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Allergy Friendly Healthy Breakfast Hummus Recipe

Fruit and hummus

I have four kids. They all have individual eating styles and food preferences. But in general I know what they like.

Three out of four will eat what I serve without much complaining. Sure they have their favorites. But they eat most things.

Then there is my four-year old. She doesn’t play along so nicely (there always has to be one, right?).

I have learned that I have to always ask her what she wants for breakfast. Always. If I make the “wrong” food there is no way she is eating it. And she struggles to eat enough as it is.

One thing I know she will almost always eat is fruit. And she loves to dip her food.

Easy Hummus for Breakfast

I’m ok with fruit and dip for breakfast. But I also want to be sure she’s getting adequate fat and protein.

Allergen-free breakfast hummus

Enter breakfast hummus!

My daughter will eat piles of cucumber slices and raw cauliflower with hummus for snacks and lunch (this is my super simple version of hummus). So I turned hummus into a slightly sweet dip for fruit. Ta da! Breakfast is served.

It contains chickpeas, sunbutter, and collagen (use the coupon KS10 for 10% off!) for protein and MCT oil and sunbutter for healthy fat. Plus it only uses a small amount of natural sweetener.

Your kids CAN make their own healthy breakfast!

kids learning to cook

Join the Kids Cook Real Food Weekend Challenge: Kids Master Breakfast and imagine your kids making breakfast independently! This challenge contains pro-filmed video lessons you can do at your own pace and finish in one weekend. Perfect for busy families!!

Fruit and hummus

Breakfast hummus can be eaten with fruit (on popsicle sticks or as kabobs is always fun!), on toast (this easy allergen-free bread works well) or with graham crackers (we love this homemade allergy-friendly version). So far our favorite dippers are bananas and strawberries.

Simple Toddler Breakfast

I made breakfast hummus as a way to get my four-year old to willingly eat breakfast. Turns out my one-year old loves it too! I think he ate more of it than anyone.

Though that is not a huge surprise. His favorite food is beans of any kind!

Fruit and hummus

I just fed it to him on a spoon or with a bit of banana.

Healthy Prep-Ahead Breakfast

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is – breakfast is by far the hardest meal of the day (or is it just me?).

Whether it’s a busy school morning, a lazy Saturday, or a day on the lake during summer vacation. Our kids need breakfast. And they often want it NOW.

It’s so easy to get in a breakfast rut (eggs again?). Or worse yet fall back on old habits like cereal every morning (i.e. no nutrition and a blood sugar spike and crash just waiting to happen).

That’s why I prefer breakfast that I can prepare the day before while I’m cleaning up dinner (like this super easy Instant Pot steel cut oatmeal).

Fruit and hummus

Then in the morning, breakfast is ready as soon as the kids are up. They can serve themselves if I’m busy.

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Make Ahead Allergen-Free Breakfast Hummus

  • Author: Mary Voogt (Contributing Writer)
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Category: Breakfast


A simple prep-ahead breakfast full of nutrition and free of allergens.



ship kroger


  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a high-powered blender or food processor.
  2. Blend on high until smooth.
  3. Adjust sweetness if desired.
  4. Serve immediately or refrigerate for up to 1 week.
  5. Serve with fresh fruit or graham crackers for dipping or spread on toast.


  • For a thicker dip add an additional 1-2 Tbsp. of sunbutter or almond butter.
  • For a fruity dip reduce the maple syrup to 1/2 Tbsp. and add 1/4 cup strawberries.
  • The recipe easily doubles or triples.
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Fruit and hummusEasy Kid-Made Breakfast

Since my kids have used the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse they can actually make breakfast hummus themselves. It allows them to practice a lot of their cooking skills:

  • Small appliance safety (blender for hummus, toaster or toaster oven for toast)
  • Measuring and pouring
  • Knife safety (cutting fruit for dipping – a skill for all ages depending on the fruit)
  • Spreading
  • Following a recipe
  • Even oven safety if you decide to make graham crackers or bread to go with the hummus!
Make-ahead breakfast hummus

I love that this fits the bill for almost all types of eaters. Selective eaters can choose how to eat their breakfast hummus and what (if any) fruit they want. Creative eaters can make their plate look fancy. A grab-and-go type eater can dish it up quickly and eat quickly.

Allergen-Free Breakfast

As a mom of kids with a variety of food allergies, I know just how hard it is to come up with breakfast. All of the easy ones seem to include dairy, gluten, eggs, and nuts.

Breakfast hummus is free of all of the top allergens! And you can even leave out the sunbutter if you can’t do seeds.

Be sure to make a big batch. This will go quickly. Keep it on hand for easy summer breakfasts when it’s too hot to cook or even for a simple snack kids can get themselves or pack in a school lunch.

I actually like to serve it as a bedtime snack. I don’t know about your kids, but mine sure settle down for bed much better if they have a snack filled with healthy fat and protein vs. a snack loaded with sugar. Combine that healthy snack with our DIY “Magic Lotion” (magnesium lotion) and you’ve got a foolproof bedtime routine.

Are you looking for something new to add to your breakfast rotation that won’t take up more of your time? Try this make-ahead allergen-free breakfast hummus. Your kids will be so excited about it they just might learn to make it themselves.

Get more ideas for breakfast for kids from Katie!

Would you consider eating hummus for breakfast? What are your go-to easy breakfast staples?
Unless otherwise credited, photos are owned by the author or used with a license from Canva or Deposit Photos.

8 thoughts on “Allergy Friendly Healthy Breakfast Hummus Recipe”

  1. Many many thanks to you because there are many children & kids who don’t eat breakfast & due to which they become weak & their immune system also gets affected. But now with your amazing ideas, it will be very helpful not only in feeding such kids & children but also providing them many essential nutrients & vitamins which their body needs.

  2. I was inspired by your various hummus recipes and made what I dubbed ‘cinnamon bun hummus.’ We had it on some soaked gluten free biscuits.

    We have several foods to avoid for the toddler (like dairy, nuts, sesame, etc.) so I used chickpeas, coconut oil, honey, molasses (to get that brown sugar flavor), cinnamon, coconut milk, and a little Himalayan salt.

    1. Carolyn @ Kitchen Stewardship

      Oh wow, that sounds delicious Jennifer! I was planning to make some hummus this weekend, I’ll have to try your idea!

  3. This was delicious! How creative. I added 1/8 tsp. pumpkin pie spice (per recipe) and it added just the right touch for me.

  4. Grammyprepper

    Katie or Mary,
    I don’t do chickpeas. I have a real aversion to them since back in my HS days having to load them on the salad bar (it’s the smell of canned chickpeas more than anything) Would this work as well with another bean? I’ve read you can do hummus with great northern, cannelini, etc instead.

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