Eat Well, Spend Less: Top 40 Frugal Meals!

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frugal meals

I’m totally humbled and honored that so many folks are sharing their FAST frugal meals at yesterday’s post on my top 5 frugal must-have foods. The comments are “must-read!”

I will admit that when walking in the door just after 6:00 p.m. last night after being away for a week, I knew pickin’s would be slim for the Kimball house. We ate scrambled eggs, cheese slices, and yogurt with frozen fruit and had the kids in bed by 8:00. It worked, and no one went hungry. Smile But some of the ideas in those comments sounded much tastier!

I totally forgot about the coconut crepes from the Health, Home and Happiness Grain-free Menu Plans that we totally enjoyed a few weeks back. They are a good substitute for the bread that’s not baked or the tortillas that aren’t soaked, and if you have some meat on hand or scrambled eggs with veggies, they’re a perfect quick wrap. A commenter mentioned sprouted flour, which totally slipped my mind being grain-free for a while. But sprouted biscuits are a super quick idea, too!

What I learned: whether you plan by making a go-to list of quickie meals, meal plan so you don’t need quickie meals often, or just plan ahead by having frozen meat, vegs, or stock on hand for those quickie meals, even quick meals take a smidgen of planning, don’t you think?

Top 5 Frugal Meals

All nine of us on the Eat Well, Spend Less crew shared our top 5 frugal meals this week, which makes 40 new recipes for you (since of course, you’ve already checked out my frugal meals, right?).


My Top 5 Frugal Meals

  1. Veggie Bean Burritos
  2. Tuscan Bean Soup
  3. Simple Cabbage Soup
  4. Lentil and Brown Rice Casserole
  5. Black Bean Soup

Tammy’s Recipes Favorite Frugal Meals

from Tammy of Tammy’s Recipes

imageMore recipes than five, ahem, Tammy shares her thoughts on oatmeal, soups, breads, and (yes!) homemade yogurt and kefir.

Check out her thoughts right here

Frugal Real Food Meal PlansLooking for a quick and painless REAL FOOD meal plan? I was, too, and then my friend Tiffany at Don’t Waste the Crumbs came up with an excellent resource – a complete monthly meal plan, way beyond just recipes. It’s a shopping list, price guide, money-saving tips and detailed prep lists all rolled into one. Don’t wait another month!

Start NOW

The best part? Feed a family of four for under $350 in monthly groceries. Plus – save more! Tiffany has graciously offered an exclusive coupon for Kitchen Stewardship readers. Just enter the coupon code KS15 before checking out for 15% off the 3-month or annual packages. If you aren’t yet ready to commit you can download a 2-week sample menu OR purchase a single month to give it a go. You have nothing to lose! CLICK HERE to learn more and make your purchase.

When Two Meals Become Five

from Shaina of Food for my Family


Shaina shares her tactics for stretching that chicken and even gets personal with her family’s food budget this week. Amazing photos and a recipe for Southwest Chicken and Vegetable Soup are worth a visit for sure!

Read the rest at When Two Meals Become Five

Transformation from Processed to Real Food

from Alyssa of Kingdom First Mom

I just found out that Alyssa goes with raw milk and grassfed beef, so you know I was excited to read her post this week! Here’s an excerpt:

imageAs a young bride several years ago, I found myself hopelessly lost in the kitchen when it came to putting together a complete meal for my family. After four years of “cooking” for just me and my daughter, my quick fix meals for two just didn’t cut it anymore. I found myself relying on store-bought convenience meals and frozen pizza all too often.

In addition to garlic, I cook with lots of healthy FATS. Comfort foods satisfy for a reason. The body needs those fats! I find that adding real butter to fresh vegetables makes them more palatable to my children. I sneak butter into soups and pasta, fry eggs in it, and include olive and coconut oil whenever possible.

Find all 5 frugal meals from Alyssa and a few more general frugal meal tips right here

From Pancakes to Gumbo…

from Carrie of Denver Bargains

image I’m so encouraged to see another coupon blogger talking real food! Carrie admits that they only use real maple syrup, even though it’s more expensive, but she has lots of other ways her family slashes the food budget.

Find her top five frugal meals right here

Simple Bites of Frugal Meals

from Aimee of Simple Bites

imageAimee always has the greatest photos and tons of real food recipes. I guarantee you’ll love her Lentil Shepherd’s Pie Recipe shared this week. Her take on the subject? “Beans, Eggs, Soups, Lentils and a little Beef, let’s see how we can turn them into dinner on a dime.”

Find all 5 recipes right here

Pantry Meals to Keep the Budget on Track

from Katie of GoodLifeEats

imageAnother Katie who can’t stick to the lowest common denominator. Katie Goodman shares 5 breakfast recipes, 5 for dinner AND 5 frugal desserts. Can you say YUM?

She reminds us, too, that the pantry doesn’t have to be only dry goods, but whatever you regularly have on hand in the freezer, refrigerator, OR room temperature storage.

Find them all right here

Save on Three…

from Jessica of Life as MOM

imageJessica is so right when she says that good planning saves time, money AND sanity. Her top five meals include extra tips to make frugal, simple foods more fun for kiddos (master of family life that she is!).

Read them all at Eat Well, Spend Less

Simple Meals Keep it Inexpensive

from Mandi of Life…Your Way

imageWith my recent and constant craving for baked potatoes, a result of being pregnant and going grain-free, I’m sure, Mandi’s twice-baked cheeseburger potatoes are calling my name!

Is she cheating on her fifth item? See for yourself right here

If meal planning is a thorn in your side or you wish you had an easy way to organize your online recipes (like these 40, which ended up way more than 40!), you’ll love today’s giveaway for a Plan to Eat membership (three winners!). Click HERE to check it out.


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    This comment is only somewhat on topic. A lot of times making a large quantity of food at once that can stretch for several meals or be frozen and eaten later saves money, not to mention time! I was wondering if you could post a list of some good meals that can be frozen. I’m due with my first baby this August and hope to have a good stock of dinners in the freezer by the time Baby makes his debut!

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      My third is due in August, too, so it’s on “the list” to post some good make-ahead meals and nursing nest snacks before that time. :) Katie

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