Katie! After getting inspired by your previous posts to look into my intestine disorders plus urinary infections,I consulted a naturopath who gave me an anti-candida diet which is also based on my blood group.Starting in early December,I HAVE TO ADMIT that I gave myself quite some treats at Christmas.However,I hadn’t had a single painful intestine incident or vaginal itchiness since.My diet included lots of protein and greens,tahini,ricotta and feta cheese,almonds,walnuts,and the naturopath never excluded teas or spinach…I consumed oregano oil mixed with olive oil on my salad.And took a probiotic of Acidophilus,casei,rhamnosus. That was until an unplanned pregnancy came up,I am in week 7 and my age is 44.5 .My ‘C’ is toilet issues,usually diarrhea and pre-symptoms of UTF. Thank u for all the feedback,u have been an encouragement for me in many ways…especially the fact that you are raising so many kids inspires me.For me the thought of pregnancy-labor-upbringing is daunting! (my daughter is six plus and I have just started to feel that she is a bit independent)

  18. Rosy Ruckman


  19. Ahhhh….Cancer and Candida?? I haven’t heard of this. Did you learn this from the doc-series or somewhere else? I have family members with some fungal issues. :'( Seems like there is always something more to worry about. Big sigh…..

    1. MrsD, Sorry to toss that out there with no sources – it’s something I’d seen a few places when my dad was in the throes of it and also a few places since then, but I just internalized the information and didn’t keep track of where. But I know… 🙁 Katie

      1. Inna Radzihovsky

        Katie, I actually liked your train of thought here. While candida per se may not be a direct cause of cancer, it’s a weakening factor undermining the immune system, thus making your less protected when the cancer cells strike.

  20. Hi Katie. Candida is a fungus. There is a show and website called Know The Cause that tells all about it
    It requires a Phase 1 diet. There are many antifungals you can eat (black pepper is one of them). Doug Kaufman is the expert and Know the Cause is his show. Sugar,soy,alcohol,antibiotics are just some of the culprits but you really need the whole diet.

      1. Look into saccharomyces boulardii probiotics it breaks down the biofilm of candida and other fungus. Also Thorne research Undecylenic Acid is suppose to kill candida. I’ve been studying hard into candida overgrowth I have the same symptoms as you do! My 2 year old was “colicky” and threw up a lot as an infant, has cradle cap and has has thrush twice. My husband thinks I’m crazy and compulsive about this issue. He is in denial he has crazy food sensitivities and terrible skin pores that have cheesy looking stud in them ??. Ibe got my little one taking the probiotic I listed above. We just started hopefully it helps! Good luck to you!

  21. I was misdiagnosed for years, with what was SIBO and out of control candida. There was only one thing that worked for me. Apple Cider Vinegar. Raw, Organic, Unpasteurized. Added it to my diet, and used it topically. One word, MAGIC!.

    1. How interesting, Bea! That sounds easy enough – my rash actually showed up for the very first time after I started the “no ‘poo” system of washing my hair, which uses ACV. I did include some diluted ACV baths the first time I was fighting this but hadn’t bothered since. Thanks! Katie

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