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20 Ways to use that Random Half Cup of Pumpkin

October 6th, 2013 · 19 Comments · Tips

20 Ways to use that Random Half Cup of Pumpkin

Whether you’re in the canned or home-pureed pumpkin camp, sometimes you have just a little bit of pumpkin puree left over after a recipe. It’s too sad to waste even a half cup, especially if you took the time to roast your own, but sometimes it’s too difficult to think of ways to use every little bit of leftover vegetable that lands in your fridge.

20 Ways to use that Random Half Cup of Pumpkin

When it comes to pumpkin, I got you covered. Here are 20 ideas that will use up a half cup of pumpkin (some can adapt to a bit less or more):

  1. Stir into warm oatmeal with some cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, a tablespoon at a time and taste as you go.
  2. Make an 8×8 dish of Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal.
    20 Ways to use that Random Half Cup of Pumpkin
  3. Pumpkin smoothies – try Shaina’s recipe or just toss the pumpkin into any smoothie.
  4. Freeze it for later – start a container or bag and add your random half cups until you have enough for a whole recipe.
  5. Stir into chili – it will disappear with no one being any the wiser, and you get a little boost of vegetables at dinner.
  6. Add to spaghetti sauce or any red sauce, boosting the veggies without changing the taste hardly at all.
  7. Stir into a chicken broth based soup, like this cabbage soup (but you could add it to many soups and get away with it).
    Cabbage Secret Superfood Soup
  8. Make a single batch of granola and add the pumpkin to the liquid mixture. You can cut down a little on the fat or water, but this recipe can also handle the extra pumpkin without getting too crazy.
  9. Stir a tablespoon at a time into homemade yogurt; add cinnamon for a nice touch. You might not even need sweetener with this, mmmm….
  10. Use in place of half cup of fat in many muffin and quick bread recipes. Not that fat is bad for you, but veggies are always good, and definitely better than the added carbs of subbing applesauce for the fat.
  11. Make a small batch of 6 Gluten-free Pumpkin Muffins or the original Healthy Pumpkin Muffins, or add that half cup to the next full batch. The recipe can handle it.
    Easy Healthy Gluten-free Pumpkin Muffins
  12. Bake a batch of grain-free pumpkin muffins from Healthy Snacks to Go.
  13. Add to homemade popsicles along with orange juice and coconut milk like this.
  14. Add to homemade hummus, either just adding it in or going with an autumn-spiced version like this one from my affiliate partner MOMables.

  15. Stir into black bean soup. (Guessing any pureed soup more than 6 cups would hide a half cup pumpkin without anyone even noticing. I love my immersion blender (at Amazon) for pureeing both pumpkins and soup.)
    black bean soup
  16. Beef stew will also hide a half cup of orange vegetable without a problem.
  17. Whisk it into a creamy stir fry or alfredo sauce.
  18. Add it to another can for 2.5 batches (barely enough for a hungry family of 4) of my awesome grain-free pumpkin pancakes (can be made with wheat flour or sourdough too) OR stick it in some grain-free banana pancakes in place of 1 banana. (PS – if you’re low on pumpkin by just a bit for the pumpkin pancakes, you can add a half or whole banana and you don’t even taste it.)
    Grain-free Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes
  19. Make 4 mugs of this pumpkin spice latte.
  20. Use in the pumpkin pie version of my Tropical Grain-Free Porridge made with coconut flour (recipe found in The Healthy Breakfast!)
    Grain-free Tropical Banana Pineapple Breakfast Porridge


Bonus: For more great pumpkin ideas, be sure to browse my “Pumpkin Recipes” board on Pinterest.

What are your favorite uses for just a bit of pumpkin? Please leave ideas and links in the comments so this post is even more helpful!


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